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Level 75 spell ideas!

May 01, 2011
here are my ideas:
Life:Pegasus appearance: flies down on a cloud and puts a 40+ life blade on caster and flies onto the ground and puts a 35+ life trap on enemy pips:3
Death: Crazed Tree appearance: a huge dead tree appears in the middle of dueling circle and its branches fly around and hits enemy putting a 40+ death trap on enemy the tree grows leaves and all the leaves fall on caster putting a 45+ death blade on caster pips:3
Myth: Raven appearance: a raven walks up to your enemy and pecks at them with their beak putting up a 40+ myth trap then raven walks to caster and makes a magic orb and throws it at caster giving them a 40+ myth bladepips:3
Balance: Sand Elemental appearance: sand swirls around forming a sand elemental the elemental creates a cloud of sand and throws at enemy pips:3 putting a 35+ any spell trap then makes sand swirl around caster giving them a 35+ any spell blade pips:3
Storm: Rain appearance: a white cloud appears and it turns darker and darker till it is purple it pours rain on enemy putting a 30+ storm trap on them then the cloud turns blue and pours rain on caster the rain swirls into a orb around the caster and the orb melts putting a 40+ storm blade on caster pips:3
Fire: Fighting Boar appearance: and boar walks up to enemy and attacks with spear putting up a 40+ fire trap then walks up to caster and throws dagger that turns into flames at caster putting up a 40+ fire blade pips:3
Ice:Snow appearance: snowflakes fall down on enemy and a big snowflake stands infront of the enemy blowing snow at enemy putting up a 40+ ice trap then the big snowflake looks at caster and blows mist at caster putting up a 40+ ice blade

May 05, 2011
i so want a pegasus spell it seems so cool! i life and i want that spell now!

Nov 23, 2008
Instead, make the Pegasus fly down off the cloud, and heal with the trap and blade.

Jul 12, 2009