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Make "request friendfinder c," button no-spammable

Oct 18, 2015
Today i discovered a little problem with using this feature. People on your friendlist can constantly mash this button, which will keep bringing the friendfinder message up on your window. This pretty much prevent you from do anything in game except keep clicking cancel.

While generally this doesn't do too much harm, it can be pretty big issue in pvp if your opponent has a "dedicated spammer" that is also on your friendlist. I think there isn't too much of explanation needed what will happen in battle after you're unable to play your cards.

I'm not saying to remove this feature completely, but making some kind of cooldown time before you can use it again would be nice. It doesn't need to be too much; 30 seconds for example is more than enough to remove your "friend" from list.

Mar 31, 2009
That is utterly despicable. You can turn friends off and also do "hidden to friends".