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Feedback Friday 2-11-11

Dec 05, 2009
i think that the fire school should have another fire blade like +45% because well, whenever i use a fire spell, it just dosent defeat the enemy because its just too weak :( i really hope you can fix it thanks for reading!

aedan skyhunter
level 36 pyromancer

Jan 27, 2009
As towards the first post of this Feedback Friday storms have such low health for a reason my friend. it is because of their high attack power. but now onto the Feedback Friday what i would like to see is a spell that improves defensive capabilities for wizards other than ice. because most of of dont have the pvp gear and when we get up against somebody that DOES have it or is an ice wizard it kinda seems unfair.

Wolf, Level 60 Legendary Necromancer
Tarlac HexBreaker, Level 60 Legendary Diviner
Alex EmeraldTalon, Level 60 Legendary Theurgist

Nov 14, 2008
Dear Wizard101 workers,
I think we need just another shield. I die most often, and would like a greater chance. I am sorry for having not an exact point, but maybe a shield for all schools to use, and it will be able to take away 80 or more?
Yours truly,
Scarlet DarkS word :D

Feb 18, 2010
Dec 05, 2009
My idea is that Death wizards could cast a spell on the opponent and if the enemy attacks with a death spell, half of the damage would be inflicted on them. It would cost maybe 4 or 5 pips to be fair. Thanks :D

-Kelly, lvl 23 Death wizard

Sep 01, 2010
I don't know how many times I entered a battle and didn't realize I was low on mana. I would like to see a mana replenishment card of somesort. Maybe in exchange for life, pet life, or replenishment over turns.

Dec 18, 2009
Feb 07, 2009
I think ice should have a better shield than just tower for example: I was in arena on my fighting a balance legendary she put up all her boosts and i towerd and she treasuure feint and killed me with 37 resist and a tower.

Aug 11, 2009
I have three wizards currently in the game but this post is in reference to my first, Balance. While it is true that balance has all the school shields we do not get to train the tower shield and as far as I know that shield cannot be trained by any school. It has to be attached to an item such as a necklace, which I have or purchased in treasure card form. I see this as a bit unfair not only to balance but to all other schools as well. This shield is the ONLY defense against balance spells. While balance enemies throw mainly fire, storm, ice and balance attacks, the tower shield only subtracts 55 and when attached to item only comes up one time in a fight. This shield should be trainable thru the balance school for balance wizards at a minus 80 like the other school shields. Having this available to to the balance school would allow us to help our fellow team mates better in a fight against balance enemies. The shield trainer in Wizard City should also have a minus 50 to 70 version that you could make trainable for 2 training points as it protects against all magics.

Jun 27, 2009
Balance should get a 30 percent fire ice storm for team or 30 percent tower for team. Two pip cost.

Mar 09, 2010
Hi , I would like to see a spell thats helps those of us who play alone. I love the fact that i can toss a minion into the fray to help me out but some battles it would be nice to have a little extra help so a spell card that allowed us multiple minions would really help out. eg

play a minion spell card
then play a second string minion even if a little weaker that can join only after you have played your initial minion

lets us loners have a little help

Jun 25, 2010
I think that myth school should have a shield that reflects 70% of the enemies school section! EX: we are fighting against a death enemy, so the spell would be a death shield; fighting against a fire enemy, so the spell would be a fire shield! Exc. :-)

Oct 24, 2010
Since all schools but balance have an -80% shield available (in the fairgrounds, Wizard City), I would like to see the same hold true for balance. Tower Shield is great, but isn't available to everyone without buying it as a treasure card or necklace/other special equipment.

Also, having the same spells used by minions and bosses be available to us lowly wizards would be nice. Like ice bats, snowzilla, the myth version of the imp, etc.

May 12, 2009
as a storm wizard i would like to see storm get either a defense against all ward, or maybe a charm that would heal us half or a quarter of the damage our next spell does but if our next spell isn't an attack the charm is used up anyway lick balances precision.

Jun 24, 2009
i would like a feint for each class like death has one and why don't the other classes get one u know. Cause sometimes u put a feint and then some one steals its frustrating.

