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Housing Space Proposal

Jul 17, 2018
One of the most enjoyable aspects of Wizard101 aside from Team-based gameplay, PvP, Leveling, and the combat system itself is arguably the simplistic yet diverse housing system. Housing opens opportunities for players to invest their time and resources to invigorate their creativity with aesthetics, from the pointless, to the practical, to the idyllic.

There are very little flaws that are presently within the housing system. However, the phenomenon of a lack of relative housing space is one such notable instance.

For example - 250 decorative elements for a castle (500 slots in total counting both interior & exterior) without the use of a Bric-A-Brac Elixir - the sum of decorative elements which appropriate for modestly-sized dwellings such as the Wooded Cottage, Celestial Observatory, or Metropolitan Manor.

However, the existence of castles with expansive surface areas such as the Sun Palace, Outlaw's Refuge, Massive Fantasy Castle, Darkmoor Manor, Red Barn Farm, School-Themed castles, etc. come into question, especially when faced with a mediocre capacity of 350 furniture slots.

As of 29 July 2018, the maximum number of decorative elements that can be present at any given time is 350 (making 700 the total amount).

This total is acceptable, albeit frustrating in instances where the exterior requires more decorative elements to look furnished than the interior - or vice-versa.

Therefore, I propose that castles be scaled in size with the number of Bric-A-Brac elixirs that are practically usable in a given space.

For example - a house such as the Wooded Cottage would be capable of reaching the already-existing limit of 350, inside and out. Castles such as the Sun Palace, Outlaw's Refuge, etc. however, should be appropriately scaled to a maximum of 450 or perhaps even 400 slots with the use of Bric-A-Brac elixirs (including entities such as Pets and Monstrology House Guests).

In order to alleviate the increased size, Bric-A-Brac elixirs should also be scaled appropriately in Crowns:
  1. 995 Crowns - Increased from original 250 to 300
  2. 1499 Crowns - Increased from 300 to 350 (maximum for smaller castles).
  3. 2000 Crowns - Increased from 350 to 400 (restricted to castles with larger surface areas).
  4. 2499 Crowns - Increased from 400 to 450

Furthermore, it is notable that a good majority of the aforementioned larger castles were purchased outside Wizard101 through bundles. A reviso such as this would potentially encourage the marketing of high-end Wizard101 bundles alongside the existence of playable Gauntlets.

This revisal is aimed at pleasing the housing community of Wizard101 allthewhile expanding an existing in-game venue of marketing aside from temporary stat-boosting or activity-based elixir.