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How would you do it?

Apr 29, 2012
TheBigBadWolf on Jun 19, 2008 wrote:
Ghoul Spell

I've got another minor issue for you guys on a pair of great cards. The Ghoul spell (the one with the undead in the cemetery with the shovel) has the sound effect of a crow cawing during the animation, yet there's no crow in the visual. Please add a crow sitting on a gravestone just to match the awesome sound file. :)

Similarly, the Banshee spell involves her clearing her throat and turning her head to the side, but it's unclear that that's what she's doing because it sounds like she's quacking like a duck. :P Perhaps making her intro a little longer and/or adding a throat spray bottle to loosen her vocal chords would make it clearer that the duck noises at the beginning are her clearing her throat.
Do some research before posting:

'The banshee is a female spirit in Irish mythology, usually seen as an omen of death and a messenger from the underworld. In legend, a banshee is a fairy woman who begins to wail if someone is about to die.'

The banshee screams when someone is about to die, that is why she screams at the opponent to deal the damage. And if she's an omen of death, she's unlikely to just have a random bottle of throat spray hanging about is she? And the intro sounds nothing like a duck, how you even interpreted it as that I will never know.

Aug 22, 2010
I would like our character to be used in more spells, not just animations of monsters attacking. Anyway that you can try to use our own avatar throughout the game would be appreciated.

Rachel SilverBlossom
--Master Thaumaturge--

Jun 16, 2013
Make the phoenix spell do something like wooly mammoth, where there is someone smaller getting hurt XD
like a sunbird that's about to attack but it gets stepped on by the phoenix's big black feet XD

-Liam Death Vault.

Jan 24, 2013
  • power nova
    I think instead of individual hits on mobs or wizards it should just explode in a fiery ball into everyone at once and put the weakness on right after individually or at once like the spell

  • earthquake
for earthquake do like what stormzilla does with the floor, make a city maybe a animation of it being destroyed or something like that

Dec 03, 2011
Death- random chance to instantly KO a target (banned in PvP of course)

Doom- the target afflicted with this is KOed in 10 rounds (also banned in PvP)

Curse- prevents healing for everyone (cast as a bubble)

Sap- 1/10 of everyone's current health is taken every round (cast as a bubble)

Dispel- hence the name, dispels the next action of the target

Silence- the target afflicted with this cannot cast magic (counted as a trap so either earthquake or cleanse ward could remove this)

Zombie- after the target is KOed, they cannot be revived

Jan 08, 2011
I'd like to see a Dragon-Rider or Dragon-Tamer spell. A man clad in knightly armor tends to a large dragon wth a saddle on its back, similar to the Malorian Dragon mount. The dragon lifts its head and roars, alerting the knight to the target's presence. The knight mounts the dragon and circles around the enemy doing a couple of fly-by attacks with his sword, the dragon occasionally spouting fire from its maw.
-pictures this inside head- So....awesome......

Dec 19, 2010
I wonder, do they actually change the game off of what we say on here? I love the questions and how they make me think but i would like to know, if our idea is good, could it get in the game? Because i think that would be awesome, now for my card animation, Centaur, wakes up and stands up, (doesn't have a bow, has a spear) takes a spear and throws it right through them, done.

Jul 28, 2012
eakilian on Jun 7, 2008 wrote:
Spell animation. How would you change any of the spell animations in the game? Or is there one you would like to add? Describe in detail. Let your imagination take over!
I would make a rank 11 Spell that does 1200-1300 and 300 overtime to all enemies and stun to all enemies I think this would be pretty fair cause basilisk is pretty much the same and the next storm spell might be over 2k damage.

Oct 03, 2012
Oblivion1951 on Jan 17, 2014 wrote:
I would make a rank 11 Spell that does 1200-1300 and 300 overtime to all enemies and stun to all enemies I think this would be pretty fair cause basilisk is pretty much the same and the next storm spell might be over 2k damage.
ya me to. im seth thundergrove level 25

Dec 18, 2009
I think all of the balance spells could use a little more scenery...the scorpion and judgment are quite drab o;
Seth Legend, Thank ya

Jan 03, 2014
I have an awesome idea for an another death spell. It would be a treasure card though. I've seen my death friends use vampire spells. I would think is would be awesome to have a werewolf card too. Also being a Death spell. I dunno I guess I just like werewolfs!!!

Amber thundershard lvl 16

Jan 03, 2014
Oh and for the werewolf animation it would be showing the full moon and the werewolf will howl charging at the opponent creating 500 damige and heals you by 800.
talk to u guys soon

Amber Thundershard lvl 16

Dec 09, 2009
In Mount Olympus. The physical attack that Apollo uses with the arrows is awesome. That would make a great fire spell.

Dec 27, 2009
KT3TWiSTeDRiot on Apr 4, 2009 wrote:
For the minion spells i would have them summoned by what class you are in for an example

Storm minion- have bolts of lightning come out of ther ground and there is water elemental

Fire minion- flames come from the ground and fire elemental comes

Life Minion- A mushroom appears and a fairy comes from under it

Ice minion - A blizzard stirs up and ice giant appears

Balance minion- A SandAStorm appears then minion appears

Death minion- A graveyard appears and minion appears it varies depending on pips

Myth minion- Not sure what could be myth

I would like these animations happen
idea for myth. a magical tome comes out of the ground. flips its pages a few times then transforms int the minion.

