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May 20, 2009
hello profesoer grey rose (exuse my spelling ) im wondering can you tell what ALL (inculding yourself :)) were doing before they were teachers in raven wood and was balestorm ever human? like from marlybone? and what was cyrus drake doing before he was a teacher and what was silvia drake like?
plz reply

Isaac Nightgem
magus ice

Well I can only really speak for myself.

I'm from Candy World, a land of cookie roads, chocolate rivers and candy cane trees.

I am one of three sisters (the youngest of the three, and only a half sister to them, which is why I have faerie wings and they do not). The other two sisters are evil -- they live in gingerbread houses, and have cooked up a legion of gingerbread minions to continue the long, proud tradition of children-cooking evilness.

It is probably my half-faery blood that made me "the good one." I originally learned ice magic as a way of putting out the fires underneath the cook pot, so that I could help the children get away.

Ambrose saw my talent and invited me to teach Ice Magic to other Wizards.