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Feedback Friday 1-21-11

Dec 22, 2008
Hi I have 3 places i would like to see.

1: Barkingham Palace

2: place with death logo in haunted cave

3: you should always be able to go to dragons mouth cave.

Thank you,
Valkoor AshCaster, level 42, death. :D

Dec 12, 2009
Hey W101 the places i want to see are the following: The cave that has a death logo on its cave door and nobody can go in it level 60 or lower, the massive fantasy palace has a door in the throne room and i want to see a really cool room behind that and last but not least there is a door across from the housing shop in SD it has the lights on but nobody can go in it and i wanna see a costume shop that would be pretty cool Thanks this is Sierra Fairysinger and i hope to see this soon :D

Aug 31, 2010
I would love to see a cl house and go to Earth but it be like another world and we have to keep magic a secret.

Feb 27, 2010
Whats up it's me Megan DrakeHeart!

* one idea I had was i think they should have dungeons for different schools like Fire, Ice, Storm, Myth, Life, and death. Maybe even astral dungeons. And they could be inside the school towers sort of like a battle royal.

* Idea two I had was I would like to see people inside of the Dragon Spyre houses.

* Idea three a new Krockotopia island like say on the third one you can see from the oasis.

* Final idea was to have a side world say for lower levels to even out the field after CL. I would like to see Candy Land where professor Lidia Grayrose comes from. It would be cool to see the gobblers make another apperance I mean everyone LOVES the gobblers! ( we do? )

8) Megan DrakeHeart
Magus Myth Wizard

Jun 19, 2009
i know you aren't probable going to see this but i have an idea that door in meral ambros's office is a dungeon. where all the streets are closed and the monsters are in the hub zones. and you haft to save wizard city from an attack. so does that sound like a good idea

Oct 04, 2009
I think that there should be a door in every world to go to your castle. 8) It would also be cool if pets were avalible at grizzleheim and dragonspyre

Aug 09, 2009
Well I have several

1. Unreachable island in Krokotopia

2. Barkingham Palace

3. The two Nidavellir doors

4. Caves in Grizzlehiem covered by spider webs.

5. Restricted sections of the libraries.

Aug 14, 2010
Well I would like to have eliks edge in wizard city shopping district kind of have a story of how it came to be. Maybe there was another city or town connected by that edge that somehow got destroyed or taken by a giant sky beast or something. There should be a quest from merle ambrose who just found out how to establish communications with them and wants you to find a way to teleport there and defeat whoever ripped they from wizard city. I dont know, maybe it could work and have a bunch of like wind bosses that look like fire and storm monions or maybe it might be just a small addition like that quest to save selena gomez when she was here.

Mar 21, 2009
Hey Falmea! I think if I could see things that are closed, I've been wondering what all the houses are for in Firecat Alley, Triton Avenue, etc... I'd like to make more quests in that area including more people in those houses

Jul 27, 2009
sorry Professor Falmea
this is a bit late but i just saw it

In Krokotopia, in the first temple, there is a beetle down on a platform near a cave in. You see the entrance to the cave in turn around and there is an opening way below the alter of the kings right side stairway you can access in the upper level i would like to know where that goes...
wizard city library i would love to s venture in to the stacks and mybe have a quest to find a certain book or something...

there are some places that are... well locked in spiral because they are for people who have a wizard of a certain school that have a quest in that place... i would like to see them left open to you once your wizard of that school has opened it and finished the quest... first one that comes to mind is the barred entrance to the cave behind the Golem Tower as it is a quest for the Pyromancer to do.

some shops in Marleybone have back doors you can not access i would like to see these open so we could enter the alleyways to either a treasure or a battle.. don't the cats and rats wander the alleyways as well as the roof tops?

Barking ham palace would be nice to see but i think it should be a treasure quest if you venture either up a stair case or down in to the dungeons below... on please leave the doors unlocked to let us venture and see if anything is in those cold stone rooms.....this should be a return quest and those mobs a bit harder for for the higher level wizard to battle

thank Professor

Jul 09, 2009
I would like to see....

1.Death door by nightshade
2.Barkingham palace
3.Idk where but somewhere, where you can get really unique clothes that you can only get in that place, like, idk a new type of clothing design like something funny or really cool like a triton crown, a peace of chicken wand (gobbler) and really funny random stuff or something really unique with awesome stats.

