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Feedback Friday 9-24-10

May 28, 2009
You know, it's not so bad that lower wizards are porting to higher worlds. Here's what I think; the lower level wizards are not allowed to come to the higher worlds until either they unlock it, or by request of the higher wizard. Also, I don't think that it's right that wizards are marking their locations and coming back to those worlds. So, a simple solution to that is that those wizards should not be able to mark and warp in those worlds that they havn't unlocked yet. But don't put locks on the worlds. It isn't going to be good if you do. Think of it like this; say one of my friends is having trouble with a boss in mooshoo and he needs help. I'm the only friend online, so he calls me over and I just port to him. I help him win the fight and the boss is finished. Problem solved. But if you put a lock on the locked worlds, he'll call me but I won't be able to get to him. So he loses the fight. Do you see what I'm getting at? If you lock the worlds, wizards will be losing fights left and right because they can't call any friends.

May 17, 2009
This is a good question, as I have found myself in need of help in areas that none of my friends, that are online at the time, could access if a "ban" was in place. My suggestion would be, if a ban is decided, that those who do not have access are only allowed to help with the current battle/dungeon that thier friend is on. For instance if I am fighting a boss in dragonspyre and need help a wizard without access could port to me but once the battle is over they would port back to where they came to me from, or the nearest common area they have access to. That way you don't have them running ammuck in areas they don't have access to yet. Just a thought, I apologize if it has been mentioned before, I read threw some of the posts but not all of them. Thanks for your time

Aug 15, 2010
As a family, we're for allowing lower level characters to get into higher level areas. Here's a list of the items we discussed:

**Playing with friends** If you have a friend in an area, it wouldn't be much fun if you couldn't go help them or even just wander around with them.
Getting glimpses of higher level areas make you want to get there more.
Shopping. Someone has a cool outfit or awesome home item and you'd like to get it.

People popping into your battle. Yes, this may be annoying, but that is a personal issue, not a game issue. People should ask before porting to you. If they do it often enough to really bother you, you can remove them from your friends list.

Sep 04, 2008
I don't think wizards that haven't actually gotten in that place yet should be able to teleport! NO WAY! It's so annoying when my level ten friends just pop up in dragonspyre, yell, then flee with another dude i have to handle. I mean, isn't it more fun to see a world for the first time then to see it from your friends like 15 times before!

May 25, 2009
Me i would love to teleport to friends in other places because the other day my friend was figghting jade oni so i waited forever to fight him so i ported and i got a hydra amulet. Plus the yesterday I fought death oni and i got a lvl 35 ddeath shoes. So when i am lvl 35 i will wear them.Really useful just to tell you before your friends port what lvl they are.

Jan 20, 2010
no i think you should earn your way thru just like 99% of games you play in this industry. if you let them just go where they want when they want then then whats the point of the game.

Jan 28, 2010
Hi wizard101,

No i do not think that you should do that. I think that it would be very unwise. You know not the smartest thing you guys have done. What i think would be a great idea is, If you guys made to where it like a friend request. When someone is trying to port to you make where a message pops up. It should say thier name and thier level. It also should have where you can press yes or no. There have been many times I wish I had this. Also a number of people i have talked to liked the idea too.

Although I am sure you guys might not read this message. I have seen that there has been many people to respond. I myself have not been able to read them all. I still think that this idea would be a great one. You guys should really look into it. good luck with your progress.

Heather Icewispher Level 50

Nov 07, 2008
I think lower level wizards should be able to teleport to different worlds because,for people like my neighbor, itwould help him gain expirence a lot faster.

