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More Potion vendors and/or quick potion refill

Jun 30, 2012
As you level up throughout the game, potions quickly become your bestfriend. Especially in Mirage with those mini dungeons which can quickly use up your poitions in one run which requires you to head to Wizard City/Arcanum to refill them. My point is, their should be a potion vendors at least in every world or be a quick refill button somewhat like the quick sell. It would be a great improvement questing wise and not require those trips to Hilda every couple minutes!

- Valkoor Ice

May 03, 2009
I second this request, at least a potion vendor in Mirage.

Aug 03, 2014
I completely agree :)

I always buy bottles and the time it takes to do mini games is still far longer than porting to my dorm then running around the corner to buy some...but we really shouldn't have to go all the way back to Wizard City to buy bottles!