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~Life Students club!~

Mar 01, 2009
uh Hi i am in the game Chris Deathbringer and yes i am a life wizard my lvl is 15 or 16 and i just started krokotopia

Apr 02, 2009
Sign me up I'm a level 29 life wizard.I love life because of it's ability to heal and the attacks are awesome too.

Jun 16, 2009
sign me up i'm brian bluebane lvl26 life oh and those people who think life is weakest ice is they don't heal or do as much damage because cenetar is stronger than collousus so life is the best

Jun 12, 2009
Hi i'm Mark Crowhead and I would like to say that LIFE RULES :? 8) :) :-) :D

Jul 12, 2009
Life is the best school on the spiral!!!!!!! :) I am Abigail Spiritrider lvl 35 if you see me say hi

Aug 25, 2009
Hello all I am a master Life wizard

in game name: Michael Lifegiver
level 48
pet: satyr

I enjoy helping others so give me a yell whenever you meet me on the streets

Dec 21, 2008
My life character's name is Caroline Sunbright. She is level 49. Her secondary is ice. And this is the character I play the most on my account!

May 22, 2009
My wizard's name is Hannah Lifebringer Level 50 Life. Have other wizards that I play, but life is by far my favorite.

A few cool things I have done with my Life wizard or seen a fellow Life wizard do.

A friend using his Life Grandmaster, and me using my balance grandmaster hit Yeva Spider keeper for 72,000 using a centaur. I know Storm and Fire could have hit more, and others possibly could have done better, but I thought it was an achievement.

Using Hannah Lifebringer and a centaur I one hit Malistaire. Of course a balance friend helped with blades and traps. Malistaire being death and not bright enough to use a life shield really helped.

Hannah Lifebringer Level 50 Life

Hannah Earthbreaker Level 50 Balance

Hannah Summerglade Level 33 Fire

Jan 14, 2009
Jun 24, 2009
soupa2 wrote:
I saw a death studnets club thread on here so why not a life students club? Talk about anything about the game in here have fun fellow life studnets.

BTW my name in the game is john lightbringer. i where bright green clothing from marlybone so i'm kinda hard to miss. i'm usuly at the arena or out questing. if you see me give me a holler! :)

i think i see you from time to time i am destiny summerbreeze(my name in game) i usually wear, well now i were dragonspeer clothing i am usaully hanging with my friends and at my house sometimes in the commons i will usually wear green or white sometimes red with black clothing i were many different types of clothing. soooo yea if i ever see ya round i will add you, :) :-) :D

Jun 24, 2009
gregac6 wrote:
I just wish we had a master of life badge... Like storm gets.... Kind of frustrating. Life Rules though, I find it's a better solo class than even myth. You can solo sunken city if you go slow and kill everything once you get satyr. I am going to wait till level 50 though to try out kensington park solo though.

Name: Sarah Watersong,
Primary: Life
Secondary: Storm.

Weapon of Choose: Death Sword, unless against dragonspyre balance wizards, then I use my Life Sword.

Favorite Pasttime: Casting Sanctuary in unicorn way followed by dryad, then use a sword attack to take out the lost soul to see players reactions.

Favorite Grinding Mob: Desert Golems, palace of fire.

Favorite Boss: Malistaire, especially when loaded with hexes, curses, feint, life trap, sprit trap, and I have balance blade, spirit blade on, life blade, and dragon blade, with a centaur ready to go.

Least Favoirite Boss: Jade oni: just giving props to boss that can take storm trap windstorm triton, along with 3 storm trapped stormzilla and still be breathing. Note to self: need to get balance friend and Death friend together to try malistaire trick with conversion on jade oni.

nice so your life to so am i, i am lvl 22 destiny summerbreeze you might see me round you might not but why i am comenting on yours is that i have a storm student on my account to and she is julia lvl 7 i dont play on her that much only sometimes she weres life stuff mostly and sometimes fire or storm.

Mar 09, 2009
soupa2 wrote:
yidskey wrote:
cool :D ok so a person told me there is a life minion, is this true? if so what lvl do you have to be?
also my character name is Rebecca Lotusleaf, lvl 16 right now (just in case we see eachother in game)

yes there is a life minion you get it around level you are now i don't remember the exact level. it's a fairy/sprite thing that can heal and use the the imp spell. so it's not good at attacking if you need healing thats the minion it takes four pips.

I was wondering where the life crafter is to buy clothing but can't seem to find it in ds. The death one is by the labyrnth. Can anyone tell me where she/he is plz? not balthazar he is a vendor.