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If you were to make a new school...

Apr 29, 2012
This is an interesting topic that there isn't really a, well, topic on here discussing. There's been the odd post here and there, but they soon disappear. So I hope that either this topic becomes hot or KI gets a member of staff to create a permanent one along with the 'New World in the Spiral' one.

So, I was thinking a layout sort of like this:

Name -

Location -

Teacher -

Origin (Titan?) -

Symbol/Colour/Gemstone -

Types of Spells -

How we Find it -

Spell Examples -

Here's just a quick example of a school I suggested earlier this year:

Name - School of Crystal, Crystalmancy, Crystalmancers.

Location - Dragonspyre Academy, one of the rubble schools was excavated by Cyrus, and this school was found.

Teacher - Oskilok Uchitel (Russian for 'Shard Teacher'), a ghost who used to teach Crystal at Dragonspyre.

Origin (Titan?) - Unlike Ravenwood, who had been warned by Bartleby not to dabble with , Dragonspyre Academy did not fear it and taught it in one of the rubble schools. However as is a primary school, they also used the Dragons to combine it , & . This created 3 schools, but the Fire Dragon was saddened by what she had done and burnt the & scrolls to a crisp. However the - school was saved; the School of Crystal.

Symbol/Colour/Gemstone - The Crystal symbol is a multi-coloured , the school has no colours and the gemstone is tourmaline as it appears in almost every colour.

Types of Spells - Augmentations. Certain spells from every school gain a 'socket' that works much like Jewel Socketing, but not quite. Using this socket, you can click on a spell in your hand, and then click on the spell you wish to augment. This will take up a turn, in which you will cast the spell and a Crystal, depending on what type of spell you used, appears between your charms & wards. You can have a maximum of 6, as Item Cards & TCs cannot be augmented, and the maximum hand is only 7.

How we Find it - You get a Tutorial Tip at Level ? (I'm not sure if it should be 60 or 110) from Cyrus Drake telling you to go to Dragonspyre Academy at once and find him across from the school. Once you get there, he's standing in front of a school that looks identical to the others, except with a above the door. You go inside and Oskilok greets you, saying Cyrus told him all about what you've done. He then says he'll gladly teach you Crystalmancy; but that it won't be easy.

Spell Examples -

Amethyst Spear - +5% Pierce Charm to self after initial spell.

Citrine Blade - +15% Damage Charm to self after initial spell.

Tourmaline Shield - -30% Damage Ward to self after initial spell.

(Experimental Idea) Sapphire Legion - -10% Damage Ward to all allies after initial spell.

So, what do you think? But more importantly, what do you think would be great schools for the game? Be sure to include whether it's a Ravenwood school or one we learn later in the game. That's all from me for now.

Nov 22, 2011
Well I still can't repliey that spicifically but I think if there is a new school it's gonna be light. The opposite of shadow
Since if you know, pacal in azteca and morganthe mentions shadow AND light.
And think about it. I don't think there's gonna be another school until later in third arc. Maybe some utility wised shadow enchanted spells like mass supernova for. Two pips and a pip (like DANG that should be in game)
But for another school I'll point that on light. Cause what other school could they be?

Sep 06, 2008
Name- School of Time, Chronomancy, Chronomancers

Location- B.O.X.

Teacher- The Professor

Origin - Long ago, when the spiral was new, Marleybonians had just evolved. Some stayed in Marleybone, while others went out looking for adventures in new worlds. One of these new worlds was what would become Wizard City in the future. They met Bartleby, and were amazed by his ability to look into the future and past. They studied him, and used already established magics to harness the energy his eyes had into a new form of magic called Chronomancy, usually just called time magic for short. Eventually, these Marleybonians found a world between time called Genera. They travelled there, and declared themselves the Generans- a splinter of the Marleybonian race. They than began using Chronomancy to watch over the timestream of the spiral. The Professor is one of these Generans.

Symbol/Colour/Gemstone- Hourglass, Beige/Black, Jasper

Types of Spells- Chronomancy has spells that affect the passage of time on the battlefield. It is almost similar in a way to cheats, but for wizards.

How we find it- Impressed by our heroics, at level 130, the Professor offers to teach it to us as a side school. The Marleybone B.O.X. will than permanently be open, with three sigils and a permanent entrance.

Spell Examples-
All Chronomancy spells cost 0 pips, but will be considered your official spell for the round.
Rewind- Go back 3 rounds, resetting everything. (Pips, blades cast, cards in deck, etc, but not things like damage dealt or heals). Will be "cheat" cast at the end of the round.
Fast Forward- Give self 3 power pips, but be unable to obtain pips for next 3 rounds
Restart- Restart the round, undoing all spells that were cast. Will be "cheat" cast at the end of the round.
Prediction- Allow you to see an opponents cards for next 3 rounds.
Countdown- Nullifies all damage done to you for the next 3 rounds. All damage will than be done at the end of the third round.

