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more plant ideas? mole people?

Feb 16, 2009
Well, as you know, gardening has come. Now, first things first, there are these mole-people, Charley, Marley, Harley, and Farley. Now, why is there no mole in Marleybone or Dragonspyre or Grizzleheim? Maybe give a girl mole named Carly, and a mole named Barley, and a mole named Tarley? Any ideas?

Now, second things second, what about some new plants? A confused flower called a Dazey? A fat tree called a Bloat Oak? A carny-like fruit called a Fair Pear? A Marleybonian plant called a Dogwood? A firey plant called a Burn Fern? Those were just the first 5 off the top of my head. Any more suggestions?

Now, third things third, KI, I have to give you some major props on Gardening. All the creative plants, the spells, and the new use for Energy, so, yeah. I love this game, but this is my second favorite update (my first is Celestia, second Gardening, third Advanced Pets, forth Grizzleheim.


Anyway, I think I speak for all the students at Ravenwood when I say, Thank You for Everything you put in the game. Thank You.

-Kyle Firefist

Feb 07, 2010
Bell pepers, that are actually bells,
Squash, which lookes like an anvil fell on it and was taken off,
Puppies, flowers that have puppy dog faces in them, come in several colors,
Crab grass, with pinchers and eyestalks,
Catnip, which looks like a cat, (it would be funny if they disliked puppies)
Pain-apple, a pineapple with very sharp looking spikes,
Sellery, cellery shaped like a dollar sign,
Toe-ma-toe, a tomato plant with a foot poking out (like the pig in ninga fig)
Sun flower, a flower with flames for petals
Water mellon, looks like those blue things at "teleport hubs"
Cantelope, has large horns growing out of its top
Tiger lilly, a flower with a tigers face

mabie there could be a seasonal plant that is sold at haloween, pumpkin, which grows pre-carved