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*Life school Club*

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
crazysquirrel12 wrote:
Random Question: Has anybody else noticed that when you're a theurgist, just about everyone wants to friend you? I usually don't mind, but it's annoying when rondompeople i haven't even fought wih want to be my friend. Is this just me??

They want someone to call for Help when they screw up a battle.

Dec 30, 2008
Life rocks:)
Iam Grandmaster Life Storm and love the combo :)
Monica Sanddust
GM Life

Apr 28, 2009
Huntman427 wrote:
Hi, I am Carlos Jadeblossom. I am lvl 29 and 1-2 thousand exp away from lvl 30. I am currently working on Marleybone. However, I can never find time to do the ironworks. Please meet me at diggmore station on the 31st of january 2010 at 5 pm standard eastern time. It would be appreciated. My secondary school is Myth and my favorite spell by far is regenerate. In my secondary school I use Hunmongofrog, Cyclops, Troll, Blood Bat and Myth Trap (my final decision from here until the end of the game). For Life we shall see where we go. A thurge is key to any sunken city party!

Hey we share the same last name!
Lvl 43 Life

Apr 28, 2009
I'll be in the club! By the way, Miss Moolinda Wu, when can I get the Rebirth spell? I've been waiting for you to give me that quest.
Miranda JadeBlossom
Lvl 44 Life

Jul 01, 2009
HEY! I is Chelsea Skytalon.... Level 35 life/storm wiz! lol i love being life...!

~Chelsea Skytalon
Oni Slayer
Read The Wonderful Adventures of Chelsea Skytalon!

Jul 26, 2009
Hello fellow Theurgists, my name is Austin GriffinBreath, and I am currently a level 22 Life wizard who cannot wait to get the Dryad spell in 4 levels! :) I am in the Tomb of Storms, and I am glad I got the Life Blade. (Life attacks are weak enough, and we have to wait until then do get a blade XD)

Jun 17, 2009
ShadowTrident wrote:
HI i am a grandmaster life wizard i have all grandmaster equipment except for the hat and boots, does nayone know what boss(s) drop these items?

Yeva Spiderkeeper in the crystal grove drops the hat and viktor snowcrusher in the drake hatchery drops the boots. it takes a LONG time to get them! be prepared to fight more than 20 battles each. Good Luck! Jared Life Grandmaster Life

Nov 10, 2009
This nathan griffinstaff lvl 37 speaking. I love life and i think it the best but the other spirit school follow close behind.If you heard of my idea of mistica in the dorms, please send a happy face or a sad face representing if you like it or not

Sep 01, 2009
daniel Darkblade level 29.
Life is great, thing is, i could do with a bit more powerful attacks...
or even an attack all attack.

hey, did you know there are a 5 pip and 7 pip ATTACK spell for life?
tbh, i don't think they are worth it (they are pets)
the 5 pip one requires 10K+ crowns, thats expensive...
and the 7 pip one requires endless ranked pvps.

and only for ONE card too.

Dec 13, 2009
Hey my name is Sierra Fireblossom and i've seen people talking about the life minion. I agree with them that it can be very stupid most of the time. Exspecially when she heals herself when her life is full. :(

My personal quote:
Pain is only a message
You can choose to read it or ignore it

Aug 29, 2009
Even though life school doesen't have much attack spells,the ones we do have are powerful.Life can resist death,its oppisite school.It can also be more powerful on it.But even thought death is our oppisite school,I think it has one thing in common with life.Death may have to sacrafice,but it can heal others.But even though I admire my oppisite school alot,my favirote school is still life. And my smile matches my school color! Yay! :D

P.S.My name is Grace TitanStaff on wizard101,and my level is 18!

Apr 04, 2010
HI, my name is Roslyn SpiritRiver and I and Life/Storm currently lvl 46 and I finally completed the quest for malistaire. I can't wait till i get rebrith! I think that my schools combined would be the best school because Life has lots of healing and Storm has the strongest spells. :D

Sep 01, 2009
I am Malvin Life Dreamer Lvl 45 and i am just waiting for celestia to come out because i have nothing to do

May 21, 2009
FINALLY I FOUND THE LIFE SCHOOL CLUB, YAY . I've always wanted to find the Life School Club, and now I finally have . Also I'm all about LIFE POWER and I love Life. I hate when people under estimate Life. I mean just because we are the Healing school doesn't mean we can't attack. Soooo I'll be back soon and as always ty for reading.