Jun 02, 2012
I personally think it would be cool to have like a mix type such as a and spell or a andspell.

Just a preference

Wolf RedFlame Lvl 37 Wizard

Apr 09, 2011
Hi there!

My idea is for the flame school.

The Devil

So the animation is: There is like a card board cut out of seraph standing in front of the enemy. Then it falls over to show the real spell. (Keep Seraph's face in your mind.) But, with fire coming out of her eyes, red skin, black lipstick, black hair and long fire - ish dress. She has a devil spear and a pointy tail.

Sound: a woman laughing (Evil)
Attack 1: she points her trident at the enemy and fire blasts out of it.
Attack 2: She uses her tail like a lasso and it (uh couldn't find a better word.) stabs the enemy.

Lvl earned: Lvl 34 ( I don't know. But I don't want her to be Super hard to get.)
Money bought for at bazaar: 12001 (Or something.)
Pips: 5
Damage: Whole lotta damage. 450-540
Percent: 70%

Please make this a card. It would be really fun to see.
(If you do make the card, could you put it in my deck? :)
~Sisterhood of Life~

Sep 26, 2010
I would Enjoy to have a house similar to the Eclipse tower and for all those of you that missed this fun fact the moons all around the tower actually change phases in all honesty I love the School when celestial schools came out It was the firsat school I used and when used right it helps alot when facing your own element so I would love to have a house like that and maybe some other "Young Wizards" would as well ^^


the Valkoor Dragoncaller

Jan 21, 2014
for the school i think the creature you want to be has to appear in the middle and then yust like get sucked into you and then a blaze of light appears and when thats gone you are the creature! just a sugestion

isaac gold heart lvl 15 theurgist,,,

"the way from life to death is enevitable, but one must look for the balance betwen each"

Jun 17, 2013
Evil Snowman
I would love for the Evil snowman to apear like normal, then bring snow from behind towards the target!
The intro is the same, but it just stomps on target (only if critical).
skeletal pirate
He gets up like normal, then a tiny ship comes in the water, he jumps on it with one foot, flotes to the target then when he is close (1 1/2 seconds) then hits the target with sword.

Just my thoughts ...

Aug 02, 2009
QuinnHexthief on Jun 8, 2008 wrote:
Hey thanks, I wanted this to appear...

Perhaps with Fire Elf, instead of ALWAYS jumping around and shooting an arrow, maybe he could jump around, and dive at our opponent, and burst into flames? Just a thought...

also, with Storm Shark, an animation of the shark jumping out of the water, charging up some sort of Electrical Ball in his mouth, and then shoot it at our opponent?

Yeah, those would all be really cool... ^_^

I agree I think spells that have different animations would be great it would mix things up so it wouldn't be as bland and I also agree with the storm shark because let's face it the older spells are getting really boring because it is the same thing over and over again and for so long it could just be me though.

-Talon MoonBreaker

Aug 30, 2009
Hi there, Did anyone else notice that some spells appear different ways? like blood bat has the spit and wingstorm. Thunder snake has the blast and the sting, Firecat can pounce or shoot fire. Ice beetle and scarab can go under or charge. Storm bat can shoot a beam or do a wing storm. Troll can hit with club or send rocks at the enemy. Scorpion can shoot poison or swipe with claws. Ice serpent can bite or swirl around. etc. So they do different animations based on their damage they do. So like for Stormlord he could shock us or hit us with his staff he always carries but never uses. so yeah it would be cool to have that part carried throughout the game as it starts and ends in WC.

Christo Mythspear 95 myth

Jun 24, 2013
The Myth spell basilisk, " king of serpents and said to have the power to cause death with a single glance", should be a "to all enemies" spell, first appearing as a tiny gecko then exploding into a muscled up monster dragon, with blue and yellow daggers shooting out of the eyes into the target!

I like "to all enemies" spells! It would be great to see a universal (all players receive at level 50) spell like "act of God" or something, like a giant hand picks up all enemies at once, throws them in the air and damages by pounding the fist on them when they hit the ground and that no shield can stop or affect. Maybe 500 base damage to all enemies, with stun of course!

Just thinking


May 02, 2011
What i would do.. Hmm.

Maybe when you summon a minion it could face you wave and then join you?
that would be funny :)

Jul 18, 2009
Nekros on Aug 4, 2008 wrote:
Another suggestion would be to take the cards only available as treasure cards (if there are any) and make them available as normal spells... ESPECIALLY the Death ones... Death has WAY too few spells (at least in ravenswood).
Yes even though it has few spells in raven wood once you reach the death school there's just as many, just saying.

Richard Dragonflame

Feb 17, 2012
Earthquake is pretty boring.
I'd start with a city,like stormzilla then
everything starts shaking
then you see the line come