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Increased Derby Prizes

May 13, 2010
One of my favorite things to do in W101 is the pet derby. I find it really fun and the races aren't time consuming (not more than 5 min.) The matchmaking process is a whole different story though. If I want to do a race I may have to wait an hour in queue before I actually get enough opponents to start. Once the first race is done I'll go back into queue and face the exact same people I faced before over and over until one of them leaves. Then I have to wait a long time for someone new to fill in their spot. I do race with an epic pet which seems to be the least common racing pet level out there (adult and ancient are super common), but I still think I should be able to find varying competition without wasting all my time waiting to find competition. Not nearly as many people do pet derby as pvp, and I believe this is because the pet derby prizes are wimpy in comparison to pvp prizes (let's not even get into pvp tournaments!). At best you can get 3 arena tickets in a pet derby race (1st place). If derby prizes were all raised a bit I think more people would see it as a useful activity and then more people would try it out making the wait time for competition lessen! It would also keep people who are derby fans still interested in competing (like me!). I suggest that all the prizes be multiplied by 10. That way first place wins 30 arena tickets, 2nd wins 20, 3rd 10, and 4th 100 gold. Please let me know what you guys think about this idea, and if you are a derby fan or interested in derby please train your adult and ancient pets to epic and keep them there!

~Jacob NightHunter 110 Reading Room Roustabout (Lord Harley - Penumbra Drake [derby pet])