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Malistare, then Morganthe, then ???

Jun 01, 2009
Hello again fans, and other people, its me Tamato5, and i'm here to talk about something important. Who comes next after Morganthe is gone? I havent had anyone so far mention any ideas for the new bad guy or whatever. Most likely it could be another Death or somethign like that, but I wanna hear what you people think is going to happen. Maybe its Morganthe's secret child, maybe someone in Ravenwood goes mad, maybe another old student goes insane. So many possible answers to this question. It would really help me out if Kingsisle or a fellow wizard could help me out here on this one, even though I have a very wide imagination and I can figure things with the little hints I have gotten in other people's posts but this one has me confused. If anyone has any ideas on this subject please, please, please post it, it would give me more ideas :D thank you. See you and my fellow friends in the spiral.

TristanDarkBlade Archmage Ice

Mar 19, 2011
Sry Mr.tamato5 but i think the end is near.After defeating morganthe their
may not be anymore more continuous story about the spiral.We already know
so much about the spiral all the secrets except by mirage which is dark and
doesn't have a lot of trees and Polaris which is a star GOOGLE it.we might even be lvl 100 or 101. i wish it wouldn't end

Feb 24, 2009
I think after morganthe, there should be a contest, users submit ideas for the next storyline and world plot line, and the winner will win 20,000 crowns. :)

My thoughts would be... Lets see...

The Devil-Cursed Wizard- Malroy DrakeShredder (I am making up a name as I go O.o)

A different spiral was sent out of orbit, by multiple meteors and astroids, and soon, Bivole, The closest spiral, is now interfering with the ancient ways that have been practiced since Grandmother Raven was around. Now, they want to take over the spiral, and expand to even greater limits.
A young wizard will be sent to travel over through another world to get a massive key, to unlock a secret little NEW and SECOND spiral door, which would carry the wizard off to another Spiral, (Bivole) and fight back against the great forces.

Well, thats just my little idea! ^-^

Jun 19, 2009
noe99664 wrote:
Sry Mr.tamato5 but i think the end is near.After defeating morganthe their
may not be anymore more continuous story about the spiral.We already know
so much about the spiral all the secrets except by mirage which is dark and
doesn't have a lot of trees and Polaris which is a star GOOGLE it.we might even be lvl 100 or 101. i wish it wouldn't end

This is an MMORPG, it's very unlikely it would end so soon. Just look at Toontown and WoW.
Wizard101 is still very young, and all new surprises are possible! We'll just have to wait and see what the future brings us. And hey, if for whatever reason wizards does have to stop (VERY unlikely though), we still have Pirate101!

May 05, 2010
It won't end, to me, it's compared to the Lich King (kind of like a 2nd "arc" boss) in WoW and still have more Expansions to come.

So, maybe after
Morganthe is out of the way, probably there is this Titan who wants revenge on the spiral, because Master Ambrose casted him away, banishing him from the spiral because,he went insane and tried to rule it with his power. maybe he gains control of Morganthe and Malistaire? Lol, I'm not sure

Wolf D. Transcendant Necro halfway to Archmage
Luke W. Magus Diviner

Nov 05, 2011
I'm not very good with ideas but what about something/someone from some kind of mythology? Hmm, what about something from Greek mythology???


Dec 09, 2008
Here is what i noticed about the arcs so far:

The Malistaire Arc

It was about a former Wizard City Professor who went mad from greif of his wife dying. He almost destroys the Spiral just to bring her back. Us wizards stop him and his spirit is put to rest with his wife Sylvia.

The Morganthe Arc

Well as far as I can work out so far, Morganthe use to be Ambrose apprentice and she just wants to rule the spiral.

Now here is the thing each Arc also directly involves a Professor at Ravenwood.

Malisatire's Arc involved Cyrus in it. So you could say is was Cyrus's Arc.

Morganthe's Arc involves Ambrose. So it is kinda like Ambroses Arc.

I have no idea what the next arc will be about but i do know I hope i directly involves Greyrose. I would love to know more about her.

Maybe that is it! We all know that Greyrose has evil sisters. Maybe they are going to make a apperance and we will get to see greyroses home world.

Jul 21, 2011
i was thinking maybe that there was a teacher held hostage by idk a guy named billy :-o (we can change the name). And billy takes the teachers magic and fuses it with his own to make him more powerful and he does it again with another teacher.
Why would he do this you may ask: to revive the two most powerful villians in the spiral morganthe and malistare You try to stop him but it to late, billy (again we can change the name) revive them and together they are on the quest to look for a diamond that will make them last forever. When you find this out you realize it your final chance to stop them.....

so tell me guys what do you think?

Aug 10, 2011
Malistaire, then Morganthe, then....


~Alura MythShade (I'm back!)

Jun 06, 2009
Randomperson16 wrote:
Malistaire, then Morganthe, then....


~Alura MythShade (I'm back!)


