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Healing traps

Apr 08, 2011
I think it would be coo, if we had healing traps. It would be like a normal trap, but you could place it on one of your teammates instead of the enemy, and instead of adding +20% damage it could add +20% of the heal. I think this could add a new twist to PvP, and also help with obtaining the Elixir Vitae badge.

Jun 28, 2014
That is a brilliant idea! This would give an entirely new way to heal in fights or just to negate damage, and this would add an element of strategy in PvP for life wizards or teams.

Right now I find that I have to keep up Empowerment when I am in Darkmoor because of the massive amounts of damage being dealt to the team overall and the ineffectiveness of single heals - yes I use single heals, but what I am talking about is getting behind on pips (you heal one person with Satyr, next round Team eats a Call of Khrulhu). The problem with having to use Empowerment is that it makes our aura Cycle of Life useless, and the problem with dungeons like Darkmoor dealing massive team damage is that it makes our single heals ineffective.

They really should take note of this and implement something along the lines you suggested to balance the game.