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Feedback Friday 1-4-13

Jun 28, 2009
A little bit longer time between new worlds please...

Adam IronFlame Level 84 Fire Guy

Jul 23, 2009
A resistance cap would be great! I know this kinda ties into pvp, but it is a part of the game and there is no need to restrict the whole game. Something like 50% would be very nice because it would still allow the new high resist crowns gear. The real problem isn't crowns gear, or pets, or even the crafted avalon ice gear. It's the fusion of these, and 50% allows high resist without it going overboard.

Thanks for concidering my post!
Valkoor Stormrunner

Sep 10, 2011
Raid quests

It is common in other known MMORPG. But Im sure if carefuly planned, It can be done in a turn-based game like W101.

A global announcement on all realms can sound an alarm that an unmarked dungeon, cave, clearing, forest, underwater location, etc. is under attack by a random mini-Boss/minions and must be dealt with. Beating the raiders will yield a scaled amount of XP and drops depending upon the participants level and of course the level of the enemy boss/minion.

I just thought about it when i read the problem of some players wanting to have side worlds, bored of grinding dungeons just to level up and of course those who finished the game and got nothing else to do.

Jun 15, 2010
Wizard101 for other systems! I made a post for Xbox360, but like for PS3 or something lol.
Faster Pet training? Like if you score four points you feed your pet four snacks, 3 for 3, and 1 for 2. If you score 1 of course none.
Another Side world would be cool too.....
Creating a dungeon for our houses?
Oh a DoT for Storm would be perfect... like a quest from our professor DoT; one ALL Storms can do at maybe level 100

May 13, 2009
Community Leader
Furniture Painting.

I saw an idea someone posted and I tried to find it here on the forum but I could not find it :(. The idea was where we could take furniture and add designs such as; icons, prints or color in different colors. I would love to be even more creative in my houses with my own unique furniture. It could work like a dye shop or stitching.

May 13, 2011
TROGGIES! and also batacudas. troggy will be a myth spell and batacuda is storm spell and pet . and chicken ranger will be a balance spell, and bison spirit will be life spell,

May 27, 2009
I would really love to see some Side worlds that revolve around our Ravenwood Teachers! We could visit their home worlds. My favorite we have heard of so far is Candy World where Professor Greyrose and her Evil Sisters live!

So yea, instead of heading right into the final Morganthe arc world, I would love to see a few side worlds added to the Spiral world list!

New spells of course! Maybe like the ones from GH/WT where they are not main attack spells but Utility spells.

I also would love to see us beable to use our hands to cast spells instead of having to use a staff or wand but still gain the boosts. (Power pip) etc. Maybe new hoard pack with cool looking wizard robes.

Avalon and Wysteria furniture please!

There are so many possibilites, it will be exciting to see what you guys create in 2013!

Thanks for all you do!


Mar 04, 2009
Please Add Fishing.
It will give me something I can do everyday.

Mar 05, 2009
Pet mind swap - take the talents & derby skills from pet A, and stitch it into the body (and item cards) of pet B.

Once or twice I've managed to hatch a "perfect" set of pet talents - but they've always been in the "wrong" body body. The Swap would be a single player option only; as with gear stitching, both pets would need to be in the same wizard's backpack at the same time. We could take them up to Dr. Purreau, put the pets in his machine and then I could merge my Myth Imp's great talent lineup into my beloved Ice Hound's body.

- Sierra Starsong

Feb 26, 2012
My number one thing for me is a balance prism, I know we already have all six traps and the hex, and the chimera and hydra but if he uses a shield then it blocks our attacks and what i have noticed is if the enemy uses a trap after the prism is put up it has no effect when the prism is used, I think a prism would help us out a lot, thanks
~John Dragoncatcher Archmage Sorcerer~

Feb 19, 2010
The pet stitching idea a few posts earlier is a great idea.
I also forgot to mention an idea that is being talked about on the forums, Implementing an addition to battle sequences where if a player ports in then has to flee the mobs that came into battle with that person flees also. This is being discussed through out the forums and i really think its an outstanding idea and i hope you read and pass this on professor.

Jan 09, 2010
I would like to see a better selection of clothing. Most people usually go for the gear with school symbols on them or the pvp gear for their final look. I'm sure all of us run into at least 20 people a day with the same look we have just a different color. Yes i know every wizard is unique in his or her own way, but it doesn't feel like that for me. I am constantly cutting up and altering my clothing in real life to make it my personal style. I would like to be able to do that on wizard too. Finding the stats you want is easy finding a look that is yours is impossilbe. Add patterns or i would love to be able to cut two existing robes in half, swap out one top half for the other and have Eloise stitch them together. So now you have the top from one robe and the bottom from the other for a completely different look. Better than KI having to design a whole new line of clothing which i'm sure takes a long time.

Oct 06, 2010
i would like to see a new world and some new spells like one called black swordsman where black fire comes spiraling off his sword forming a energy ball then next it connects to his sword with a energy rope as the ball gets bigger and bigger then energy spikes come out and he smashes the all enemies.

Very cool ideas, Wizards. We definitely have a few items on our agenda that are on your lists! Which ones... only time will tell. ::grin:: I'll share this post with the team and we'll discuss.

New Feedback Friday coming up shortly.

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