Legendary thaumaturge

Feb 02, 2009
Its called Reflect & what it does is it takes the spell that an enemy casted on you, for example Seraph, and then it would do that same amount of damage on the caster not the target. It would be 4 or 5 pips to make it fair and its for all wizards, just so that way I don't hear another complaint about Balance.

I agree with this idea, and maybe also a lesser, cheaper version that reflects half of the damage back, and you take the other half. Or one that reflects the damage in addition to damaging you, so that even though you take the full damage, the enemy who cast it takes some too. Maybe that one could last 3 rounds, or something, so that it could be used to reflect things like Fire Elf and such.

It would also be nice, if there isn't one already, to have a spell that gets rid of things like Fire Elf or Heckhound on you, and/or one that gets rid of something like Sprite on your enemies.

Mar 26, 2010
i think that balance should have a +35 just like all the other schools or a blade or hex just for balance

Nov 12, 2009
Balance: Balance Boost-Gives 35% boost 0 pips
Storm: Thunder Clouds-Adds a 15% boost to each opponent 1 pip
Fire: Burning Sacrifice-Gives 50% boost and 50% boost for opponent (sort of like feint) 1 pip
Ice: Chill-Gives 25% boost 0 pips
Death: Dark Protection-Gives a 75% shield 0 pips
Myth: Mega Myth Boost-Gives 25% boost to each opponent 1 pip
Life: Graceful Nature-Gives 90% shield

This is all I can think of, hope it helps! :D

Jul 11, 2008
I would very much like to see a "Trap All" for Ice and Fire; one much like Windstorm that Storm gets from Professor Balestrom. It only seems right in my mind, that the Elemental schools reflect each other somehow, and this is one spell that was overlooked. Ice's could be called "Subzero" and Fire's "Inferno"--it would place a 20% trap on all enemies for Ice/Fire (respective school) damage.

I'd also like to see Balance get a prism, but not one that simply converts to the opposite school. I'd like a "Random" Prism that would convert ANY (to keep Balance's universal quality) spell into a random school. For example; A Balance wizard is fighting a Balance boss/Balance resisting boss, and Judgement is the only card s/he can draw. To throw that Judgement out would be a waste of pips and potentially blades and traps, so s/he could cast their new Prism and Judgement would convert to any of the other 6 schools. I don't know how realistic that would be, but it would really help out Soloing Balance players like myself. OR--a Trap All spell like Storm's also. Can't ever get enough Damage out of Ra and Nova.

Dec 09, 2008
I think that storm should get Either a stronger blade or a spell that would give tower shields to all team mates ( because storm needs more defense)

I also think you should give myth a double blade that helps both attacks on two hit attacks

Jan 29, 2011
Here I an thought why not have a spell that can put to other spell together and make fire/lighting.

May 14, 2010
Here is a few options:

Balance school:
Balance prism: convert balance to random school
Balance shield
Balance blade that only works with balance school spells (ie Judgement)

Death School:
Steal Charm: Boost amount of health stolen

Fire School:
Combo trap: boost 10% for next 4 fire hits

Myth School:
Shield Protect: Prevent a shield from activating for 1 hit

Sun School:
Trap Protect: Prevent a trap from being activated for 1 hit

Moon School:
Myth Morph (having earthquake)

Trap Storm: a trap on all opponents (like storm has)

Dec 27, 2010


First of all, congratulations on this great gaming experience, it is truly sensational!!!

Being a wizard from the ice school I noticed that we do not have a spell similar to the "windstorm" spell from the storm school (20+ to next spell to all enemies for one pip). It would be nice to have an "icestorm" spell in which we could do the same.


Gilroy IceHammer

Jan 09, 2009
My idea is just plain and simple a buff that will give everyone on your team a +100 Critical chance , so the card used after the buff will be affected, attack and heal only. the the counter to that will be -100 critical chance to the attack or heal.

Sep 23, 2009
Hi guys its lucas ravensmith here. I was looking at some of the reply's and i saw that most guys wanted some high lvl shields but what about a low lvl shield. I think what we need the most is a shield for storm that can absorb 1000 health and then in 3 turns the user takes 1000 damage.