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How member benefit should be.

Dec 10, 2018
I have a few scenarios everyone can relate to that would improve the complaining about member benefits and the attitude of players who get caught in this predicament.

1- you have planted like 100+ seeds and your waiting for them to get to elder. they get to elder and you harvest them. you get on wiz the next day to see that double gardening just started and your now gonna miss your chance to partake in the member benefit.

2-you buy a bunch of crowns to attempt to get the nimbari hoard pack pet and wands, you spend all your crowns to do it and you have no luck and your completely out of crowns. you come back later to find that if you were just to wait a little bit you could have had double the attempts because its pack-a-palooza.

the list goes on but those are the most relatable, now this can be solved very easily and it will not take out very much surprise of the random benefit selection if any. Give us a day warning, like the day before. this will increase the happiness of the players and would give ki alot of appreciation from the people who really take the game seriously.

if we had a day warning we could wait another day to harvest,another day to go crown shopping, and also. Its member benefit, shouldnt everyone get a fair chance to take part of it if they pay for member? im not saying they dont but if they harvest the day before 2x gardening then those members do not get the chance at it and its almost not fair.