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Free Areas

Nov 07, 2009
Now, as the title suggests, I am going to be talking about the areas of Wizard101. I did make a post about this topic earlier, but I made up my mind. So the game has been out for 11 years now and the F2P aspect of the game has not changed at all even if the new maxed lvl is 130 now instead of lvl 50 in the past. Now, I believe to really get more people in the game we will need more than 5-6 hours of gameplay for free players with just their max lvl only going up to lvl 8 with the free quests given to them. Compare that to the lvl 130 cap that is a 122 difference in lvl and about 20 worlds difference as well.

I would like to see more new players in this game and I love the game a lot. I have 5 maxed wizards and a lvl 75 over the years and I believe free players should get a "head start". What I mean by a "head start" is 1 month free membership so any new player that creates a account and plays the game should be given this option to test the game they see fit until it runs out. Once the membership expires the new players will most likely be more hooked on the game, therefore buying crowns or renewing that membership to play more. This is a way better option in refunding everyone who bought any of those areas in Wizard City and so on if those areas so happens to be free which I believe won't happen. Newer players, I believe should be given 1 month free membership when they first create their account, that way more players are drawn in and stick around.

I personally, decided to quit the game when I first starting and seeing I had to pay for it after playing for only like 3 hours of it and not getting enough of the game to make my decision. I did not come back to Wizard101 until Azteca was first being released in the second arc. I finally gave the game a shot and decided to spend money on the crown sale to try the game out again. Once I bought enough worlds and was hooked in the game, I was willing to keep buying more areas and spending money on a game I now love. I hope everyone does not make a decision and quit like I did because there was not too much material to stick to the game. What do you guys think about the free month membership to free players who just started?

Thanks for your comments,

Chris Thundercloud 130