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Membership + Crowns Pack

Apr 08, 2011
Hi everyone. After reading a couple topics about wanting crowns with membership, I decided it'd be alot easier to just make a post about it instead of replying to all of them. KI would loose a ton of money if they decided to just add on crowns for free, so here's my idea.

A Membership and Crowns subscription.
It would consist of membership and crowns for a higher price than normal membership.

So $5 gets you 2,500 crowns, correct? And it's about $10 for a month of membership, correct? So, let's say we could combine those into one purchasable "pack."

My idea is you could get 2,000 crowns a month and membership for maybe $12 or $13. You'd get a few crowns and your membership. If you got all mathy about it, 2,000 crowns is $4. So you'd kind of be saving money with this. You could get 500 crowns a week, and that could go for every membership level.

So, what do you guys think?