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Mermaid 101

May 17, 2010
Hey so I was thinking about the mermaids you have in the games Wizard101 and Pirate101 and I am addicted to mermaids but I was thinking they should have a bigger role by making a new KingsIsle Mermaid101!! People have been asking about mermaid tail mounts but you might as well make a new game!!! The whole theme would be underwater and it would connect to Poseidon in Wizard10, just a whole new realm!! And in the beginning you get to choose the color of your tail but as you progress you can change your top and tail shape!! And instead of being a wizard or pirate you would have powers and do quests to defeat an evil villain like ones similar to The Little Mermaid's evil sisters (sorry I forgot their names)!! So I hope you consider the idea and get back to me if you deside to make it!!!


Jul 09, 2010
This is a great idea and I hope you also posted it in the Next 101 Game thread :D

Jun 27, 2012
I actually love this idea!
The classes could be:
Sorcerer- Use spells, and are like myth or death
Warrior- Melee fighter, like storm
Shapeshifter- Turns into different fish and animals, they change how strong you are and different attacks
Healer- Heal people, like life
Protector- Shield, like ice

You could go to different worlds in the Spiral to! Like the mystery Lighthouse world from Pirate101 and Celestia.

The gear could be: Hair Piece, Upper Armor, Tail Armor, Amulet, Weapon, Ring, Treasure, Pet, and Mount.
In the beginning the Hair piece is like a shell or something, the armor is basic, and you have side guards for your tail piece.

I think you had a good idea!

Justin Nightstone

Jul 05, 2014
Love this idea! I actually posted something about Mermaid101 in the "Next 101 game thread!"

Jan 28, 2010
I think this a great idea!! Maybe they were the ones who created the astral magic in celestia (unless it already mentions where it originated from)

Dec 01, 2014
Great idea! I think the school/class you choose should be your mermaid/merman tail color and you could customize the rest. Also the schools should be similar to wizard101 like Bard for healing, Sorcerer for health steal, Ninja for speed attack, Gaurd for defense and health, Sniper for long range, Shapeshifter for tricky play, Charmer for controlling enemies, and Ronin for high damage. The play style could be like pirate101. Instead of houses or ships you can have your own mini island or cove that you can name and customize. Tell me what you think Tyler Mist level 24.