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Feedback Friday - 1-7-11

Jun 14, 2009
I am not sure if the person who orginally posted this idea has placed it on here, but I thought it was a great idea and worth mentioning.

This person suggested having a teleporter to the Bazaar, since so many people use it so frequently.

Someone also suggested having an extra bag just for selling stuff. You would put all your stuff that you wanted to sell in this bag and sell it in bulk. Not sure if it is plausible, but I really liked the idea.

I know this has been beaten to death, but I still would like to see an accept/decline for teleporting.

Sep 10, 2009
What an interesting thread. There are so many good ideas. Thank you KI for wanting our feedback.

My idea involves the friends list. Many of our long time friends have multiple wizards. It would be nice to be able to put them under one main name.

Mar 12, 2010
I would love to see Wizard 101 made to be played on a MAC.

(Please don't respond with CrossOver and BootCamp. Been there. Done that.)

Sep 23, 2008
ONE THING that I would add to Wizard101 is having a Bazaar in every World. It gets quite annoying having to go all the way back to Wizard City to sell unwanted items. So, there could be a Bazaar in every world to shorten travel time. Once you sell an item at a Bazaar, it would be available at ALL of the Bazaars throughout the Spiral. :D I really hope that this is soon added to Wizard101, as an attempt at making an already AMAZING game even better!

Kyle ShadowStaff
Grandmaster Necromancer

Sep 05, 2010
I've played a number of MMORPG's -- but Wizard101 has been the most enjoyable of all of them.

If I could wave my magic wand and create one thing in the game it would be SECRET DOORS. Hide things in the game. Make us search to find them. Give us some clues, but make us work to find secrets -- and not just bash monsters (which is fun). Make us work together to solve riddles and puzzles -- some of the Marleybone and Krokotopia quests give a taste of this. Secret doors could lead to hidden rooms and dungeons, new worlds and treasures, or maybe just dusty attics full of cobwebs.

Give us some more mystery.

Thanks for reading.


Feb 15, 2010
skwidleyd wrote:
I have a cool idea! How about a set of 3 permanent marks for quick site to site transport during a quest set or for our favorite farming spots. These would be in addition to the current temporary mark. These marks would be in place until our needs change and we decide to move them and we could teleport to that mark as often as we like without it vanishing. These would be handy when there is a lot of running back and forth between 2 or 3 NPCs during a quest. The ability to name each one would be handy, but if they have to be just mark 1, 2, and 3, I could live with that. Thx for an awesome game!

I like this, because when I'm doing somethig like going from someplace to the Bazaar and then back again, I have to place a mark, go to the Bazaar, teleport back, go to the Bazaar, and so on. It would be easier if I could just teleport back and forth.

Feb 14, 2010
Change the fantasy palace, so A. it can be shared among our wizards, B. Make it so we can put more than 250 items in and out of it and C. Create the pvp circle so we can join in the main pvp without having to wait at the arena, and if we choose, we can summon some bosses, but choose the difficulty level.

Add a Beauty shop/salon so we can change the color of hair and style, getting really old to delete a wizard because of getting tired of the same style/color.

But really important. Make the crown houses, i.e the school houses and the fantasy palace so we can at least store it when we decide to delete a wizard. I've lost about 40k in crowns because I deleted a wizard that had a school house on it, then had to buy it back when I restarted the wizard.

Sep 18, 2010
Give me the Magic Wand and I'd whip up a pet trainer that could raise a pet one level. The higher the level, the more expensive it would be. And it should be payable like the School Homes. Crowns or Gold! Thank you for your interest. Go Unicorns!!!!!

Dec 07, 2009
I want display cases where I can display clothes or rings in my home, IE all that grand gear that I worked for AGES to collect that I'm not going to be using now that we've legendary gear. I think that would be awesome. :D

Dec 07, 2009
gamereviewnetwork2 wrote:
I don't know if these are possible but a couple of things I'd love to see are:

1. The ability to have a bulletin board or some kind of menu chat box that you can post a message to that all of your friends would see when you are logged in.
Say you need help with a dungeon or to beat a particular boss then you could post that from a menu chat type interface and everyone would see it and possibly want to help.
Maybe there could be stations near the entrance to each world, sort of like an atm looking machine that you can check by pressing X to see who is asking for help on your friend list. Or it could be a separate menu chat box that you can scroll through your friends bulletins with.

