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Aug 16, 2009
I know I haven't been playing too long, but in the week and a half that I have played, I'm already level 27, so I've been hitting the game pretty hardcore.

The only thing that I would change that I know of at the moment would be fizzle. We all use spells outside of our chosen schools and those spells would logically have a greater chance of fizzling since they're alien to our studies. However, I think that fizzle shouldn't be so random, but instead based on familiarity. For instance, as a level 27 balance wizard, my scorpion spell should no longer fizzle, seeing as how I've been using it for quite a while... but, my latest spell, the elemental strike attack should fizzle at least 50 - 75% of the time, decreasing as I use it more often. Those spells outside my school should fizzle more often than not.

Does that idea make any sense? Basing fizzle on school and familiarity?

Apr 01, 2009
It makes perfect sense.

Being an Ice student, my spells don't fizzle that often. So I'll pick an Ice attack card over a Fire Cat or a Thunder Snake that I have in my deck (unless I have a precision blade to help).

But I would think, over time, usage, and experience that fizzles would become less frequent. Cause , as in life, the more you know then the more adept you are at things.

So again, your logic does make sense.

Feb 16, 2009
Jun 21, 2009
honestly i think that's kind of a bad idea because that would ruin their whole system of the spell percent chance. storm is already hard enough to cast because of it's low percentage. not to mention it would be hard to level... especially for the new wizards... they would fizzle a lot if it was based on how familiar you are with the spell. also being a level 27 you're about at marleybone right? so if you fizzled more then duels with the computer people would be extremely hard... i mean just think about it.... you just get a new spell and you try to cast it because it's your strongest spell that you have right now. but since you just got it you fizzle a lot... wouldn't that make you die a lot more? i mean considering you're balance it doesn't affect you as much as it does everyone else. i have a three elementals character and a life and death character. i use them both and if i cast fire more than i cast ice.... what would happen in a fire zone? i would be stuck getting ported to the commons all the time... and considering that life and death are each others weakness... i'm facing malistaire and i'm life... i have no healing spells but a wraith that would be just enough to kill him.... it's my last chance considering i'm a life and malistaire is able to hit 1000 because of the boost.... i'd die if the wraith fizzles and would have to go through the great spyre again.

Dec 19, 2008
Dude so right i am a LVL 48 1/2 ice and iam so freken sick of the fizzle that i wanted to catch the computer on fire. they should have made the game that our own school spells are 100% accuracy. I can not tell how many times i was about to kill a boss and it fizzles then he uses the same attack on me and it doesnt fizzle. and another thing. you may not no this unless you are at least LVL 42 but at lvl 48 for thunder you get to attacks Triton and Storm lord. when all the other schools only get 1 new attack. thats is pretty unfair. but i already put a blog up about that so not gonna go back to that. so like e-mail them or put a blog up about fizzleing and storm getting 2 spells when all the rest only get 2 so


Jun 23, 2009
see, this plan WOULD work, if only it weren't for wild bolt.

wild bolt is the most powerfull card in the game, it does 1000 damage just like that!

combined with traps and blades, your screwed.

wild bolt has a weakness, only 10% chance of success, if wild bolt's accuracy would be raised, there would be chaos in pvp.'

i love the idea, if it weren't for wild bolt...