Dec 01, 2014
Great idea!
School of Water
Angel Falls (mermaid)
Back when the spiral was first formed, early wizards started experimenting with combining different magic. One wizard decided to combine and and created water magic. He soon realized the magic was to powerful and sealed it in Celestis's great depths. When explorers came to Celestia they found the remains hidden in the depths.
The symbol is like a swirly waterfall and the colors are dark blue abd dark green, the gemstone is lapis lazuli.
Water magic focuses on attacking all enemies and dealing small damage to get rid of sheilds and then large damage. Spells include tsunami: 480 to all + -25% damage and Geyser: 50 then 620
Merle summons you to his office and tells you that explorers have come across ancient texts regarding forbidden magic. He sends you to learn the magic to make sure it does not fall into the wrong hands.
Tyler Mist level 43

Mar 31, 2009
the school of the mind

pysosolimancer, psysosology

in a big tower were gravity is constantly changing and random sparks and flames and snowflakes come and go
- darkmoor

broken mind - a changing creature

its origin when bartley bee gets sick and he gets to a point of sickness he gets mad he shakes his leaves and an essence left him, which you trap in a jar... this is the essence of the mind

its gemstone is crystalised glass... its colors are purple and red, its symbol is a a pair of silver balls tied to gether by a strand of electricity

its spells are like manipulations

you find it when bartle gets crazy

one spell changes the order that we do are spells in (it can change it so that monsters go first or the second person goes first)
another spell changes the blades to the opposing school (to the monster or you)
same with traps
and one more is swapping the team your on

Dec 25, 2009
Name - School of Blood, Side School, no title.

Location - Azteca

Teacher - Tcho' lak Bloodriver

Origin (Titan?) - Blood magic is a darker form of Death Magic, dealing damage to allies for personal gains. The origins of this magic is unknown, but came from some ancient practice passed down from generations of Aztecan Priests

Symbol/Colour/Gemstone - Blood Drop, Crimson and Black, Garnet

Types of Spells - The school essentially "sacrifices" your teammates to help you. It is an extremely selfish school, but worth it for it's potentials. Allies are sacrificed, and if there is no sacrifice possible, the spell fails to work. The caster cannot be the object of sacrifice. Minions are allowed.

How we Find it - Completing Azteca

Spell Examples -
0 pip - Oblation, deal 500 [blood] damage to a random ally and receive a +60% Blade
1 pip - Defect, add a -90% weakness on a random ally, and +150% trap on enemy
2 pips - Elevate, Steal 2 normal or power pips from all allies.
1 shadow pip - Sleight of Hand, Steal 1 shadow pip from a two random allies, and +30% damage to self.

(Drawbacks): Trolls killing weak players in Unicorn Way with Oblation.

Dec 25, 2009
So, it will be improper of me to just finish my schools like that, everything must balance out
My previous school, School of Blood is located between the schools Death, Myth, and Shadow on the School Chart. Here is the school of Deciet, between Life, Myth, and Shadow
Name - School of Deceit, Side School, no title.

Location - Avalon

Teacher - Mordred Spellbreaker

Origin (Titan?) - Lies. The oldest form of deception, betrayal, and rotten tricks to benefit the liar. But at what price? Life is after all, a game of opportunity, only those wise enough to seize it.

Symbol/Colour/Gemstone - Smiling Drama Face, Gold and Silver, Topaz

Types of Spells - This school is all about deception, misinterpretation, and mass confusion that one can hone in. Additionally, one can cheat and manipulate the game of chance, the game of Life!
How we Find it - Defeating Morganthe

Spell Examples -
2 pips - Duplicate, summon 3 other versions of you with 1 health that persists for one round. All will cast the same spell as you for that round only.
4 pips - Backstab, give one ally a +200% blade, then deal 10,000 damage to them once the blade is removed.
1 pip - Decoy, summons a minion with 2,000 health for 2 rounds with mass threat
0 pip - Vanish, cannot be targeted for one round, AOE can still hit

Dec 25, 2009
And finally, Life, Death, and Shadow results in:
Name - School of Grief, Side School, no title.

Location - Khrysalis

Teacher - An' Kgnor Earthwhisper

Origin (Titan?) - Life and death is an everlasting circle, for when one breathes its last, another breathes its first. But along the way, grief, pain, suffering, and bitterness coat the cycle, each life enduring all the painful sorrows of reality before ultimately dying. But there are few who instead harness this power and use it.

Symbol/Colour/Gemstone - Cracked Spiral, Light Blue and Black, Alexandrite

Types of Spells - This school is strange due to its power relies on healing and damage taken or dealt. These spells are like charms or wards that persists for several rounds before they shatter when the right spell is cast. These can be removed with Earthquake or Aftershock.

How we Find it - Side Quest in Khrysalis

Spell Examples -
0 pip - Sorrow's End (ward on self), +10% extra healing for every time you were damaged when this spell is present.
0 pip - Final Countdown (charm on self), +15% damage every round that you do not attack when this spell is present
0 pip - Lost Confrontation, +5% accuracy and +5% pierce each time you fizzle, this charm persists until the end of the battle unless removed.
0 pip - Aim in Darkness, +10 % pierce every time your opponent resists (max 50% pierce), persists 5 rounds