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Give me your thoughts on these ideas

May 26, 2012
1. Weekly battles/matches/duels (whichever sounds better)- A major problem with wizard101 is the lack of content after you reach max level (the worlds that take months to make can be done in a few days to a week) so I think that instead of getting players to stay for worlds that will be much like the last one it would be nice to have weekly duels. They would be a lot like tournaments but minus the cost and with a lot of different modes. Something like the turn based matches would work a lot better as a weekly thing as people wouldn't tire from the same thing over and over
A few ideas for the weekly matches could be: Only allowing 1 pips spells, only one piece of gear can be used, or critical is always 100%.

2. New arenas- This would liven up PvP a lot more and I don't think it would be that hard to do.

3. Better gear drops- After you get a piece of gear you can't get it again. this would slowly lower the number of items you could get until you get the item you want. This would make a lot of people happy and bring players back.

4. Allowing players to change hotkeys- This is self explanatory. It would make controls better. This isn't really needed as I imagine it would take a bit of work to get to function correctly.

5. Open PvP rooms- These would work a lot like visiting a castle through castle tours except it's just an arena.

These are just a few ideas I thought of, if this gets any attention I would be happy to share others that I have.

Aug 23, 2016
Those are some good ideas.

#1 Casual PvP it might be a way for those of us who don't PvP to wade into that pool.

#3 revised gear drops... I'd like it if I can't sell off-school gear or spells at the Bazaar than to at least be able to trade it to a Wizard who can use it.

Steven Ghoststalker

Jun 14, 2010
It would be nice if they gave us a test arena, with a practice dummy or something that scales to the player's level that way people could test their pvp strategies, or new spells in general.