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Feedback Friday - 08-06-10

Mar 21, 2010
braineeakman wrote:
Well, my idea isn't so much a quest as it is a completely new addition to Wizard101. Here's my idea...

Create something (a billboard, book pedestal, etc...) in every town center (the commons, regents square etc...) that allows wizards to team up with other wizards for any of that world's towers and dungeons. It will elimate that whole "waiting around, just hoping someone will walk up that needs this dungeon too" scenario and shave time off questing. Wizards can use it to join/create teams for any particular dungeon/tower for a quest, or just to find other people to farm with!

Here's an example...

I need to do sunken city, but none of my friends are online. what am I to do? just wait around near the sigil hoping someone will run up? no! go to the commons and look in the billboards. From there you can select which dungeon you need, click it then see a whole list of other wizards who need/want to do it too. Then you can create or join a team of wizards who all want to do your dungeon, once the team is full you will all be ported to the sigil and you're ready to go! It a great way to help wizards team up for a common goal! :D

hope you enojoyed my idea!

Valdus DeathWielder- grandmaster necromancer
Willaim StormForge- master diviner
Edward WillowWhisper- master theurgist
William DarkHeart- grandmaster sorcerer
Dakota DarkFlame- journeyman pyromancer

I think this is an awesome idea too! 8)

Jun 21, 2009
Yet another dream storyline:

The evil orgaination sends Ambrose an unmarked package, when he opens it he is surrounded by small metalic magnets that carry him away. There is a note to the students explainning what they must do to get Ambrose back. The students get framed for crimes and have to figure out how to stop the evil orgaination.

Reward: mount of choice, 100,000,000 coins

8) 8) 8)

Sorry, but I dont know if you can use this idea. Its too much like National Treasure.

Mar 22, 2009
well i think there should be more space to be able to create one character from each school. Also make new robes and gears for pvp. make a master pet for each school. and make the getting of the grandmaster stuff easier because it takes forever some times :?

Flaming firecats, look at all these lovely quests! First of all, thanks to each and every one of you for giving your ideas! It made for a great afternoon read! Second of all, there are some great non-quest related ideas here, which I have jotted down to add to the unending list of "wouldn't it be cool if..." ideas, but since we're talking quests here, I'll refrain from comments on that for now.

Getting on with it...

conorjak7: I definitely like the idea of opening up new secret areas in already discovered lands. There is so much mystery left to unravel even in the 6 existing worlds...

cheyinza: What would you have Zeke send you off to do? Looks like bravevline has some ideas here...

bman3010: Technically Milo Barker gives you a pet too ::grin::, but I see what you mean. We'll look into that for the future.

nadrojcigam: This is great! Full of plot twists and intrigue. Love it!

livaroni and afreay: I would be VERY disturbed if the fire shield or globe was missing. What is with the fire school object thieves on this thread? ::grin::

Everstar55: Sounds like a delightful party! However, is there ever a time without peril in the Spiral? It always seems like SOMETHING is going on...

bqsto, HPHARRYPOTTER11, altana, Linkfan010, ShifterGS, DirtyMack: Why does everyone want to pick on us faculty? ::frown::

Zanitra, edmtdew: Baxby WOULD want to send you on some tough hunts... hmmm...

Snowstar1: Our programmers might protest the technical side of making you see through the eyes of a pet, but a very intriguing idea.

ToughComp, flapjack549, mman17, Healingmonkey: These are some brutal quests... you must be a glutton for punishment! ::grin::

alienforce0320: If only bringing the death school back up was that easy...

TheMagicWithin, Sorae, Dorano208, ramband2009, Slumpymaster, winter7, spiritmaster1, nathanalkurdi1: Great job, I love the attention to detail! These are very well thought out.

jhmc: We love puns!

MercMissionary: We love parodies too.

Ryck: Your quest scares me! I hope that NEVER happens to Ambrose (but very creative)...

troyman56: Great story, tying in a lot of worlds!

gothknight12: Love the Spirit Dragoon idea...

cbuell44: "That Cyrus thinks we have a deli here." This line made me laugh so hard! Fantastic!

Joshweiser: I like all the foreshadowing and storylines in your quests!

iheartclear: Fun story! We're always up for a good toga party...

taurn66: I love how you picked up on the alliterations in Milo Barkers speech. Awesome! Great dialogue overall!

ibnerd: Like the reward. I could definitely use that spell in combat!

Djohdja: I like both! It never seemed right that the poor mime was still there even though he was proved innocent. And the title of your son's quest was great! ::grin::

Kallor: Nice to see one of the big baddies that say "I'll be back" actually make good on their promise, nice!

mman17: That is ONE TROUBLESOME goldfish...

Again, this was a GREAT read, and I've let the writers and designers know that you're giving them a run for their money. ::grin:: Keep the ideas coming!