There have been times when I really needed help but I hate to be a pest and bother all of my friends like I'm begging! This system would make it possible for your friends to decide if they would like to help or not!

2. A Salon would be great! I would love to be able to change my wizard's hairstyle once in awhile. Even being able to get it dyed would be great! Also, I think it would be fun if there were some girly hair accessories created that girl wizards could wear in their hair instead of hats, they would still be like a hat with stats and everything... just prettier :)

To kind of go along with this I would love to be able to actually wear (and see) the rings, anthames, and amulets that my wizard has equipped!

That's all for now!

I love the idea for a bulletin board where we could post if we wanted/needed help with certain quests (or just wanted company while questing). I hate asking for help, because I don't like being a bother (that's just my feeling, not anything expressed by my friends) which means I end up soloing a lot of the time even if I'd like company, unless I run across another wizard in the spiral on the same quest series I'm on.

May 14, 2010
The only thing i would want is to have to pets on each side of your wizard like one on one side and one on the other :-) :D

Aug 11, 2009
Somehow my post on Sunday did not make it, so I will try again.

With the wave of my wand I would create a page for each of the worlds of the Spiral that would list each of the quests of that world.

The quests that have been completed would be checked, the quests that have yet to be completed would be in bold, and the quests not yet available, due to the wizard’s level of development, would be grayed.

The quests could be divided according to those that are necessary for the story line and those that are side quests.

This way I would be aware of what quests remain for my wizard and never be at a lost as to what to do.

Thank you for the opportunity to submit ideas. :D

Have fun!!! :) :) :)

Apr 27, 2010
I would love to see new crown gear for level 55 since we only have level 45 from DS and the crown shop. Also my top favorite would be the shark pet!!!! I would love to have a shark pet! :D

Dec 15, 2008
I think it would be interesting to have school mounts and mounts that you can earn in rare boss fights that give cards like pets do, like a bengal tiger charging, or a lobster clawing its way at the opponent

Oran FrostFlame
Level 60 Pyro

Dec 23, 2009
i'm new too the feed back friday ( mostly the word i want to say is i am looking at this at the first time )
so idk what to post here but if ideas for new things i got a couple:
1. put some new mini games ( i already menshent that )
2. a place ( or a house item like the crafting tables ) were we could make our own things for example: creches, boss's,houses, mounts...
3. we could have book week ( i also menchent that but i know it would be fun )

i have more grate ideas for wizard101 to think of

luke ice dust
level 53 death ( i never was looking at feed back friday so don't blane me )

Jan 15, 2008
This is AWESOME! Definitely some stuff that is on the list, and some stuff that SHOULD BE on the list if it's not! I'm reading through and will definitely share all this with the team. Please continue! It's not Friday yet! :)

“If the Mind is like a candle, the Heart is like the sun.” Professor Falmea (aka Leah Ruben, your fearless Producer!)
Dec 19, 2008
Yea, I would like to see a sort of Barber shop added to the shopping district.
OH and also a sort of Arena/Dueling circle Housing items that could cost 3,000 crowns, 850 Arena tickets (Must be captain or higher) and It would be crafted GM Artisan. To add that we could craft or buy enemies in the crowns shop for e.g Cat thug MOB/practice dummy/etc. for 230 crowns. These could be used over and over like pets we could place them in the middle of the arena and when we walk in the arena they also join the battle. This view would be 4 red circles surrounding the middle of the arena where we could place the MOBS. We could also get them as drops or something.

Oh and for a new housing item maybe we could use spells outside of the fighting stuff. To explain these would be spell cards where we could place these would be under decoration and we could interact with the by pressing X. When we press X the symbol of the school that is in the spell card is casted from nothing and from the middle of the spell card like the middle of the dueling circle the spell comes out of the card. For e.g I press X on a spell card housing item and then a storm school casting symbol starts casting, then a storm lord pops out of the card. I hope I make sense and didn't confuse you, I just think this would be really cool. These could be drops, spell quest rewards, for crowns, and/or for arena tickets
Like, Storm Shark spell, 650 crowns under Decoration.