I might think that they Greyrose idea is EXCELLENT, and with most thamaturges, they favor collosus Blvd. Remember the witches that drove the gobblers out of their home? Greyrose's sisters, possibly. We could build on that. The storyline would be cool, and many wizards of many schools like Greyrose. Why not a battle of the Greyrose's?

William Deathhead

"Learning from your mistakes is good, but I prefer to learn from the mistakes of others."

Jun 30, 2008
Ronster55, making another spiral door would be too confusing

Oct 15, 2010
1trastogi wrote:
Ronster55, making another spiral door would be too confusing
but it's not a bad idea

Mar 01, 2009
I think it would be awesome if there was an arc where we(the players) were evil and Merle had to send people after us!

May 23, 2009
How about you must travel back to Krokotopia becasue there are re[orts of a portal. You go through it only to find yourself in dark, dreary, swampish landscape. The world once full of beuty now in chaos forthe SPIRIT of Malistare is there.

Jan 16, 2010

An evil force taking over Wizard City.

Imagine this:

All the teachers being captured, enslaved. The classrooms torn and lain to waste. People invading Bartleby. Danger every step of the way.

Something about someone trying to capture the Eye of the Past from Bartleby. In the end, it'll be about restoring Bartleby's Eye of the Future.
Yep. I see that as possible.

Mar 18, 2009
....and then Kratos, since he pops up in every other game out there. He would be Myth and cast Medusa as often as Morganthe casts Wolly Mammoth.

Of course, I'm just kidding since that would automatically merit Wizard101 an M rating, so I'm going to have to go with....

Garth Tater, leader of the SPUD empire army and servant of the Emperor Deciduous who sent Lord Bramble to Wysteria in order to determine how strong Pickswick and Ravenwood students stand against his might and objective of conquering the Spiral through a controllable fungus.

The next world would be set in outer space since we didn't get enough alien battles in Celestia!!!

Young wizards, Merle has something urgent to tell us!!! Princess Taya is in another castle, but we must act quickly!

Apr 20, 2009
I think KI could throw the fans a bone and put something like us fighting the "Perfect Catch" PVP team for the king of the Colosseum type thing in a Olympus type world... Just sayin'.

Jan 09, 2009
Maybe we are trying to make these villains too wizardy... considering so many other movies and novels and shows have been going on, why not have a power hungry Vampire?

Feb 26, 2012
Malistaire wanted too bring back his wife and rule the spiral and morganthe wants to rule the spiral, what if there is another mastermind behind them telling them what to do, who rules over them and tells them what to do.

Mar 19, 2011
Abbx901 wrote:

An evil force taking over Wizard City.

Imagine this:

All the teachers being captured, enslaved. The classrooms torn and lain to waste. People invading Bartleby. Danger every step of the way.

Something about someone trying to capture the Eye of the Past from Bartleby. In the end, it'll be about restoring Bartleby's Eye of the Future.
Yep. I see that as possible.

that would be awesome!!! in the way we can even get rank 12 spells yay

Jul 27, 2009
I personaly think that ambrose is against you and just pretending to help you too defeat morganthe and malistare and at the end of morganthe he turns on you and makes every world get bad and every world will get more areas and you have to defeat them to get to him and he will have like 10,000,000 health and you can reach level 200 Then maybe you have to go through and figure out what went wrong and you find out that malistare was the only one who knew about this and he told morganthe so they tried to end ambrose before he tried to destroy the spiral all while defeating new and more powerful enemies

Oct 26, 2010
Hello wizards! This next post may be long, so be prepared. :)

New World: Quizento (ill try to find a better name)
Storyline: The new villian, name here _______ rises and since nobody knows yet, you get messaged by Gamma that Ambrose has been having nightmares, and he keeps saying something terrible is about to happen.
Then you walk into his office:
Ambrose: He-ll-o young wi-zard. Do not worry. I am o-k-ay.
*Room turns dark* *Rumbling happens* *Something locks*
You hear something coming from Ravenwood! You run off to see, but when you try to enter the tunnel, it is locked! Gamma flies out of the house, and uses magic to open the door. You walk in and Bartelby's eyes are closed!
Bartelby: Young..... wizard.......get me......water....pour....on my..... roots!
You run out to the pond outside and get water. You pour it on Bartelby's roots.
Bartelby: Ah! Thank you young wizard.
Gamma: What has happened, Bartelby!?
Bartelby: I faintly saw as he poured black liquid on me, a tall, yellow robed person, and it wasnt Cyrus. I saw him go into every classroom. Then I fell asleep, faintly..... He also dropped a key, you can have it if you want.
Narrator: You pick up the weird shaped key. It looks as if it is a myth symbol!
Gamma: Young wizard, go ask Proffesor Cyrus if he knows what this key is.
*Enters Myth school*
Cyrus: Hello, young wizard. What is your buisness here, today?
Narrator: You show him the key.
Cyrus: Oh, it is the key to the world I grew up in with Malistaire, Quizento!
*In comes a tall figure*
Narrator: You hide behind a desk, watching this horrific scene.
Cyrus: What do you want from me, Hylis!
Hylis: I want to take over Ravenwood! *Pours black liquid on Cyrus, causing him to be uncontious*
Narrator: He sees you! Duck!
Hylis: A wizard, eh? Shoo! *Hylis casts a dream spell on you*
*You wake up in the Headmaster's office*
Headmaster: Young Wizard! Young Wizard! Hello, you took quite a fall!
I'm sorry to inform you, but you need to go to Quizento and capture the necklace of the elements from each teacher!
*You walk into the new world 5 minutes later*
It is a Myth theme world, with people riding on Cyclops, Strength tests everywhere, and bottles of Troll Transformations being sold.
You are greeted by Helmore, a friendly Troll.
Helmore: Hello young wizard! Welcome to Quizento! Even your Ravenwood teacher Cyrus Drake grew up here! There are 6 different sections in this world. Icen, Firethorn, Stormen, Deathlon, Lifethin, and HarnTroll. Each Ravenwood teacher is in one of these worlds, so set up your deck right, and you should capture the necklaces!
*A portal casts and you enter Icen*
Narrator: You see Lydia Greyrose, sitting upon a throne, eating Icicles.
Her eyes look like she is under a trance!