Dec 18, 2009
It be cool to put like a hidden part of wizard city if you go beyond Elk's Ridge..... ide also want like to see all the dragonspyre academy schools where maybe they might be some new spells to be taught :Dof course htey would be available to the senior students since the ruins of dragonspyre academy is part of the main quest line

Dec 14, 2010
well i think personally since i like the whole viking thing in GH that maybe series of hidden chambers off of like the forge chamber in GH even if it is only set up like a museum / treasure cash of GH stuff they are vikings so maybe loot they raided in earlier days from other realms in the spire as well
would at least be a cool place for people to gather and party or for crafters of reasonable crafting level to go and hang and trade craft stuff
ect ect ect

feel the burn
grand master pyromancer
john pixiehunter

Jul 07, 2010
for i would like to see what inside the 2 doors in the dragon root dungeon specal that building i always and copy other people wonder what in it and also the dragon elevator door before that i also wonder what inside that so that only what i would like to see what in side it ( it would be cool if there a shop in the building in dragon root dungeon just giving a idea for that)

Dec 20, 2008
I would love to see either the corridors of the WC library or behind the Death gate in Haunted Cave by Lord Nightshade.

Jul 15, 2009
Okay, i have been wanting to have this question answered for a LONG time. I want access to the house at Elik's edge. If you're going up towards Elik's edge, its on the left. Its the last house down and it has a light. It's strange

Jul 27, 2009
I would like to see behind the two doors in The Town Dojo in Village of Sorrow! That would be awsome because i loved Musho! Also some of the buildings in Dragonspyer

Mar 09, 2010
I would like to see what is in the houses in all the worlds. In addition, the idea of more spells would be great.

Feb 07, 2010
From the beginning of my wizards' studies, I've been very curious as to what's behind the locked gate in the cul-de-sac across from Storm Drain Tower in Wizard City. It's driven me nuts for months now. What's Behind That Gate?!! Calamity Earthwalker needs to know!

Jul 11, 2010
i would like to see whats behind the gate with a death sign in the haunted cave near nightshade i would also like to see the place right in front of the WC housing shop. another place that catches my eye is the barkinghem palace in MB. Another thing is the place in WC and Krok library where it shows extra books but the ropes are in the way. Plz unlock those areas

Nov 29, 2009
I think that they should open all the doors in olde town and make them into stores that sell like eyes and hair so you can change your character's eyes and hair because i dont like my eyes :(

Dec 18, 2008
i'd like to see in the really big buildings in ds (like by Katalin Nightseeker in the tower archives-there's stairs going down to it).

Aug 06, 2010
corriodors of wizardcity libary please
it could have sections for each school with monster books, book wryms and stuff a whole quests, new pets and stuff. storys we could hear and read :D

that would be amazing

Apr 30, 2010
I'd like to know what's behind the cave in haunted cave with the death symbol and the doors at dragonspyre academy wwith the symbol of all schools :)

Jul 21, 2009
I would like to see:

1. the death gate in the haunted cave (maybe an area from the Peny Dreadful quests that didn't go live, if so, have them go live :D)

2. The second island in krok and the closed door to the underground of the krok library.

3. The has-to-have-some-more-quests-behind-the-big-obvouis-guarded-doors-to-Barkingham palace, as said above.

4. In Dragonspyre, there's a few places.
1. I found a glitch, if you go to the Athinyam and walk to one of the towers, you can go in and it's nameless. If you try to port in, it calles it first tower. I'd like to see something done with that.
2. Also, In the Malistaire instance, there are lots of doors you can't enter, there's a single house outside the entrance to the instance with the presence of unmentioned spirit guards. Whats the deal with them. There is a man in the malistaire instance that isn't part of any quest but is still consirded an ally, and finally, there is part to the ledge right before you enter the room malistaire is in, where the wall is missing that shows the Bisilika. Maybe there could be an alternet ending where malistaire attemps to destroy the bisilika with the power of the dragon and he uptains 100,000 health like in the old test/bata. This would provide a chalance for high level characters.

5. In celestia, there is a porthole that doesn't lead anywhere.

I hope at least one of the above is a future area because the suspence is overwellming! (Espically the comeback of malistaire that lies within the future as said by Grayrose in a friendly necromancer interview.) :D