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having trouble with a dungeon or boss?

Mar 04, 2010
Greetings. I just wanted to ask you: have you ever had an experience where there is this very long dungeon and you cant find anyone to do it with you?
It makes my eyeballs pop out. here is a good example of an impossible dungeon. lets take... the tower in marley bone with the celestia key at the top. the bosses in there cheat, and it is so hard that you have to have four wizards to go in. but think about this. I am not saying you can use it for malistaire, because that would waist the experience. But there was this thing, or person, that you could pay a certain amount of crowns for, it would do the dungeon or boss automaticly. You would not be able to use it on malistaire, or any other gigantic dungeon. Just an idea.