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Good strategy

May 22, 2009
You know how storm has a really high fizzle rate? This is a strategy I use, ut most of you probably already know this, but this is for those who don't. First, you have to start as either a storm or balance wizard. Then you spend your training points on the other school, dpending on if you are storm or balance. Then, you use the precision spell from the balance school before you use any storm spell. Ive done this all the time and have fizzled only once. For example, I want to use lightning bats, so I use precision, then use lightning bats on the next turn.

I just felt like saying this to help anyone who doesnt know about this strategy.

Jun 28, 2008
the true strategy is to assume a few things,
one, right before you cast the big spell the mob will cast weakness or a sheild
two, every spell will fizzle
three, you will not get the spell you want in your hand when you need it
four, monsters dont fizzle
now we all know none of these statements are true, however if you expect them then you are happy for the times things work out
if you had no fizzles then it would get boring fast
anyone can kill a mob fast with everything right
the fun is in reacting to the unknown, surviveing the rare fifth fizzle in a row

Feb 14, 2009
um A. Obviouus
B. Life also gives to spells that increase accuracy
1 pip- 10 accuracy
idk pip number- gives 20 accuracy

May 28, 2009
i think there is a tied strategy, one, be storm and fight with life wizard, that way the life can heal you and use that add accuracy spell, two, be ice and train death for the protection ice gives and the attack and half to you spells of death

hope this helped ...

joseph nightflame, NEVER FEAR A SHIELD IS NEAR!

Sep 10, 2010
My favorite strategy hinges on KNOWING!

I often play a 'short deck' with a "reshuffle" card in my treasure sideboard (just in case). Thus I limit the kinds of cards that MIGHT COME INTO PLAY. I don't bother with small creature attacks at all (Imp, Leprachaun, and only use a few Ents) ... I seldom bother with any defensive shields as well (ATTACK! GET IT OVER WITH). All my equipment enhances "strength" (+30% now) all on attack, no defense ... and %-increase on 'pips' (I have a +53%, on pips).

I found that getting 'pips' faster, is almost like getting extra attacks ... so why not? I even have 5 training points I haven't bothered to even use, since other schools of magic can't make GOOD use of the 'bonus' (yellow) pips.

I don't care about defense because I can heal myself, fine.

Further ... The ONLY treasure cards I stockpile in my deck are ALL "Tough", (the 35% bonus), excepting that single 'reshuffle' card. Thus: I ALWAYS KNOW which card will come-up when I discard ;) (it will be "tough" and add 35% to the creature of my attack)

It may not be the most effective use of the sideboard, but I prefer to have solid game-plan in my attacks.

I'm a Life Wizard and generally (98% of the time) play 'alone'. So having a good idea of what's LIKELY to happen, sure helps me anticipate!

Dunno if y'all can 'use' this idea to your benefit, but hey, it works great for me :)

Lastly, I seriously doubt this strategy would work well for PvP ... but in the game itself, I've been very comfortable, even in serious fights like 'The Vault/Nidvalier'.

Oct 27, 2008
im death and i hav a really good 1

first use a feint the first turn
then attact with wrath (this shuld do at least 800+ damage
if u use all the death boosts with the grandmasters gear, it will do ovr 5000