“If the Mind is like a candle, the Heart is like the sun.” Professor Falmea (aka Leah Ruben, your fearless Game Director!)
Jun 19, 2010
reese705 they already made health lower in drag before it was like 1340 for normal enemies now it only up to 1,055 and i am not so sure about the bosses but they aren't that hard

Jun 19, 2010
Sep 06, 2009
i was thinking maybe get minion at start of game and then minion builds as character does getting different addaptable spells to suit the wizard to his/her ablities strength and weakness etc

Jul 18, 2010
My idea revolves around the beginning of the game.

I think you should introduce an instance to free players, it's something that people look for but don't really get to see. Maybe pick one of the ones that are already made and give less reward.

1. Ambrose "<name> I know you have only recently begun your training. But I have need of your assistance. Meet me in my tower and I will explain more."

(I don't know where else you could introduce it so early besides Ambrose's tower. And even then it would take adding on rooms into his tower, I was thinking like the Golem tower how it keeps going up.)

2. Ambrose "A very valuable artifact was stolen from me, I would like for you to recover it. They would hardly expect me to send a younger wizard to the task. They have fled here into my tower."

3. Ambrose "They have hidden behind all sorts of nefarious cohorts. They are most likely at the top of my tower plotting out their evil deeds. Please <name> get to the top of the tower and retrieve my <item>"

- I was thinking maybe his favorite reading book or something

4. As you defeat the first set of guys which are ghosts from unicorn way the narrator kicks in "you have found a piece of the <item> you should take it back to Ambrose"

5. Ambrose "I fear they have broken my <item> into pieces, you will have to recover them all and bring them back to me so I can mend it."

Each level of the tower should introduce a different type of creature from all over the Spiral giving new players a good preview.

Rinse and repeat until you have the required steps and put a boss in at the top with low loot.

Boss should have a chance to drop temporary mounts and low pets, maybe the ones from the shopping district you can buy.

Rewards should be 200g 500xp and an amulet of level 5

Apr 14, 2010
Here is my Idea:

How about the XP that goes no where after you are a Grand some how gets converted to either XP for the pet currently equipped, maybe 6 - 10 per Boss fight or more power to train them. I personally would love a way to train them that does not involve the mini games.

And if we have to stick with the mini games how about being able to choose the stat increase

I love the Idea about being able to make your own pets and the quests to get the top level gear or even craft them

what about being able to dye the pets that have fur?

and how about a way to take a card and attach it to the pet?

or earning a Free hatch ticket or even a discount reward?

Also please please more girl clothes, dresses like the dogs wear in Marleybone, and how about a kimono

letting us have more choices when we go to stitch something, designs, choosing a different top and bottom on the robes

that is all I can think of at the moment thanks for reading :)

Apr 14, 2010
Ok just thought of a few things

Can we please have another way to fill the potion bottles? I don't like the mini games, I play potion motion till I get to level three and the I quit and start it over. I really don't want to pay hard earned gold to refill them.

how about giving the whisps the ability to fill the bottles? or let us fill them at home, I know this has been mentioned before.

also what about a weapon and gear wall that we can put up some of our nicer looking stuff?

and how about a Marleybone house that does not have places you can't go into? Just a nice mansion on a hill.

thanks again for reading :D

Mar 06, 2009
i am sick of seeing the same potions that let you transform into creatures, its cool and everything, but it would be more fun for kids to have more of potion bottles for transforming into stuff like for me i like Mooshu and Krokotopia so i would say i would transform into a krok with those cool staffs that can swing around , like see that more creative. Well W101 should make more transform bottles that makes you transform into different creatures and different abilities. just a good thing to think about

Dec 22, 2008
PreQuest: The Second Tower
Given by: Ned
The Quest "The Third Tower... Not Complete":

1. Ned, "Great job and that tower again. We have two left but only one gate. Hopefully we choose the right tower. Lets go to that one around the corner. Talk to me inside."

2. New Goal: Talk to Ned in The Third Tower in The Ghost Zone in Celestia

3. Seargent Major Talbot (mind controlled) Tip, "Ha ha ha! You will obviously defeat us is our dugneon!
General Khaba (mind controlled) Tip, "He means that you obviously WONT defeat us in our dungeon! He's doing that a lot..."

4. New Goal: Defeat Seargent Major Talbot in The Third Tower in The Ghost Zone in Celestia
New Goal: Defeat General Khaba in The Third Tower in The Ghost Zone in Celestia

5. Ned, "Ok, so the Princess Crab is on the floor before the top. Go there and defeat her then get to the top floor to pull the lever.

