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For those who have best friends on Wiz101?

Jun 14, 2009
So, i spend a lot of tome on Wizard101 and i like to keep up with my friends. You know, chat, see how they are doing, etc.

So, i propose this idea;
A little bar that will tell us players when their friend was last on. it would be displayed under the 'friends since (date)' portion.

In addition, for players with houses they like to add multiple bedrooms too maybe make it so we can allow other players to enter our house - even when we are offline. Set up a list and, so long as the person is on that list, they can come and go as they please. They wouldn't be able to edit the home/dorm/etc any, but, it would give the game a more school away from home vibe i think.

Oct 12, 2017
You can add houses to castle dorms as well as your friends and if you’re friends with the person you can visit their house that way anytime.
Dorms in real life are completely separate from other people because of common rules so thats why its not possible.

I do agree with the last paragraph thou because we should also have an app to connect with their friends, just like how league of legends has an app of LoL friends so players can connect with one another, but people nowadays usually use discord or facebook so it probably wont be affective

Aug 03, 2016
I dunno -- it's a kid's game too and I can see this being used in inappropriate ways.

People can always keep up with friends on apps if they all want to.

I would love if my other wizards could be able to visit my other wizards' houses though.

I don't mind if friends would be there when I am not online. But to put a house on the castle tour also meant leaving "anyone can teleport to you at any time" or whatever that is called, open all the time. And some people over-use that option. They don't even say hi first.