Feb 01, 2009
As any algebraic equation's standard rule states "What ever you do to one side of the equation you have to do to the other side" or, to put it plainly "There are two sides to every coin." So yeah I can see where "just popping in" to a world without discovering it kind of defeats the purpose of the story line that Wizard 101 seems to always start any way. For example, the strange message sent that was picked up by the device on Triton Ave. Makes it kind of intriguing unfolding the mystery one page at a time, like reading a book. On the other hand, sometimes you just want friends or family to just be able to pop in every once in awhile. Personally I tend to lean more towards the unfolding the mystery route I just want Kings Isle to keep one thing in mind when ever they make a decision not only only on this thread, but also all future threads. Just make it fun for as many as you can! :D

May 12, 2009
It's too late to stop them in the worlds tha currently exist but not for the one to come. I think they should earn they're way in and not be allowed to port not even to see Celestia until they can get there on thier own. There's nothing more annoying than to have someone of any level port to you without asking then leave when after more beasts join. I've deleted not only low levels for doing that, I've also deleted a few grands after asking them twice not to. It's rude and I know it's off the subject a bit but I wantedto state that here so that players can read what is said and finally GET IT. I'd like a place where only higher levels can hang because we earned it. No, I don't think they should be allowed to port to places they haven't earned access to. nor be allowed to take quests in those areas.

Sep 07, 2009
Maybe there should be a limit such as only one world ahead. It's fun sometimes to jump to a harder world with a weaker character for an added challenge and to be honest, it sometimes gets boring to stay in the same world for so long. Long before I'm done with a world, I'm mentally "done" with that world and ready to move on.

I know that my kids can't play very often. If they couldn't jump to other worlds, then they would still be stuck each world for months and months. I think they would lose interest and just quit.

I know that it takes enormous effort to create new worlds, but maybe another world could be created that does require earning it.

Feb 20, 2009
i thought lvl 20 or lower cant teleport to dragonspyre and lvl 15 or lower cant teleport to mushu and lvl 10 and lower cant teleport to marlybone and lvl 5 and lower cant go to kroptopia

May 11, 2010
I have some ideas, cause it can be annoying, but i like to play with my lower level friends and they like coming to play with me in DS. I like to make them think they help so i dont try as hard and they do work. With me taking all the threat, they enjoy themselves. I think there should be teleport requests. To and From, such as, on your screen in Dragonspyre. Blaze SpiritWalker (Leaf for Life like in a friends request) level 38 would like to teleport to you. Yes/No on bottom of box. Or, on Blaze screen, Benjamin WindWalker (little scale) Level 50 would like you to teleport to him/her. Yes or No.

Feb 15, 2009
Well, I want to say yes, because it can help, but honestly, I think you shouldn't be able to. After all, they haven't earned that world yet!

Feb 21, 2010
chrissielee wrote:
I think should stay as they are. MAny have made good points about families being unbale to join each other if a lock was to be place. However I like the idea having box came up telling us so an so wants to port with their name and level with the choise of yes can port or no.

I agree I am a level 44 and a friend joined and I have been helping them level up and they in turn have lessened the load on me by assisiting me in some battles that have been a little hard..so it works both ways now he is a level 20 and now we are about to help out another friend who just joined..
I personally think it should be an option to each individual player if porting should be allowed or not..

Sep 03, 2008
I am lvl 50 and my daughter is on 30. We play together so i can help her. I think there should not be a lock, but the rules for the lower lvls should be applied. Such as no battling unless a player is at least be 3 quarters of the lvl of the person they are teleporting to if in battle.. example if i am in one Dragonspyre then any level 40 can teleport but 20 will be denied. But a higher level can teleport anywhere.

Or have a teleport message for battle entry only. With players name and level and let use deny or accept before entering a fight. If the player has not reached the world they are teleporting to.

Jun 12, 2010
This is a complicated question that has many variables. I can not just simply say yes or no. On one hand having a person that is level five in an area that is designed for someone closer to level twenty-five is ridiculous it might not be that players fault. There have been multiple instances where I was invited to help a player in a dungeon only to discover it was a few levels beyond me, but the fact is I did go because I was INVITED. I think that the problem is not with the players but with the friends menu. It needs to be up dated to show a players level and perhaps there school. This way people know not only who there inviting, but also whether or not they are the appropriate level and knowing there school will help determine who is best to invite to compliment ones own school. For instance a person that is life might want to invite someone from a attack school like storm or fire and the reverse is also true.

