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Level 100 Aquila Trial - Hermes' Race

Jan 28, 2012
I think that we should get a way to show off our characters that reach level 100. I think it's a big milestone and we should be able to stand out in the crowed . I think the best way to do so is by getting a new decorative item that will make us stand out but not mess with our stats at all.

Mounts is the only item that falls into that category. By level 100, you got to have a few mounts (at least one). So I was thinking of a new aquila trial for level 100. This trial should be a long and hard time themed trial:
NPC races.
Riddles and Puzzles with a time limit.
Battles with turn limit.
If one manages to overcome all the trials he would get to fight Hermes for a chance at a new school specific mount! The mounts I think should be animated, school related Wings that give you +50% Speed!
: Wings made from fire
: Wings made from ice
: Wings made from lightning
: Some cool looking wings with blue/yellow aura
: Wings made from branches and leafs with green aura
: Wings made from bones with black aura
: Wings made from red glow aura?

Anyways what do you guys think? Please reply

Aug 06, 2008
Completely agreed. Doesn't necessarily have to be wings, but having something would be cool. I was personally thinking it would be cool to move a little faster, maybe 50% or 60% faster instead of the normal 40% faster. Just a thought though :D.
-Adam Seafist lvl 100

Aug 15, 2012
I think it is a really good idea but the drop rates shouldn't be ridiculous ...
Sarai Thunderstrider

Jan 28, 2012
I agree that the drop rates shouldn't be low. infact I think that we should be able to get the wings in a high rate and only once. The challenge should be in the trials.