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Feedback Friday 10-2-15

Hiya everyone! Friday has once again graced us with it's presence, so let's dig up another topic to discuss, shall we?

Today, let's talk bling. Now that they've been out in the Spiral for a while now, what is your favorite jewel that you've socketed? Or... if you're currently in search of a specific jewel that has yet eluded you, what jewel are you trying to track down and obtain? We want to know!

Happy Friday, and have a wonderful weekend!

Standard disclaimer applies: We do not guarantee to use each and every idea submitted, and questions we pose may or may not be pertaining to things we are currently working on, or will ever undertake. Sometimes, there are just technical limitations that make changing things difficult to impossible, and though we possess all manner of magic wands here, there are technological beasts out there that are beyond our grasp. Sometimes, we may not feel it is within the spirit and vision of the spiral to add or change something. Also, we realize that some of these topics may have been addressed before in other threads - sometimes it's good to pick up a discussion again. Chances are I have read your threads and would like to hear more!

“If the Mind is like a candle, the Heart is like the sun.” Professor Falmea (aka Leah Ruben, your fearless Producer!)
Dec 26, 2013
First, I'm going to count as favorites the ones I've used most often and those would be the Accuracy Boosts... primarily for my Fire and Ice wizards who have a propensity to fizzle at the most awkward moments. For those schools, and Storm as well, any boost in accuracy is good!
Second, I really like the jewels that grant spells. Very handy, especially if you're using a Mastery Amulet.

Apr 26, 2009
I like the enfeeble jewel card it's great to use in pvp. I wish we had other power utility card jewels I find them to be very useful.

Jan 02, 2012
Oh jewels. How unfair they are. Pierce is up to 40% now with Jewels and they're an impossible struggle to get. I also put jewels on obsolete gear before I got the best (which I currently own)
Can we at least have some way to retain previously socked jewels, even if it's limited?

As for pet jewels, it made regular pierce jewels all the more harder to get. We need more ways to get Steel and Brass, I feel that there isn't enough ways to get them.

May 31, 2009
Mar 12, 2013
As a general rule, I don't do pet gems, because I have only one SPUDF pet, and need to be able to move it around; same for the death resist pet, the pvp hat trick pet, etc.

My favourite equipment gems are tied between 9% pip opal, 95 health opal, and 5% outgoing healing opal. I also value accuracy (global and school) highly. Pierce are handy but not essential.

I do wish these quality global jewels would drop more frequently, it seems the pet jewels, of which I have no interest, have crowded them out.

And if the 10% fishing luck jewel actually exists, that would be my first target.

Aug 18, 2011
I've been doing well with jewels for gear. I love being able to bring accuracy and pips up, so those are favorite, both triangle sockets. Outgoing healing on my life, and pierce on my storm and myth are nice too.

Pet jewels have been more frustrating, as steel, brass, and titanium are still crazy hard to get. I want to get mostly the school Boon, Giver, and Dealer pet jewels, depending what damage my pet is missing.

Oct 02, 2012
Need pierce, boon, and accuracy jewels the most and they ellude me.

This question deals with what jewels we want, what about changing some other things with jewels?
such as:
Allowing things to be put into shared banks without destroying the jewels on the items, Fixing unsocketing so we don't break the jewels and we can reuse them on something else, Removing the randomness of jewel crafting, I want to craft what I want to craft, nothing more, nothing less. Making the reagents easier to find to craft, Adding more sockets to things especially triangles, and circles. Adding more sockets to pet collars. Removing high level jewels with low level spells.

Please take this into consideration

Feb 12, 2013
The Mending/Healing Opals are definitely good, but I even found a use for my plain old Cracked Accuracy Opal! I crafted a few Pet Balance jewels (one of which was lucky enough to manifest as a critical citrine). And you can never go wrong with a health or mana opal. It is very hard for me to pick a favourite. Maybe it's because I'm Balance. And yes, I do hope that in the future, there will perhaps be a jewel crafting quest where we learn how to remove jewels without destroying them.