Dec 19, 2008
Of course I think your lower-level friends should be able to teleport to you. They may need to save you or just give you company in that long and drawn-out tower. I enjoy having the ability to level up the youngeons using higher places. It makes friends and happy faces. If you don't want smaller wizards teleporting to you, turn your teleport off. Then they have to ask if they can come to you. I vote a BIG YES to letting small wizards go to higher places.

Nov 01, 2009
kanedeathhammer wrote:
Being a family based game suddenly families and friends would be torn apart. The daughter with her level 14 wizard wouldn't be able to pop in and see what dear old dad at level 36 was doing in Mooshu. Is that the message that KI wants to send to their players?

Ever think that maybe dear old dad could pop in and help his level 14 daughter with her quests until she is high enough level they can quest together in the higher worlds? You can still play together but why is it that the lower level must join the higher level player?

Personally I think that there should be a world lock on Celestia and above. It would be a little late, in my opinion, to put a level lock on KT through DS now would not be a good idea. As someone else posted you need to make that decision before the world is released.

Jan 01, 2010
I would have to say no, they shouldn't be able to port. Aside from ruining the fun and reward of earning access, if they stay in the world they are on and finish it, they will better learn the game.

Aug 24, 2010
Ok, I am new to the game and just hit grand about a week ago, so some may not feel I should post but here goes anyway. With regards to lower level wizards porting in to higher levels I feel that it should be at the disgresion of the higher level wizard they are porting too. Give me something that says yes or no that they can port. I have turned the porting ability off, and then been in a situation where we had someone leave while in a high level dungeon and not be able to turn it on and the group fails and we must start over. On the other side, I have been "farming" for a pet from a particular boss and someone ports in that is not supposed to be there and joins fight and wins the pet I have been farming for hours. My suggestion would be to fix the friends list that shows the wizards level, and make it to where I decide if I want them to port to me. Also, do not allow them to enter into battle without me being asked if I want them to join, and they should be warned when entering a high level area that they will not receive any xp or drops until they have reached the appropriate level unless they have been invited to join the fight. Then by all means they should be rewarded. But, if there is more than their friend in battle, EACH wizard should be asked if the lower level can join. If one wizard says no then they cant join. I was in a battle and there were three of us and one person let their friend port in without asking the rest of us if it was ok and that lower level won the gear drop that they wont be able to use for 30 more levels and could have been used by one of us fighting. Needless to say in all of these instances, I was very angry that this was able to happen. I want to be able to tell anyone yes or no before they port to me, some are rude and just figure oh she is on, she can help me level when I am already with a group or just in the mood to level solo. These are just my opinions and thank you for allowing me to voice them.

Rowan Firewhisper Balance Grandmaster

Dec 14, 2009
DaddyMichael wrote:

All games have rules, even kids games, and rules should be respected and should be the same for all. So, blowing off other people's concerns because it's a kids game or a family game doesn't cut it. Integrity is important to all ages.

So True. It is nice to see an opinion based on intelligence,rather than some of the inane comments posted here.

Nov 15, 2009
Ok let me clarify something in here :D

We dont have problems with Wizards asking from their friends if they can port to them in a higher World that they havent yet reach. We have problems with those who just port to their friends because their friends may have forgot to close their portal and then we have lower level Wizards into our battles bringing extra enemies into the battlefield and then have them flee or asking for health or shields, which this makes for us difficult to coordinate.

Some of us here, we may have a plan before we enter into a battle and a low level Wizard port and ruin it all (case of using the traps that other Wizards have planed). We all have been low level Wizards in the past and I dont think that most of us have been entering into a battle without asking. As myself, when I was a low level Wizard (still in Krokotopia) I had a friend that she needed my help and asked me to port to her in Mooshu (MS).

Yes there is a possibility to help other higher Wizards in higher World but only by asking permission.