Christopher JadeBlade
lvl. 50 Theurgist
Savior of the Spiral

Jan 28, 2010
Hiya peoples I am waiting for lvl cap to raise so i can do my other DS quests and i am loving life. Right now i am farming for pets and grand gear if you see me around and want to farm tell me. But dont ask what realm because a hop them a lot for the jade lotuses on mooshu and to get away from crowds, i am generally on perfect realms.

Oran Stronghammer lvl 50 Life

Jun 21, 2009
We should have some new spells.

Friend-Sheild:one of each shield for everybody in your group.

Health Compiler: compounds health until max is reached.

Cure:removes all over-time spells curses from you, or a friend.

Jun 14, 2009
Hey life wizards. I am Savannah Moonstone. A level 42 life wizard. and I just got to dragonspyre. I have to do a quest where you go into this guys vault in the Grand Chasm. It is hard. And I have a question do you get a life spell after sancutary? If so, what level do you get it?? Can someone please inform me?

P.S. My secondary school is fire, and I just got Helephant!!! YAY!!!! :D

Apr 28, 2010
Eliendel wrote:
This is enable for any life wizard (if theirs another one this is the 2ed Life club) we will talk about things that you think needs upgardes on we will also talk about any other things that have to do with Life. I hope every Life wizard likes this.

Remember life
Wizards we
Heal others!

also post your life wizards NAME!!!!

By,Tanner DragonCaller

Hi my main character is a Grandmaster Life he has almost all the Grand Gear of Life all his spells i use my Satyr pet that is now an adult i have hatched once and my character's name is Gabriel StarCatcher i hope you meet me in game someday. I have completed every quest except crafting quests in Dragonspyre.

Mar 08, 2009
I had an idea for a new healing spell ( idk if anyone had this idea but i didn't have time to look ) but it is a pegasus who swoops down from the sky and flaps its wings at you and a rainbow appears and heals 640 for everyone on your team and gives a weakness to the opposite team. The idea is open to anyone who wants to comment or want to change something. :-)

May 11, 2010
Roseblack wrote:
Hello all i am a grandmaster of life I have my robe and boots but could someone please tell me how to get the rest please :D
I may not be life. But i know the hat is from kraysys in the forum. Balance 50 Caleb Spiritfist

Jul 01, 2010
I am a Life/Death wizard Lvl 37...just got to Moo shu. Yeah! Still trying to figure out how to stack my deck the best way. Do I go heavy on life and light on death or vice verse? I know I should have it figured out by now...any suggestions?

May 23, 2010
Thomas dreamcaster level 29 life wizard thats the rank and da

moolinda horrible use of death magic in marlybone but everybody knows life is much better than death i mean who would want a pet WHO IS ROTTING we life students preserve things for the future

*remember with emotion life is restored* {edit} i defeated freddy 9 lives for thank goodness i got to say level 30 now and i still havent seen malistare in marlybone weird because there is so much death

Feb 18, 2010
hey tanner!! i have a life wizard too, but its not my main one. her name is jasmine earthsinger look meh up! fire is my second school. o and my lvl is 34 last i checked.

Feb 18, 2010
mommon wrote:
Have question for any other life wizard. I am currently very close to level 45 and just need to finish book and Zeke quest before going to Dragonspyre, but I still don't have a Life Trap spell Can someone tell me if this is a bug, or did I miss a quest somewhere I have blade, shield and prism but no Trap.
My wizard's name is Tatiana Goldleaf and I appreciate any help

I recieved the answer to this in another forum, but Thanks to everyone lending a hand.

you get thet life trap from milred farseer in colossus blvd. shes one of the secret trainers. look for a jasmine earthsinger lvl 34 and going up!!!!!!

Feb 01, 2010
hi my name is joseph lifehammer level 46 life wizard can i be in the club plz plz plz plz