Dec 23, 2009
i got a grates idea for a new world
here it goes:
name: christmas world
level: 60 or higher
you could add 10 ( maybe 20 ) levels more
school ( very power full school ): mixed school ( i will explain why i called this school )
1. it will have double attacks i mean lets say i have a mixed wriath
so first it would do death attack ( 500 ) gives half back next life attack ( 500 ) and gives you a 3 round sprite
( this time i'm going to tell you one of my best spell i tought of )
fire damge, 1000, ice, 500 gives you a tower shiled to you, storm 2000
balance 2100, death 2000 attacks every body and gives half back to all your team, myth 50 next 1900, moon 3000, star 500, sun 1900, life 600 attacks sll enemys leaving ( too all enemys ) a 100 3 round attack and giving a unicorn to your team
but you can get that spell when your level 70 and get to fight the last boss of the cristams world
the last boss would be have to be done with 4 people ( because he is so hard ) rank 20 he will not cheat and he will have rank 15 helpers.

Aug 10, 2009
A Hair Salon in the shopping district, were you can change your charater's hair style and color.

Apr 24, 2010
Yay! I finally found a feedback friday to post on!!! I am very exicted right now!!!!!!!!
Hmmm, let's see. If I could add one thing to wizard101, what would it be???? Oh oh I know!!!! A beauty solon( well, not thye knid where you can get makeovers) The wizard beauty solon!!! Where, you can change your starter outfit, your hair, you face, even your school( ok, that might be too much)!! But anyway reglur hairstyles would cost 50-100 gold and some styles would cost you crowns and they would give you heath and mana and even new spells( that might be too much also) Well, that is my idea. Bye!!!!!!!!
From, melcookie925
P.S. Wizard101 rules!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 09, 2008
I would like to have the ability to change the look of our wands, staffs, and swords. We could have stitching but for your wands and such. I would love to change the look of my celestian staff. You could make the black smith bear in grizzleheim the shopkeeper. Plus speaking of stitching i would like to have the ability to add my schools symbols and decorations to any clothing i choose. Some of the clothes out there have school designs on them but i would like to beable to choose which clothes i want to put my school designs on.

Aug 10, 2009
I think it would be nice if there were stronger minions.
Hear are my ideas:
Fire- Drake (like the ones in DS except with Fire School uniforms)
Ice- Ice Giant (like the one in the spell)
Storm- Storm Lord (like the one in the spell)
Life- Sephera (like the one in the spell)
Balance- Krok

Alexander Dragontamer
Level: 28 School: Fire 2nd School: Balance

Nov 28, 2010
1) I would like to see pets gain experience during battle. Logging in to play the pets mini-games has take away from Wizard101. I feel I spend more time playing the mini-game for advancing a pet, then I do playing Wizard101. That makes me want to move on.
2) I love my hammer (wand). I would love the ability to pay crowns and stitch a wand.
3) Crafting needs...
... a better preview system.
I would like to see a size reference with the items. For example, place floor tiling underneath it.
... I would like to see more regents available in the world.
4) Can you please leave the bugs in the houses alone. I love floating candles and other objects.

Sep 11, 2010
Teleporting to the Bazaar has been mentioned many times ...

It is a GOOD idea ... but ...

I personally would rather bring internet technology to The Spiral ... replace the TRASH button or whatever button that WOULD be added to accomplish the teleportation with a button that simply opens the Bazaar BUY/SELL conversation WHEREVER I happen to be standing and allow me to "Bazaar" wherever I am and require NO teleportation at all.

"EVERYTHING ... All the time ... Life in the Fast Lane" ... lol!!!!

Be better than EBay ... no shipping required.

That's the ticket ...

"Nothing improves the performance of a process better than eliminating the need to do it at all ..." Trughbull, Systems Engineer, Big Iron.

Jan 15, 2008
Folks, again, so many great ideas. Everything that isn't a "set in stone" plan for 2011 is on my list for the team to talk about!

Thanks for another great and productive Feedback Friday! Look for another one here shortly...

“If the Mind is like a candle, the Heart is like the sun.” Professor Falmea (aka Leah Ruben, your fearless Producer!)