Ok, so the same thing will happen with all the other areas, and when you capture the necklaces, a dark hole appears, you enter it and Hylis appears.
Hylis: Hahahahaha! Young wizard! Even though you have captured all the necklaces, I have the balance one! You won't defeat me! You go in a battle with him, he is Myth, Star, Sun, and Moon type. Now i will show you the ranks of the teachers when you fight them and Hylis.

Lydia Greyrose: Rank 20 Type: Ice Spells Known: All ice spells, fire shield.
Health, 50,000 Minions: None Cheat: When she gets to 1000 health, she says: No more attacking, fall into icy despair! And she casts a -90 percent tower shield on herself that can be taken off by pierce, but only drops 10 percent when you take it off.

Falmea: Rank: 20 Type: Fire Spells Known: All fire spells. ice shield.
Health, 35,000 Minions: None Cheat: When she gets attacked once, she casts a 1000 damage overtime Scald, she says: Fire is the key to life, it wont be destroyed!

Halston Balestrom: Rank: 20 Type: Storm Spells Known: All Storm spells, myth shield.
Health, 25,000 Minions: 1 Life Troll. Cheat: When he is almost defeated, and his life troll isnt dead, the troll casts a 4000 health satyr on Halston.
He says: I won't be defeated! Never!

Moolinda Wu: Rank: 21 Type: Life Spells Known: All Life Spells, death shield.
Health: 45,000 Minions: None Cheat: Every 10 rounds, she casts a 3000 health dryad on herself, extra pips give more health to spell. She says: Liiiiife!

Dworgyn: Rank: 21 Type: Death Spells Known: All death spells, life shield.
Health: 40,000 Minions: 1 Freddy Nine Lives Cheat: Once Freddy gets defeated, he casts a 1500 damage scarecrow. He says: This is for killing my minion!

Cyrus Drake: Rank:22 Type: Myth Spells Known: All myth spells. storm shield, -70 tower shield. Minions: None Cheat: Once a character has over 8 blades on, he casts an earthquake on you and your teammates. He says: I'm sorry for this!

Hylis: Rank: 25 Type: Myth, Star, Sun, Moon Spells Known: All Myth, Star, Sun, and Moon spells. Minions: None. Health: 80,000 Cheat: Everytime he drops 20,000 health, he casts an 1000 damage orthrus on each player.

At the end of the defeat, Narrator: You see Hylis Drop a sword, which has the balance symbol on it! *backpack shakes*
*all the items come together and form a sword!
The stats of the sword is: 50 critical 30 block, +10 damage +5 Pierce
Hex Spear: 160 Star Damage.

Level Cap: 90

I know it was long, but it was worth it! :)

Feb 24, 2009
Abbx sparked an idea for me, that was a smart way of thinking, bartelby's eye. "Me", the enemies name is just "Me" not as in you, or me, but as in a name "Me". (I hope that made sense :P) It could make some funny moments, where you werent sure if he/she/it was talking in 3rd person or not. "You think you can go up against the one and only, Me?!?!" Who tries not only to take bartelby's eye to see and learn from the mistakes of the others, but to find malistaire, and take the Eye of Future from him, where he could predict you, causing you trouble. So every turn when you eventually fight him, if there is a shield, a scald would be placed, if a 2nd shield is placed that turn, a 8 pip heckhound casts. If an attack 8+ Pips is being cast that turn, he would use a Tower shield. Etc. predicts your moves. (At that level, we will have 30% armor piercing and junk anyways, so no loss)

Oct 15, 2010
I think we should vaguely relate to Harry Potter. Like the enemy might be something near to Malfoy or Voldemort.

Jan 24, 2009
every one is saying malistaire even though malistaire became good