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Feedback Friday 2-11-11

Jul 06, 2009
I have two ideas...

First: A combination Trap and Blade...in order to save a turn...it can be called "Double Down". It can be like the "Strong" hand which you apply to your Trap, and it will include the Blade when cast.

Second: A spell that mirrors whatever is thrown at you, back onto the caster...it can be called "Mirror Mirror", or "Irony"

Thanks for asking!

Sestiva Stormhaven
Legendary Pyromancer

Dec 20, 2009
Uh I dunno... I think death and life and all the others should have more shields!!!!

Aug 07, 2010
I think that a spell possibly called Reflect would be cool. It would cost around, say 5 pips. What would happen is if they cast a damage spell, say Triton, then you would take the damage, then they would receive the same amount of damage you got. It would also be cloaked some how cause people would cast weak spells on purpose. I also believe it would be nice if there was a star spell that you could cast at a friend.

Jul 03, 2009
Professor Falmea wrote:
Hi there again students! Another week has come and gone, and that means it's time for another Feedback Friday!

Have a spectacular weekend! It's supposed to warm up here a bit, which makes this Professor very happy - I'm ready for summer!

First, I think all the auras from the advanced levels should last for 5 rounds. There is almost no way to double attack in that short period, or spend more time using them then they are worth. 25% of your time 1 in 4 rounds is spent using an aura , you can't heal/shield/ or attack. After all, that is what they are intended for. They are just to short lived, they are almost not worth it.

I would like to see a line of clothing say level 60 stuff or Arena gear that is fitting for a legendary to use , with some all resit to all schools. We need to live long enough to survive most attacks. Its needs to have a reasonable amount of critical block too. Wearing normal gear, we are dying from the first critical on the first attack. Also, Death in general is needs more crit block, because man our own spells attack us and use up the crit block resource, for example, Sacrifice, and Empower to name a few.
We need crit block comparable to that of the bosses in CL.

I still have a problem with myth removing all stun blocks with earth quake. Not sure if you have a solution for that, but myth storm can still chain stun, and its quite annoying.

Some spells, don't seem to keep pace with the the adjustments from the upper ranks. For example life Absorb 400. That can almost be broke with a wand. I have hit with my wand for 370 on crit. Its almost like you need an adjustment for advanced levels.

Another Issue I have is the that some schools, like death, and life, and perhaps balance and Ice need to be able to find cards in there deck. In a 60 card deck death/life will not have many attack cards, because we have so many buffs, shields, blades, traps, in order to get a spell to normal power its extremely difficult to find a card when we need. On the other hand, many storm wizards will not even put shields in a deck, or maybe just a couple. So there attacks are always right thereat hand. So therefor the complicated schools, if not everyone at the upper level needs to see more cards in there hand.

When your a level 20 wiz and have a 25 card deck and see 7 of them that is a nice percentage. Its above 28%. When have a legendary deck with 60 or 64 cards, and see 7 of them (11%) its terrible. We are dying before we can even find a shield that is if you discard all cards in hand so at some point we need to be able to see more cards in hand.

I know with my Storm, and fire Wizards, most of the time I don't even use a full deck, and have 18-25 attack cards . With Death/ life we use a full deck and so many utility spells i might have 12-15 attack cards. so finding one is always an issue.

SO, I guess what I am saying is we really don't need another spell clogging up the deck, we need to see the cards we have. I could even envision a larger deck if we could see the cards we need.

Issac Soul-Slinger, Legendary Death
Isaac Dreambraker, Legendary Fire,
Isaac Soul-Slinger, Legendary Storm
Isaac Jadeblade GM fire
Isaac DreamMaker GM Balance

Aug 03, 2009
Life, Death, and Balance could use one of these and here's my idea for one of them. It's called "Shift Ward." For 1 pip, it allows you to remove the last negative ward placed on you and place it on the enemy who casted it. What do you guys think?

Jul 11, 2009
For Balance specifically, or everyone in general, a Spell called Disempower. It would be a 0 pip Aura-type spell cast on one's opponent, duration 4 rounds, that decreases the chance to get Power Pips by 10 to 20%.

Also, Balance could use a Damage Over Time spell of some kind. Just saying.

And finally, Balance should have it's own version of Feint, 40% to the opponent and 15% to self. Call it Chance, I guess.

Molly SilverRiver
Legendary Sorcerer

Feb 14, 2009
I think that there should be a spell where a blade is given to each person...especially for ice

Feb 15, 2009
Here's a really good idea for people who can't get a critical. A blade that gives you +20 critical that costs 2 pips. As for the school, probably Balance.

