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Knockout battles [PVP]

Jul 20, 2009
This should be a third option to PvP besides ranked and practice. Knockout battles. It would only be for 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 and i'd love to see a 5v5 for this. Here's the idea. One member from each team starts battling. When one of them gets defeated, the next member from the same team joins in. ETC. The fight ends when one team is out of players. There could even be another win-loose thing for it. I hope this idea does get considered.

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Steven strongsword, archmage fire.

Jan 24, 2009
Like on pokemon. But here is an idea i also got from pokemon
You can pick to have two at a time or one (not 3 like on black and white cause not enough players) another idea similer to pokemon which would be ok cause kingsisle works with the Pokemon Company so
Monster Tamer101 A game where you tame monsters
(maybe use a whip or a catching device to get them) not copying because facebook has multiple games like pokemon
But you make the name (pick like on w101 and p101 (maybe p101) but witch different names like Blaine MonsterFighter or you know whatever)
And you actually pick the starter type from (Fire, Air, Earth, Water)
That will pick which one is easier for you to catch but there are more types just not as starters say Ice, Steel, Lightning, Arcane (epix) as maybe others can help you because the Monsters are getting stolen to be used for evil perposes so you as a tamer must use them to stop the organisation maybe Team Skull or whatsevers... wait why am i posting this here?