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Feedback Friday 2-11-11

Nov 26, 2010
Ok, since i am a diviner, and i have low health, we don't have these fancy shields or wards ( like 'weekness' or 'tower shield' ) so sorcerers, in pvp, can beat us very easily if we don't act fast. I beg that diviners could have a shield or aura that protects us against balance and other schools - it doesn't need to be much ( like -45% ) but it would help us greatly. If you can do that it would be great.

It would also be nice if wizards could have like a 'bounce off' that bounces off the next incoming attack to the caster . It sould probably cost like 3 pips and be self only. :)

- Jacob Dragonheart
Lvl 47 Diviner :D

Aug 09, 2009
I think that Myth should have a double trap spell. most of the attacks Myth does by the time they get to Grandmaster or Legendary do double attacks, so a double trap spell would make it easer to attack :P

Finnegan Drakecloud
Legendary Myth
Grandmaster Gardener

May 05, 2010
Hi, my name is Brandon Rainblade lvl 60 for fire and i think the new spells are as follows:

1. i think that there should be a spell for all schools that would increase (stormzilla for example) the spells damage and accuracy rate for a few rounds. it could cost 2 pips. (power pips are allowed).

2. i think that fire dragon would do damage to the enemies and then you would get health depending on how much the burn does.

3. you know how estrakir gloomthorn cheats? well there should be a spell where you can use any spell that you wish no matter how many pips you have but you must sacrifice at least 900 health.

Now if i made things unfair, i am sorry. i am not that legendary when it comes to spells other than fire. :D

Feb 10, 2010
I have an idea for a new spell, although this may not be what you asked for. I think there should be a new astral spell known as the black hole. It would get rid of all shields, buffs, traps, weaknesses, etc. from all players on the field. So basically it would get rid of every powerup from every player. You could get this as like a treasure card from a side quest or something.

Again not sure whether or not this falls in to the category you asked for Dalia, but i felt like mentioning it.

Aug 23, 2010
i think as far as balance goes they could use a better trap or even another blade like for the trap maybe a +40 trap thats only for balance and +35 blade thats only balance too and make them not fizzle as much.

i think that if you train in a school i think power pips should still be counted as 2 pips instead of 1

Oct 09, 2010
weechopolis wrote:
I think that storm needs a spell that is some what like feint. It can give the enemy and you a trap. I also think that storm needs a healing spell. Or a way to get us more health easily. Another idea i have is we could have an aura spell that decreases your fizzle rate, by ten percent or so

Ten percent is kinda high. We don't want storm to be overpowered, so I say 5% would be better. But that's a nice idea. ^_^

A spell similar to Ghoul, Vampire and Wraith (in other words, a drain spell) would be amazing for us, since Storm has very low health. However, since this thread is about buffs, I'll post my ideas for that.

Storm: I could rant all day about Storm. But since Storm probably is the strongest magic out of the seven, that's why it has so many disadvantages. It evens it out. However, Storm is my favorite magic so I'm a bit biased.
Storm already has accuracy buffs, but what I think is that Storm should get one of these two buffs:

1) A universal Ward spell that repels 45% (at minimum) to 85% (at maximum) percent of damage from any spell of any school. And as an added suggestion, there could also be an extra 5% of protection from myth spells.

2) An Aura spell (like Fire Elf), that not only attacks the enemy in intervals but also heals the caster at the same intervals. For example, if you cast this spell on an enemy, it will first deal 50 damage. You, the caster, will also regain 50 health. Whenever the enemy takes additional damage, say about 70, you will also regain 70 health.

If anything, Ice needs some power buffs, since Ice has the weakest spells and an accuracy of 80%. If I'm not mistaken, but doesn't Death have a Charm spell that increase their damage by 40%? So, should Ice get a spell that increases their own by, if not 50% then at least 40% as well. Because I think that the Ice charm spell only adds 30% extra damage.

And also, correct me again in I'm wrong, but does Ice have a convert to Fire prism spell? If not, that is a definite must-have, because I know Fire has one that does the opposite.

And... last, I'll rant on fire. For a school that is notorious for its damage-over-time spells, it doesn't have a lot of them. I think a few more DoT spells would work wonders and will probably make up for the low accuracy. As for a buff, Fire actually need a better Ward spell against Ice. I say there should be a pair of spells for this: a Ward spell and a prism spell. The prism spell will be placed on the enemy so that way when they cast an Ice spell, it will be activated. Then, the Fire wizard will have on them a Fire Shield that repels 60% of the damage, plus their natural resistance. Why only 60%? Because once again, I don't want to overpower the Fire school.

Those are the only three wizards I have and the only schools I'm really in depth with, so that's all the ideas I can provide.

Sep 11, 2010
I'd like to see storm get a 90% shield, or at least some kind of defense against all considering our health. Maybe a spell that increases our max health for that battle, but something to help us with our low health.

I agree with maxitola2009, storm has some of the most powerful spells in wizard101, such as the spells Leviathan or wild bolt, but we have low heath it would be nice if we had a spell that healed us. It would also be nice if we had a spell that makes our spells fizzle less.

Feb 27, 2009
I would like to see my school Ice get a shield that can do plus damage for more then one spell because my friends always say i am weak and i dont want to wait until lvl 38 to get Ice Blade so thats my spell idea.

Dec 14, 2008
Well i'd like to see A 50% or higher balance blade and we could use a school shield that has -90%.

Jul 23, 2009
Muisak wrote:
Though this isn't my idea, I liked it enough to pass it on again. A Death wiz came up with this charm for the Ghoul, Vampire, Waith, and Scarecrow spells. He called it "Dark Vortex" and it is a charm that works much like Guiding Light for Life. Whatever damage that is done to enemies reverts 75% to health instead of the normal 50%. I'd rather see the Sun school's enchantments work on the Death damage/health spells but this is a compromise of sorts that would make Death wiz smile a bit. :D

that would ruin the whole death school. It would make death the strongest school and the best.

