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Feedback Friday 3-16-12

Apr 28, 2010
I'd very much like to see the Marleybonian's canvas and stand (in Pigswick Academy), the Fount of Magic, a type of glass case to display our wands (like in Tournament Hall) and the Piggle Fountain. I really like these, especially the glass wand display!

Aug 20, 2009
i cant really pick. i mean i like everything about wysteria so i say pretty much all decorations there.

Aug 25, 2009
I love the look of Wysteria and have been dreaming of having some of those furniture items since it came online.

Outside -- All those little bunches of flowers that grow all around.
The topiaries, especially the corkscrew ones.
The Fountain of Magic.
The Kraken Fountain.
Dolly Salvadore's magic easel.

Library - Those wingback chairs! I love them. I'm so tired of the two stuffed Marleybone chairs. We need more stuffed chairs.
That large table in front of the fireplace. We need more really big tables and that one would be pretty in any size. So would the incidental tables.
The fireplace. We need more fireplace choices.
The rugs. All Wysteria rugs are gorgeous.
I also rather like the potted ferns.

The building where the duels are held (forgot the name) -- The paintings.

The Headmistress' Office -- Her desk. I'd love some grand desk options.
Her armchair and/or the armless versions scattered around her office.
The sofa! Well, a smaller version of it. We need more than two sofa options!
Love those rugs!

The Dormitory -- Beds! Oh please!
The desks.
Kissai's ikebana table and the vase, but mostly the table.
The fireplace! I want to give a great big hug! I really like that fireplace.
The alternate school banners, only maybe a wee bit smaller.
Sofa! sofa! sofa!
The table behind the sofa, especially if it were nice and big.
Have I mentioned rugs?

Prof. Burble's house - That half-round table with the book and candle on it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. :D

May 15, 2011
I think that some of the decorations that are in each of the schools would be cool as house decorations example: the floating books, or the pillars with the animations in the colors of the school etc.

Dec 06, 2008
I think that it would be cool to have one of those pigs that spin upsidown in a circle in your house

Aug 28, 2009
Pigswick Academy has some lovely furniture (the chairs in the Headmistress' Office) and the gazebo areas in Pegasus place would also make a great addition to the furniture repetoire. Lastly, the lovely vines would be a boon to many a stone wall. Oh! and the small hedges that you could then shape in a shape of your choice! ooo!

One question: For chairs, benches, etc, wouldn't it be great if our wizards could actually SIT on them? (approach and hit X to rest!). Sorry, that is a bit off topic, but when you see the chair sitting so invitingly in front of Ms. Crisp, you can't help but want to USE it.

Thanks, professor!

Gabby Goldleaf

Jun 12, 2011
I would like to see carpets and furniture like you see in the dorm room area and head mistress office. I really like the library there. Tropical plants, kozy seating, and maybe some new wallpaper from there as well.

Many people have commented to me, that they wish pigswick would get a furniture store. So I am glad you guys are addressing that issue.

Maybe a seed of wysteria, so we could grow a wysteria plant. So we have something to remember having been there. It doesn't have to be a evil plant.

Feb 07, 2011
I'd love to see the table that was used in making the Japanese flower arrangement quest as a furniture object, even if it had to be crafted! It would be especially cool if you could create floral arrangements with it!

Widdlecat aka Cat

Oct 31, 2009
Feb 13, 2010
I think that some should be the piggle fountain in tanglewood way, the triton fountains found throughout the place, the Fount, and furniture from the dorms and the headmasters office.

Please consider these things!
:D :-) :)

May 19, 2010
My sister and I defeated wysteria a little while back, but here is what we think.

The fountain in the wysteria commons would be wonderful.

The book cases and books in the wysteria library would be awsome adds as housing items.

The columns in each of the wysteria schools of magic would be really neat to have as housing items.

Also the carpets in the the wysteria headmasters office would be wonderful items to have.

Could they be given as drops for defeating the tower of the Helephant maybe? That would be really neat! :)

Thank you!

A devoted Wizard!

May 13, 2010
That fountain that is there. it would be nice to have that in my house

Dec 16, 2010
Dec 09, 2008
I want all the Potted Plants, all the Furniture: Chairs, Sofas, Desks, Tables, etc. The Rugs and the Beds would be nice to have. I would really like to have that big Fireplace in the student dormitory.

I would also like to add a idea here: Do you think you could make it possible to be able to dye some of the house items? :D

Feb 07, 2010
Well heres an obvious one, the heart of the helephant. And maybie a floating torch, like the one right above proffesor Ankhu. The baricades that the gobblins on pegasus place have set up seem good, as well as the various gobblin flags. one thing that could come in a variety of versions could be smaller versions of those plants that have destroyed tanglewood way.

Jul 09, 2011
I suppose it would just be easier to just state which items I don't want as Wysterian decorations. Thinking...still thinking... can't think of anything I don't want. Wysteria is just gorgeous and I'd love for Wysteria styled school housing. The entire world is just elegant and wonderful.

Oct 25, 2009
The house!A Wysteria themed house! I would LOVE the furniture from Wysteria!! If we could finally interact with the furniture that would be AWESOME! What would be cool is in the Wysteria house we had some kind of Wysteria character that told us a story everyday and if we answer a question correctly about the story we get a prize! I think that would be cool! It also increases the amount of attention we give to quest, because it's almost pointless to have the characters tell their story if all people do is skip and do the quest to level up. It's like a lesson that some people need to learn that way questions that are frequently asked won't be asked as much.

~Vanessa Moonflower~Level 67~ Thurmaturge~

Jul 19, 2009
I would love to see the foutain from wysteria to be in the crown shop :D

Sep 19, 2009
With all the different castles, can we access a map for each one? Sometimes I get lost in my own home.

Feb 10, 2009
the one thing I remember being the most sad about not having was the flower arrangment my wizard made. After all that hard working making it I didn't even get to keep it.

Mar 31, 2011
Well, for starters I would enjoy seeing the interior styles from Wysteria.....Very,well...hard to describe, but I like it. Kind of a mix between Modern and Victorian I guess, but not sure what you themed it from. Some of the furniture too. :-o

Feb 19, 2011
Love the furniture in the head mistress' office and the dorm area, especially the blue chairs, plants and fireplaces. Think I'll go back and look with this in mind. Thanks for asking!

Jun 11, 2009
I would REALLY like to see those paintings, especially that lovely painting of Malistaire; he's always so regal-looking :

Some vine-themed wallpaper might be cool, as well.

May 22, 2011
I would like to see the furniture, mats and plants that are in the dorm room in Wysteria, especially the fireplace. The pictures would be nice as well. Also I would like to see the flower box that is just outside the library. Thank you, kdwarner.

Apr 20, 2011
I love the topiary figures that groundskeeper Verne asks you to do with his magic shears. The topiary sculpures would be a wonderful addition to the castle grounds of any wizard, perhaps KI could think of letting us purchase magic shears a bush and then give us the chance to create a random figure from anywhere in the spiral! :D