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magical artifacts part 2

Jun 04, 2009
where i left off:

you then bring the object to merle and he replies that you should bring this to cyrus drake because he is a magical relic expert as well.you bring to him he takes it and uses a great charm where it is invisible.he says that now return it to amborse and see what he wants with it. you return. ambrose replies that he will store it inside his office with gamma. he replies that gamma is one of the most trustworthy people on your side. after he stores it away he says that he is located another one. this magical relic will let you see anywhere you want to in every angle although it will drive some people insane. he replies that it is hidden in mooshu on the top of a waterfall where there are three boulders. you venture toward mooshu and find this location. when you enter a red ghost is staring straight at you and he says wizard you are not welcome here depart now and we will show you mercy. he swoops into the ground disapeering. up ahead you see gamma. she says wizard i have been sent by merle to protect you and help you venture into this cave. the red ghost comes out of the ground. so you are venuring foward minions attack! the plague oni shows up with a burning hate from ds. when you have destroyed them. you venture foward in the cave. the death oni awits with biti ninri. when you have defeated them you must venture forth more. jade oni awaits with one of malistares minions when you fight him by his side. when you have defeated them. you walk into a room with a sheild on a stand. you stare at it and run toward it. finally the ghost comes out and laughs he says that you must kill him as well as his minions before you can receive the sheild. ( the sheild is called the oculus which is the magic item. you must fight the red ghost with by his side death,plague, and jade oni. when they are defeated you pick up the sheild and run back to merle.
* to be continued*
william battle caller lvl. 42 fire school savior of the spiral and
elizabeth goldenblssom lvl. 32 ice school savior of the spiral

Jun 04, 2009
heres where I left off I headed back to merle and he sent you to cyrus drake so when you get there HE IS GONE! so you report back to merle and he sends you all around the ravenwood towers but not myth! I figured he would be hiding there but I couldnt enter. for a moment I was questioned I remember what the red ghost said about his plans after you kill him. he said " I will keep you from seeing cyrus drake ah hahahahaha " then my bro teleports to me I forgot to put my port off. he starts putting my mind off of things! but luckily I could not forget so I turned my port off and he is like level one so he had no idea where I went. anyway I went to a different realm and got back on things. the last tower I had to check was storm. so I entered. THE RED GHOST WAS BACK! I swear I was creeped out! and cyrus was CAPTURED! but not only that malistaire was there too! so I battled the red ghost and won because a centaur spell. then malistaire teleported off. cyrus was free so I reported back to merle. he said " thank you for freeing cyrus " then you explain malistaire was there then ambrose says " so he was there I should have known but why would he have tried to hurt cyrus? " I thought he had forgotten that malistaire is evil so he wanted to get cyrus. dude I was questioned. but then he says " oh I had forgotten you know me at my old age " lol it was weird. so I got everything done and moved on to some quest I hadn't done since I started cl sincerely, molly deathhammer grandmaster wizard level 50

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