~Mary TrollHunter
Nearly-Promethean Sorcerer

Jul 17, 2012
I wish that we could transfer jewels instead of shattering them. One of my wizards has a sprite jewel and its the only sprite jewel I have seen. so I can't put that jewel on a higher level even though my wizard has gained several levels. I don't know how I got the sprite Jewel. Its nice to have because it adds a healing card. I also like the resist all schools jewels and the all school accuracy jewels. It would be nice if I could have very high critical rating for life and the wizards primary school. I like it when a critical happens that doubles a healing spell but having a life critical jewel does not add much because the critical jewels I have seen only add 2 or 3 or maybe 5 %. Seems like it easy to get lots of low level jewels but my max level wizards very rarely get any jewels for their level. why is it that when a wizard buys a pack then uses it they get gear that is the level of the wizard but when buying the jewel pack its random levels usually low level? My level 100 wizards ought to be able to get jewels more suitable for level 100. Why is a jewel pack called a jewel pack when it gives mostly treasure cards? I think the jewel pack ought be mostly jewels.

Dec 11, 2012
It is too hard to try and get any steel and titanium for crafting, omg! Also trying to farm for pet gems causes me pain, lol. I have tried for over 3 weeks and still nothing. KI, I love this game but somethings are just to hard, could you make them a little more accessible please? And I have a great idea for pets, could you please make pets like the storm beetle and danger hound hatch-able? So many of us would love to hatch and train them and it is impossible, we get ghost dog or rain beetle. Please change those, ty ty.

Aug 31, 2012
I love the pierce jewel, it adds a lot to stats. I'm still trying to farm for certain jewels.

P.S It's my birthday today! (October 2nd)

Feb 09, 2009
In general I think all the gems we want have a low drop rate. I've farmed mobs all around KH and still have not gotten any Death pierce gems what so ever. It's very annoying when I craft a random death gem and get a useless gem. I think an important change to jewels should be made. Instead of +20 death damage how about +2% death damage instead. I think +20 damage or whatever is pointless and barely makes a difference. My favorite gems are Universal resist, Pierce, and pet damage Boosts.

Apr 25, 2010
My favorite jewels have to be the pip jewels. They are really helpful with wizards like storm, fire, and ice, and they are very good when you have crafted gear with no pip chance.

Elizabeth LifeSinger

Mar 19, 2009
I think the jewels are a bit underpowered. I don't particularly like any of them I have and I only use them because the other option is to be even less powerful. They should affect percents rather than straightforward values, but if you want the way we have now, they should be a bit stronger. Like a Level 95+ gem isn't gonna make a difference if it's adding 42 damage. A level 35 gem isn't gonna make a difference if it's blocking 2 damage.

Or maybe I'm just horridly unlucky.

Jun 08, 2009
For my pets I would want to find a stun resist or critical damage, but overall I really don't go hunting for them, I just fight bosses and if I get one great but If I don't I don't really care. I just socket what I get, it doesn't really matter to me.

Jul 09, 2010
So far I've socketed a bunch of jewels - as long as the spots are there, why not? But none of them matter to me.

However, I haven't yet found gear or pet jewels with % School Damage - which would go up as my wizard levels and I haven't yet found pet jewels for May Cast Spritely, May Cast Fairy or May Cast Unicorn.

I'd also love to find high % fishing luck jewels that go up as the wizard or pet leveled.

Those are the pet jewels that would fix all those almost perfect - but - complete fail pets and are the only jewels that would make it worth training a pet to Ultra - especially with the restriction about doubling up on talent ( like manifesting Spell Proof and adding a Spell Proof jewel wouldn't both be allowed.)

Those jewels added to gear would make my Crown gear or hard won Water Works type gear last longer. Which would be hugely important to me.

I'd pay Crowns for them, but I would rather not have to craft them (as I hate crafting.)

I also wish there was a variety of jewels that gave the benefits of jewels we know, and the new ones mentioned above - but could be removed and re-socketed - So maybe Diamonds could be so sturdy as to survive removal and resocketing and also so valuable and multi-faceted that all attributes could be in a diamond (i.e. card diamonds, energy diamonds, health diamonds, accuracy diamonds, damage diamonds, MC talent diamonds...etc.)

Sep 07, 2011
I like boosts for damage, healing, and health best. Pips and accuracy are good too if I'm not at 100% already. I wish there were jewels that gave cards for sharpen blade or potent trap - with level restriction of course.