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Feedback Friday 11-30-12

May 28, 2009
Vacation elixir. An elixir that takes care of your plants for 2 weeks while you're on vacation. Or maybe a 1 week elixir that stacks, just in case you're only gone for 1 week or are going for 3 or something.

Community Leader
I would love elixirs that would expand the space in our backpacks, friend lists, shared banks. I would pay quite a bit for this to be honest. I so need space, I'm a girl after all, I have tons of clothes Also a Health Potion that would refill our health instantly and a Mana Potion that would fill up ALL of our Mana Potion. Yes I'd pay crowns for this than running around grabbing wisps.

Thank you all so much for listening!

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Feb 28, 2012
7th wizard elixir
Collection elixir (you always collect for a defeat-and-collect quest.)
+1000000000000000% accuracy elixir (you can't fizzle!!!, even with a dispel.)
Anti-cheating elixir (cheating bosses can't cheat!)
Training point elixir
Cross training elixir (use exclusive spells from a different school.)
Immune from battles elixir (does not work in dungeons.)
Anti-stuck elixir (you can go through most smallish obstacles/corners/ etc.)
Pick your pet's next skill elixir (limited to what it could learn.)
Fast battle elixir (no attack animations, just circling things, auras, mini-auras, and damage done are shown.)
Finder elixir (quest helper is allowed for "no quest helper" quests.)
Multiple mark elixir (use keys 1,2,3 to pick which mark to return to.)
4th potion elixir
Super port elixir (you can port to non-port dungeons.)
Random elixir (elixir effect randomly chosen from those you can use.)
Fixed battle camera elixir (looks like you joined during turn execution phase.)

Oct 29, 2011
I would like an elixir that is able to change your appearance anytime. If you can dye your clothes and pets then you should be able to dye your appearance too. Hopefully it can happen in the future.

Community Leader
I would love an Elixir that allows more pets/plants in your house. Instead of 50 it could be raised by 10 or up to 70 . I know we have a bric or brac but we can still only have 50 pets.

We could even have one that would allow us to change our looks to a new one. As in hair styles.

Oct 09, 2009
I would like to see an elixir that would reset one pet talent. After using the elixir that pet would no longer be able to use another elixir. For example, you reach adult and your pet received the talent Balance Blade card, you decide you do not want this talent so you would have the option of buying the elixir to remove the talent. You would now have to re-train the pet to adult again to see what the replaced talent would be. The option for removing the Balance Blade talent would only be available until the next talent was trained at ancient. So in other words you could not train the pet to mega then decide to remove the talent received at adult.

Apr 27, 2010
how about one that makes you less of a threat in battle? (as a storm i really dont want to be the main enemy target ) or how about one that gives resist? maybe block with that resist?

Oct 01, 2010
I would love to have an appearnce elixer. It would change how the character would look if you don't like the way it already is.

May 02, 2009
Personally I would like more transformation elixirs like a draconian knight elixir (transformions you into a draconian knight (i.e. a sword-wielding draconian) for an hour), a seraph elixir, a smoking mirror zombie elixir, a turkey elixir or even a gobbler king elixir for example.

Mar 04, 2012
One problem that continues to haunt many people is the size limit to each character's bag and bank. For those who are active in gardening, this becomes a major problem as the bag, bank, and attic tend to get filled with seeds, preventing the player from carrying other items. And when the bag and bank both reach their limit, items gained by them are simply lost.

In other games, players are permitted to craft or buy items that increase their inventory limits. KI has already created elixirs that allow players to go beyond the normal limitations of size, such as the bric-a-brack elixir that increases housing space. Players can also have more complete houses than normal, using an additional house elixir. Perhaps we could have elixirs that increase the size of the bank and the size of the bag. This would allow players who tend to collect items, such as crown items, pets, or seeds, to store them without having to resort to work arrounds such as using houses for storage areas or using character mules to hold items. Since this would have to be a crown item, as other items of this type, it would be a benefit to KI as well, and should compensate for the additional data requirements. It would likely be a well selling item, as people who are interested would likely buy for each character they play.

These are great, Wizards! I see a few that I'd definitely like to discuss with the team about adding in the future. Thanks for the feedback, look for a new Feedback Friday shortly!

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