Jan 05, 2011
A BALANCE shield of -80% damage
To date the ONLY ones avail for balance are
tower, unbalance, though balance school contains ALL
schools shields.

KI shouldnt do this because a major benifit of being balance is having no shield to defend against, our balance ATTACKING spells are pretty unamazing compared to other schools.
Dylan Hexbreaker + Dylan Swiftshard lvl 15 balance lvl 29 life

May 02, 2010
I think that these should be added, I think they are not to much or not enough.
Life- Fairy's blessing: Heals 575 over three turns to all friends
Death- Reaper's curse: +20% to all enemies
Fire- Heat wave: +20% to all enemies
Ice- Avalanche: +25% blade to user
Storm- Lightning: -25% accuracy to the next spell
Myth- Ancestral call: Calls a buffing and debuffing only minion
Balance- Balance call: +25% to all enemies

Nov 13, 2008
I think a good one for Fire would be some sort of positive charm like this, since damage over rounds is Fire's specialty. It could be learned at 45, but only a quest from you, Professor Falmea, will give it to a student.

0 pips
100% accuracy
Adds one round to the hanging damage effect.

Or it could be an enchantment to add to a spell to increase the duration of damage.

Just my idea.

Andrew FireCoin
Legendary Pyromancer
Celestian Explorer

Aug 24, 2010
Well, i have a character in each class except for fire, I think all characters no matter what school you are in should be able to have a balance blade, You can get blades for all schools but you have to be balance to get a balance blade or to get bladestorm, I think all schools should be able to get both Balance blade and Blade storm,

Kymma Life Life school lvl 43
destiny deathblood Death school lvl 60
Kymma Balance school lvl 56

Jul 22, 2010
[I would want for the death school to have more shields,traps, and blades so we can make our spells more powerful and so we can defeanse our self when someone is trying to kill us :D 8) :P

Sep 11, 2010
Being a life wizard is fun and all but can we please make the spirit shield block life sapping spells.
This always gets me. :?

Jan 20, 2011
I'd really like to see a healing spell that we could use on other people that centralizes around our main school. Like a little fire pixie, since i am a pyromancer, that I could get at a lower level than the regular pixie. I would just like to be able to heal my friends in battle without dedicating so many of my training points to the life school just to be able to do so when I could use them to learn other spells I need to know.

May 20, 2009
Make A Ice Thing For Legendaries Where It Puts 3 Ice Shields On The Opponent and takes off one ice dispell or just first part

Feb 06, 2011
a good one wolud be fire pip trap. you will need at least 1 pip, and it is like a fire trap but the more pips you use the more damge fire will do. here is a example: i have 2 pips and i use fire pip trap, 1 pip will just do +25 but 2 pips will do +50 to the next fire spell i use

Aug 19, 2010
Well , as a pyromancer i would want two of the following :-

1) A 0 pip fire spell which can remove the shield from all the opponents but doesnt use the fire blades on you. so that you can use the blades in next big spell. that would be really cool.

2) A buff that can give you multiplication of shields on you. may be 3times. and can cost 1 pip . suppose you have 1 ice shield on you . you use the card and the no of shields multiply three times. and you have three ice shields.

I hope atleast one of the ideas to be selected ...

Destiny Pearleyes

Legendary Pyromancer

May 14, 2010
Pip Stealing spell would be pretty cool.
Heal over time Stealing spell

Anti-Healing Field: all heals hurt the recievers

May 11, 2010
I think for Fire there should be a shield blocking Fire criticals only for those lvl 48+ because we can technically enter Celestia if we defeated Malistaire by lvl 48 and our critical blocks at that lvl aren't there at all. At least with a Fire critical blocking shield we can stand a chance in Celestia.

Jul 09, 2010
There should be a spell for death do take a negative charm or shield on themselves that takes away the negative charm or shield and puts it on a chosen enemy.

Apr 26, 2009
Neamh wrote:
I think that it would be a great thing if the life class was given higher buff shields. the ones we have aren't that amazing right now, its hard to sufficiently heal team mates with the buffs we are given at the moment. considering by the time people get into Celestia halfway they are already at almost or above 3,000 health. Anyway, just something to consider :D
yea I think that would be better ( as a life student )

Dec 22, 2010
I will describe my idea for a utility spell for balance:

Balance: Resist- For three rounds the target receives 10% more resistance to all classes.

Aug 30, 2009
i think the storm school should get more blades like just a little stornger cause it is sometimes hard to defeat people in battle and survive

Jun 18, 2009
Emotion Motion

You Steal all your foes heakths and pips and gives them to you