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Mega pets...

Apr 10, 2014
Now, I completly give credit to Rook1212 but I really think this idea should be posted. If you would like to see the original idea go to the dorms New Life Healing Spell Idea. Now, Rook suggested that when we get a pet to mega we should be given 2 random cards for their pet. It would be in the pet's spell class and depend on the indivdual pet. (Example: The only reson I would get a Imp spell would be because I had a mega imp.) The spell would have to be good quallity depending on the pets talents and quality. I apoligize if words are spelled wrong. Haley Silverfist l.v. 22

Aug 20, 2011
I like the idea of getting a reward for going to Mega level. This would be a terrific way to revitalize the older generation pets, released before the multi-card pets like Penumbra Drake, Babydactyl, Therizinosaurus, Harpy, and the rest.

However, I'd like it even more if I could turn the cards off if I didn't like them. I need my deck to be tight when I'm spamming AoE hits.