Oct 17, 2009
1. A spell that added Mana to the maximum amount. Should be earned by doing a quest, and then needing also a Training Point.
2. A spell that brings someone back after they have fled. Why you ask? Because there are those people who leave and you dont know who they are and have no way of telling them they shouldnt do that. OR, you lose all your mana and your health if you flee within a few seconds.. and the demon you bring in is eliminated if someone flees within 2 rounds.
3. A spell that you can cast on your self without using the pick a spell, but uses the chat menu to give you health, one time use, during battle, and has to be earned again by performing quests in WC ( this would also help the little guys trying to grow by increasing the number of bigger wizards to help out in that area).
4. A spell that allows you to eliminate a demon from the battle. ONE demon per battle.

Aug 06, 2010
i think ice types should get a tower shield that blocks 90 percent like cheater bosses

from logan dragon blade level 60 necromancer

Apr 28, 2010
I had an idea for a reverse Fient, maybe called Spread Protection that does 70 less shield on any school damage, for a 30 less shield to the enemy on your slot, or if none, the next, the big shield would be for any team mate.

May 24, 2009
I would like to see a sun charm called Heat Power that bumps up Fire and Balance spells by 50%. It would be cool. Not in a cold way, my professor!
Zachary Thunderstone, Level 23 Pyromancer
" The torch is like the heart, it burns with great passion. "

May 09, 2009
I think that life should get a more powerful minion spell because the life minion can get killed in one hit. It should be a tree/centaur minion that can use more attacks than heals because life class has more heals than attacks

Dec 15, 2008
Hi, Falmea I Have an idea for a spell too, Maybe A spell That gives 100 Full Mana, It should be myth. Thanks

Brian Dragonwalker

Level 54 Grandmaster

Apr 18, 2010
As a player I would like to see the opportunity for all schools to earn 2 way convert cards to add to their decks. Since I am Death, the examples given would be Death> Myth, Death>Ice, Death> Fire, & Death> Storm costing 1 pip. This would also work in the opposite direction for a person casting a spell. An example would be a Death> Fire convert. If a Death player placed it on a target, a Fire school spell could convert it to Death or Death spell would convert it to fire. I feel these would encourage teamwork more & enhance the game allowing players to experience the schools spells they do not have.
As a player I have always wondered. There is a "Balance" wizard combining Fire, Ice, Storm qualities. Why is there not a counterpart to this wizard combining Life, Myth, Death?

Thanks for letting me express my opinion.
Love the game. Love the experience.

Jordan DeathGlade
Level 58 Death

Mar 21, 2009
I think that storm school needs an accuracy blade. It is difficult to cast storm spells. We need a GOOD boost!

ps...Please consider item trading and not just treasure cards

Dec 21, 2008
i would like a multi-convert spell for all schools (putting converts on all enemies), cause i know at one point all of us have been in a fight against multiple of are own schoolsand had to franticly search for our converts, or power blade/trap to deal more damage on that monster

Feb 25, 2009
rudedog01 wrote:
Good question.

I would love to see either of the following:

A: each school is missing a shield of somekind.
(i.e.) fire has no life, death has no ice, myth has no ice, and so on.
Give them the shield they are missing.....

A BALANCE shield of -80% damage
To date the ONLY ones avail for balance are
tower, unbalance, though balance school contains ALL
schools shields.
And at that they have to be trained for points and are not free
like the other schools..

Just my 2 cents

I agree balance really needs a balance shield because its really hard to get balance armor that has a decent percentage of resist and it's nearly impossible to do that at a low level so when you face a balance enemy at a low level it's really hard.

Also, balance should have a convert spell that randomly changes a balance attack into life, death, or myth. that way you actually have a chance battling another balance person.

Dec 20, 2008
Personally I think that you should make a Death plate.Which is is likewindstorm it does +25% to next death spell on all eniemies. so I srsly mean that you should make something of the same cup of tea for myth and life.I am sencerly sorry if this will come in later in the game because I am only in Marleybone.But if it doesnt i comply once more.Please make these.

Rogan Shadowblade Adept Necromancer level 27

Dec 22, 2008
I was thinking about a new charm(blade) for the fire school
Pips: 0
Accuracy: 100%
School: Fire
Type: Charm

This spell would not count as a fire blade, but as its own blade.

I have the design, but it won't let me paste it on here, so sry. :(

Stay flamin'
Brian Thunderhunter, Level 60 Fire

P.S. I am also looking forward to the summer Proffeser! XD

Feb 01, 2011
well i think for the death school (im a storm and level 16 Matthew Deathcaller) there should be a 25 percent more power for both in one ice and death so yeah i think there should be that..................................... (main point back there) because its kind of hard to do stuff at my point because its wierd that i only have 749 hp so ya i think there should be

Aug 13, 2010
Death, Life and Balance need a field/bubble spell that enhances damage by 25% just like the other schools.

Balance could use a 20-25% all-purpose shield, the opposite of their balance blade. Adding in a 15-20% shield all friends would be good too.

Balance could also use a prism-like charm that would convert a balance attack to a random elemental or spirit attack, call it something like spectral prism.

A sun school buff that would increase critical chance on an attack spell would be good. Also a sun school buff for non-attack spells would be good, such as one that would boost a heal, a life steal or a weakness by a percentage or point value.

Apr 26, 2009
I have one!Its called boster,heres how it goes:

all friends get plus 50 protection and all enemys get a minus 50 percent accurency.

change the name if you would like to .