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Feedback Friday 9-9-16

Sep 17, 2012
Pets. There are mechanical clockwork pets already in the game. Why not allow some unique craftable pets? Give them each some unique talent only available by crafting them with a really hard recipe of near impossible reagents.

Mar 25, 2011
Craftable Ravenwood Teachers! Similar to the Azteca and Khrysalis ones that you can find in the Road Warrior and Immortal's Packs.

It'd be cool to have Cyrus just bunking it out with me in my dorm.

Or maybe I'd put him in the bathroom of my castle so he can give a good scolding to the friend that keeps putting the toilet paper the wrong way on the roll.

Although having Falmea instead of my fireplace would be cool. On the other hand with Moolinda I may never have to cook again. Halston would definitely put a boost on my electricty bill so scratch him off the roomate list.

Jun 19, 2010
Here's some things that would be awesome to craft in Wizard 101:
  • Items, gear, weapons, mounts, pets, and henchman with your own build - where you can select anything and everything (i.e. may cast spells, max resistance, damage accuracy, jewel slot, etc...)
  • Houses with beyond 350 items
  • Dungeons others can play (i.e. Wizard 101 Holo Deck Building where wizards can play or create battles and dungeons for all wizards to experience)
  • Teleporter with multiple/all destinations
  • Tapestries to each of your houses
  • Mana Restoration Chamber
  • Garden Energy Restoration Device
  • Orb Generator
  • Floating garden plots
  • Badges
  • Fish
  • Treasure Cards with multiple spells
  • Transformations (you can select from any NPC, Boss, Professor, other Wizards on your Account)

Nov 06, 2014
Packs! Sometimes a player can't afford to buy packs with crowns, so there time and effort for retrieving the materials for crafting a pack should prove worthy.

May 02, 2009
Craftable minions that help you in the fight turn 1 onwards in PvE. Let me explain: you craft the minion, then immediately as the battle starts, the minion gets automatically summoned to your side of the field and becomes active on turn 1. Now obviously you would have the option to turn this feature on or off as you see fit, and obviously they wouldn't join if the duel circle is already full on your side. I think a feature like this would be a good alternative to the regular summonable minions in PvE.

I say PvE as in PvP they would be disabled for balancing reasons. In PvE if the craftable minions were good enough then they'd be a boon to allot of players in the game, the more hardcore solo/duo players especially. So that's my idea.

Mar 12, 2013
It's been oh, 5 years since we had a crafted castle with a dueling arena in it. Maybe it's time to revisit that.

The Mechanical Owl pet reminds me that occasionally I'll post my suggestion for a crafted pet. YOU choose which item card it gets, just use one or more of that card's TC in your crafting recipe. You would craft it at a special crafting station located in the Hatchery, or maybe in the Hive.

The pet type would either be uniform (say, a brass golem type or a new type of clockwork gizmo) with a vast variety of useful item cards so each player who has made one, has a unique pet; or, the pet body type and colour would be determined by some change in a basic recipe. E.g. the basic recipe would call for 10 perfect gem stones; if you used Perfect Rubies for the recipe, you would get a clockwork Dragon; Perfect Jade, you would get a clockwork Unicorn; Perfect Opal, a clockwork Peacock...etc.

To keep ridiculous item card pets from polluting low level pvp, the item cards would all be No PVP. But hey, this would allow you to live the dream, a pet with 1 simplify at adult, 1 elucidate at ancient, and 1 lifebane at mega.

Talents and starting stats would be determined at random. In the case of "universal pet type with variable card", the crafter's school would determine the school of any school-specific talents. In the case of "Gem-related pet type with variable card", the gem you used would determine the school of specific talents. You get at least School-Shot and School-Dealer. Derby gets at least Big Hurry and Enfeeblement; all other battle talents and derby talents are chosen at random from the list of all available universal talents for a total pedigree of 56. Yes, you could randomly wind up with a pet that has all 5 storm damages on it, or Hurry, Big Hurry, Super Hurry, and Ultra Hurry.

Another option is to have an existing pet "Evolve" into a new clockwork type through crafting.

May 23, 2013
Mar 21, 2009
I think it would be really neat if we could craft skeleton keys for skeleton key rooms. Each tier of key would require the last one, so gold would require stone and stone would require wood etc.

Also, if we could craft items that give us cheats in battle, similar to boss cheats, but ones that work in our favor. For example an amulet that gives the wizard the ability to stun someone every time they try to blade, or some other somewhat-balanced cheat effects. It would, of course, be no pvp, but still would be useful in pve, i reckon.