In this case, lets keep the rest of the Worlds as they are but lets make Celestia a place that only Level 48+ Wizards are allowed to port OR/AND have a battle lock that only level 50+ Wizards may have it in order to lock their battles or Celestia to all the friends on the Friend List, something like the one that we have at our houses (allow only friends to enter).

I know that Wizard101 is a family game and I believe that by having the "Ask Permission to enter Celestia" and/or " Lock Battle" and/or "Allowed Friends to Enter" button we may have the solution of it.

And to Parents, Grandparents and Relatives, do help your children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces to Level up their Wizards, they need your help when they have stuck in a quest or in a World. The same goes for the children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces help your families. :D

This is my moral for Wizard101 (in my opinion), "A family game for all ages, be helpful who ever needs your help. And always be polite and grateful".

I am apologies if I have talked too much or if you find my sayings not right , but because English is my second language I have tried to put what I have in my mind into words .
So forgive me

Wish to all have a great game in Wizard101 and dont forget to help those who need help

Jul 03, 2009
No I think they should not be allowed in until they earned it. Beside the reasons mentioned already the lower level wizards come to high levels and grab all the regents they can to sell them for gold. It is already getting hard enough to find regents for the required quests and higher level recipes with the new recipes for the house and other great things and no new regent spots. Then regents are being taken just to be sold and you have to be lucky to find any at all, or buy them and that is if you are lucky enough to get to the bazaar when there is some there. You know the lower levels are not making recipes with those items and selling them because you have to be a certain level crafter to make them. I know that this another topic how bad regent hunting is getting but it does apply it is getting so bad that I don't know how many times i have had people flying underneath me and grabbing it out from under me before I could press my X button if they happen to be lucky enough to have a faster connection than I do. Anyway it is irritating enough when someone does that to you but when you are a Grandmaster and a level 7 comes and steals the regent from you in DS and they don't even belong there it is even worse.

First of all - I just want to remind everyone it's just a discussion topic ::grin::. We haven't made any decisions one way or another on it. Any changes we make won't be this update, or probably the next. Please don't get too bent out of shape one way or the other. I can definitely see this is a hot button item and people have good feedback on both sides. We are not going to make any snap judgments.

Below, I'll pick out a few ideas I thought were interesting and discuss.

I would like to see the mark spot feature, side quests, and drops all tied to the Spiral Key. If you don't hold a key you cannot mark spot, get side quests or get drops (amulets, pets, rings, athames,hats, boots or robes). Have XP and gold at the same level as the highest Spiral Key a wizard holds . This allows porting to see the world, gives some benefits. But, keeps the best benefits off limits until you actually get there and are powerful enough to do it alone.

--This is not a bad idea, however, it does seem a little restrictive. I don't mind the quests and mark spot tied to access, but honestly? I think that majority of the drops that give you the most benefit are level restricted and don't do you much good until you're of the proper level anyway. And if you do something risky (aka, teleport to a world that's WAY above your head), you should reap some uber cool rewards.

Teleporting one world ahead.

--Not a bad idea either but major programming juju to make happen.

Do you want "Name of character" level "whatever" to teleport to you?

--This was one of my favorite ideas of the bunch. Greyrose also passed an idea along to me - if you don't have access to the world, and you are defeated or log out, you are transported back to The Commons. This seems like it would eliminate the person who got lucky teleporting to someone and is running around jumping in battles causing trouble while still allowing people who are truly asking for help or wanting to play together. I can see this as 3 options for teleports (on, off, and request confirmation), as having to wait for a "YES" every time might get tiresome depending on how you play.

Maybe instead of a world lock how about give players the option to lock their battle? This way you could get the best of both worlds, players who don't want lower levels in their battle can stop them from joining but those lower levels could still explore the worlds.

--This is an interesting idea. I know back in the early days we discussed the possibility of locking/unlocking battles. There were some design and programming complications and we decided against it. It may be worth revisiting, at least perhaps in a revised form.

Please continue the discussion! I'm still making my way through the 49 pages but wanted to get the discussion started.

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