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Kingsisle Mobile App Ideas

Mar 11, 2012
OK, so... I play grub guardian all the time on my phone whether I'm in the car (of course when i'm a passenger, not the driver) or at the store, wherever. I want KI to have more mobile apps. Seriously, wizard101 on mobile would be great, but I don't have enough storage space so I doubt it'll ever happen so... I came up with other apps that KI could make:

Fashionista Wizards (like the outfit making contest. KI could put templates and different designs and we could make outfits and save them or do like fashion show where we ride on a mount down the runway.)

Reagent Researcher (A memory game with reagents and if you get all the matches in reveals a picture of a reagent that you win for your wizard.)

Weary Wizard's Inn (Tons of people have hotels at their house and invite people from the commons to stay there. Maybe we could own our own hotel on our mobile device with lots of different wizards coming to stay at it.)

Mobile Dungeon (An exclusive short dungeon depending on level, where you defeat monsters and win special prizes for your wizard.)

-Hope you like my ideas! I'd love to have these on my phone.

~Emma Lotusthorn 83 Molly Ghostbreeze 51

Jul 29, 2014
Aug 10, 2009
LOVE the mobil dungeon idea!! Maybe people use their pets, like in grub guardian, to run thru it?? It would also be super fun if it could be played on a computer just like grub guardian.

CONGRATS Emma you win the inter-web and a cookie for the awesome idea!! <winner must supply their own cookie>