Sep 26, 2010
better gear than what is dropped,with different resist,critical block, accuracy, pips and damage

would also maybe craft seeds. hairstyles. craft pets that would also make hybrids. craft more/ different houses and mounts.

craft bigger banks, gardening spells, plant life, decorations, new wallpaper and flooring.

Sep 26, 2010
craft holiday things like Halloween, Christmas, Easter things as well

Jun 21, 2010
Would love to see spells Burning Rampage, Catch Of The Day and Sacred Charge be craftable.

Oran Moonhaven

Mar 04, 2012
Hi what about a medicine bowl like the one on the reagent icon

May 12, 2011
I would love some other vaults! We could definitely use a vault for tc, for those that are not trade able, or even if you wanted to keep them aside so as not to clutter up your deck. Like one tc vault for darkmoor. It would be awesome if we could label them as well. I could use a vault for tc, jewels, reagents and snacks. After a couple years of playing those items really build up. I do lots of crafting so I don't always want to sell my extras. I would also appreciate being able to craft a display case for certain items like amulets, athames and rings. Some of the artwork is really interesting and would be nice to showcase it. Another cool idea is the ability to craft a bookcase that holds decks. This is very helpful since we cannot store our decks in the gear vaults. I'd love to see more houses available for crafting maybe adding one for each world that doesn't have one yet. Maybe when the new world comes out it would be kinda neat if we could upgrade our pets again, this time with one allowable crafted talent slot. Available at ancient, it could either hold an additional jewel or an additional talent

Apr 05, 2011
The biggest missing item for pet jewels is healing abilities. Pet jewels that give pet healing abilities like fairy friend, unicorn, spritely and similar type spells. This would be a separate type of pet jewel and possibly require certain life fish to craft them like some items already do have.

Also with the new spells Athena Battle Sight, Hephaestus, and Queen Calypso you can get a recipe to craft the spell but there is no recipe for the treasure cards needed. These treasure card spells would be nice. I crafted the Loremaster spell and the required Loremaster treasure cards. It took a while but it was worth it.

Finally, add crafting for some of the treasure card only spells like the balance pierce spell dragon blade or possibly other school shadow enhanced spells.

Aug 16, 2008
A Marleybone Car Mount!! I love the Marleybone Car housing decoration and think a mount of it would be awesome. I can see it now,puttering along,backfiring every so often,lol. If it was a 2 seater that would be even better. Cruise along, with the top down,hair blowing in the breeze, side by side with your best bud :)

Aug 16, 2008
Just to expand on the Marleybone car mount idea...........I would personally dressing my wizard to fit the car. With that in mind,you could introduce parasols as wands and the cute little hats that they wear in marleybone. I'd make a fine figure standing next to that mount with my parasol and bonnet!

Dec 16, 2009
Would love to be able to craft seeds. Different Mutated TC could also be available to craft such as water efreet, steel giant etc.

Mar 31, 2013
SO many great ideas. I would love to see some good craftable Level 80 gear. Thanks!

May 02, 2015
Seed vault and gear vault were excellent, necessary additions. Please take it another step further:

Jewel Vault - keep 100 jewels, us hoarders needs a place to put those derby jewels

Pet Vault - keep 100 pets, effectively tripling the total number of pets players can keep

Or if not a "Vault" for pets, call it like a playground or something, a teleporter that only pets can access that takes them to an open field or something. Something that, lore wise, doesn't sound like we're cramming 100 animals into a box.

Jun 05, 2009
I would like to be able to craft socket wrenches.

May 02, 2009
I just thought of another thing that at least I would like to craft: Permanent Transformation Elixirs. While the current ones are certainly great in their own ways, they only last for an hour. I think that it would be nice to be able to craft Transformation Elixirs that lasted until you decided to cancel them yourself, allowing for more creative freedom in exploring The Spiral so-to-speak there.

May 12, 2012
Feb 15, 2011
The skeleton keys are a nuisance to farm, especially when you really need something and none of the bosses want to drop them.... So please consider adding a recipe for the Wooden, Stone and Gold Skeleton keys. Thanks

Jun 14, 2016
Apr 14, 2010
How about School Items, the packs are amazing. But I would love to be able to craft the wall paler and tiles. How about something that lets the day or night change in your house. Or something that can replace the dueling ring in your house if you don't PVP. Or what about more creatures for your house like the penguins or the dinos