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Feedback Friday 6-17-11

Feb 25, 2010
May 31, 2010
Dear Professor Halestrom -

Please tell me, what to serve you for dessert? I have Shoefly pie, Housefly Rolls and Horsefly Salad! I just don't know, what to serve you for dessert? Please share! ;D

~Lauren Dark Flower
LvL 60 Legendary Storm
~Forever Storm ~

Dec 12, 2009
The question I would luv to ask professor balstrom, is what is ur favorite strom spell? Quertisy DakotaStormcatcher, lvl 60 strom wizard :) :-) :)

Jun 20, 2009
This one could go to any of the teachers, so I'll ask it of Ms Wu because I think she's cool:

Tell me about your private life. Do you have a family? Husband? Kids? Surely you have pets? A garden? That kind of thing ...

Dec 31, 2010
what spell would you add if there was a level 60 spell and how strong would it be... i really wanna know..

wolf griffenbreath
level 60 pyromancer

Mar 02, 2009
I would Ask Proffessor, Malistaire " why dont you come back?"
:D Peace

- Valerian Skullcrafter Lvl 60 death
- Jason Firebringer Lvl 58 Ice

May 17, 2009
I think i would have to ask what is the most powerful spell each and every professor is familiar with and how long it will be till we're able to learn that spell.

Dec 14, 2008
Feb 26, 2009
It is hard to chose only one professor to ask about spells if it were possible i would ask each professor and Headmaster Ambrose what spell each thinks would be best to use against Malistair in their opinion. I have tired each school having to delete one so i could try all seven schools of magic only one has not gone up against Malistair and only one has completed all of the other Realms so far So i'd truly like to know what the professors and Headmaster Ambrose think.

Thank you

Jul 16, 2009
Hi, Professor!
Oh, wow! Oh, wow!!! A whole question for the Professors?! :D
Just one?
Okay, I'm filling in for my family, here, so... this question is for Professor Wu-
"Professor Wu- How do you stay so young and be...e..mooo..tiful all the time? :D . "

My question was actually for Professor Drake, but... inquiring young minds want to know! :)

Community Leader
Just one?? Awe okay. You know Professor you always try to make this hard on me. ;) So of course I am going to have to ask about housing. :)

Arthur Wethersfield-
What are you hopes and plans for more interactive furniture in the future?

Mar 05, 2010
I'd like to ask all of the teachers (except Arthur Wethersfield and Malorn Ashthorn - no offense meant) out of both of the school pets they give out, which of their spells do you like more (e.g. for myth its orthrus or noble humongofrog) or think is more useful.

-Aedan Firestone lvl 46 Myth
-Liam Moonblossom lvl 17 Life
-Alex Deathgem lvl 11 Death
-Cole Frostgem lvl 6 Ice

Jan 28, 2010
Ok gonna try to ask again not sure why the first wasnt posted. anyway. Why dont i ever see the balance teacher in anything else beside just quests for the school?

Sep 18, 2009
Dear profeesors do any of you...

secretly love another school better then your own

wish you could ship professor ambrose to austriland and take over as headmaster

wish you could start over as a different school

have a favorite student

get tired of standing in your school

ambrose has anyone tried to ship you to austriland

actually try to thwart malistare

get tired of level 1's talking to you

want to share your middle name

have infinite life

have infinite mana

tired of me asking questions cause i am.

Sep 17, 2010
Ok I have found that allot of people are having problems staying on the game. We keep loosing server connection. I know that this is not on my end of the computer...I have tested this. It is on the KI end. I hope you guys can resolve this. I would really hate to have to quit this game, I would truly miss all my friends on here. Thanks for listening....

Jun 11, 2009
Stalactite wrote:
Hello, Professor. I have a few things to ask.

1. Where does the Storm Teacher live? Perhaps Celestia?
2. This is for the Fire Teacher, if you had to chose a second school, what would it be?
3. And the final is for my good friend in Krokotopia, Alhazred. What is your favorite Balance spell?

-Jack Jade

Storm teacher (I think) Is from marleybone

Jun 11, 2009
random1self wrote:
Hard to ask a teacher a question when he's not your teacher anymore ;)

Actually, I'd like to know when we will get an actually death teacher and not a student and an assistant?
Actually, drworgyn is qualified to teach death magic, I believe.

Apr 09, 2011
Apr 09, 2011
Headmaster Ambrose, What scool are you in and how did you find wizard city

May 26, 2009
To Alhazred,

Was the Judgement Creature your mentor to finding true harmony and Equality in all things Balance?

Nov 14, 2010
Proffesor Arthur or Alhazred, what are your thoughts on spiritual spells? Do you think that soon Your Most advanced Balance wizards ( And I mean only Balance wizards, not people who have trained balance) Will be able to Use The Krockonomicon to learn spiritual Balance spells?

Sep 30, 2010
Professor Falmea wrote:

Let's do some Q and A. If you could ask one of your Professors just ONE question about themselves, what would it be. Middle name? Favorite spell? We'll pick a few and ask around and see if we can get you some answers...

Have a wonderful weekend Wizards, hope it's just hot enough for ya where you're at!

Professor Falmea,

I love your hair! How come we always have to wear hats? Will there ever be an option for us to go hat-less? Or have an in game salon to redo our hair?

- Destiny Dragonbringer
level 60 balance

Apr 17, 2009
Just one question. Then I'll have to ask Proffesor Greyrose. Will we ever be able to visit your home world?(candyland i think it is.)

Apr 29, 2010
Merle Ambrose-

What school do you belong to? As in Life, Death, Balance, Myth, Storm, Ice, or Fire. I would really like to know.

Mycin Darkheart
Lv.48 Death :-)

Mar 06, 2009
My question would be for Halston Balestrom. How did you decide that the storm school was your favorite, and that you wanted to teach it?