6. New Goal: Defeat Princess Crab in The Third Tower in The Ghost Zone in Celestia

7. Princess Crab, "I figured you would get here. It's time for me to be defeated! I mean for YOU to be defeated!"

Princess Crab has only 1000 health (you'll find out why later). her school is ice and her spells are Evil Snowman, Tower Shield, Ice Trap, Snow Serpent, Freeze, and Frost Beetle.

8. Seargent Major Talbot (mind controlled), "This time i'll be making mistakes with what I say, I mean, i won't be making mistakes! Ugh! This is so confusing Morganthe!"
General Khaba (mind controlled), "Don't be a fool like this wizard Talbot! We shall defeat him!"

They are both from the balance school and thier health is 2000 (you'll find out why later) and their spells are Spirit Shield, Balanceblade, Locust Swarm, Weaness, Scorpian, and Scarab.

9. New Goal: Pull the Lever in The Third Tower in The Ghost Zone in Celestia

10. Narrorator, "The Lever appears to be stuck."

11. New Goal: Talk to Ned in The Ghost Zone in Celestia

12. Ned, "I should've known that they would have a trick up their sleave!"
Ned, "They should have a button of some sort that would activate this lever. Then we can try this again."
Ned, "Good job for now though."

Quest Complete!
600 Gold
Ned's Sword of Gratitude (Athame - 350 Health, 300 Mana, 2 Cards - Stormzilla and Colossus)

Leads to: The Fourth Tower - The Solution to the Third

Aug 13, 2009
Quest Name: Ocean Potion

Given By: Halston Balestrom

Requires: 100% Completion of game.

Part One: Halston Balestrom,"Hello there, young wizard! I could use a favor. I am in need of a special potion. It is made from storm ingredients, and it is very useful in the hands of a young wizard, such as yourself. I need you to talk to Hilda Brewer and ask her if she has the ingredients needed."

Part Two: Talk to Hilda Brewer,"You need a special potion? Ah, Halston needs these. Here, young wizard, give him my regards!"

Part Three: Talk to Halston. Narrarator: Halston looks as if he had seen a ghost...

Part Four: "I had all but forgotten! I did not want that Potion, I needed a different one! Could you give Hilda some of my Commander Cantalope? She always loved cantalope. Tell her I need some water essences to finish the potion."

Part Five: "Oh that Halston! I love watermelon, not cantalope! But, here let me see that note. Ahah, he needs water essences. I do not have any with me. I do know the Diseased Water Spirits collect them. Why don't you check there, dear?" 105 G and 1,500 XP.

Quest Name: Getting a Drink

Quest Goal: Defeat 15 Diseased Water Spirits.

Part Six: Talk to Hilda: "Oh my, that is disgusting and dirty, eh? You should probably take that to the pond in the commons and wash it off. Then bring the essences to Halston." 2,500 XP and 205 G.

Quest Name: Washing off

Goal: Wash Water Essences at pond in the commons.

Part Seven: Halston: "You have the essences? Great news! Did Hilda like her cantalope?""Oh my! I forgot! Take this watermelon to her and apologize for me, will you?" 500 XP.

Quest Name: Fruit Mixup

Goal: Bring watermelon to Hilda Brewer.

Part Eight: "Mmmm, watermelon? Aww, he shouldn't have! I love honeydew, not one of those fruits! All well, here's some gold for all your trouble... Wait- I have one more thing I need of you- I want you to go get some goji berries from Unicorn Park. Those are yummy... Bring some back for Halston, too."

Quest's Name: Fruitcake

Goal: Collect berries.

Part Nine: Talk to Hilda Brewer: "Oh good. I will make some fruitcake out of this cake. Talk to Halston and tell him to come here."

Quest Name: The mixup goes to good work!

Goal: Talk to Professor Balestrom and then report back to Hilda Brewer.

Halston: "A cake..? I'll bring some of my potion and we can drink that! I'll meet you back with Hilda." Hilda, "Oh, good! He is coming. And the cake is ready. There he is, and thank you for your help. Here is some fruit and cake. Let your pet eat some of it."

Goal Complete! Rewards: Fruitcake petsnack x3.

May 17, 2009
Hi, Professor Falmea!! :D
How about this for a quest idea? It's another quest for Snorri Oysterbloom.
Snorri Oysterbloom: "Oh! It's terrible! I am in a musical band and one of the band members has gotten sick and can't make it to play at a huge concert in the arena with us. Can you help us out there, little wizard, by filling in for him?"
Narrator: You tell Snorri Oysterbloom you don't know how to play any of Grizzleheim's native instruments.
Snorri Oysterbloom: "Well that's too bad, maybe you can go to some of the other band members and ask them if they will teach you. Please go see the Fishmaster."
You go to the Fishmaster.
Fishmaster: "Ah , hello wizard! What brings you here on such an eventful day?
Narrator: You tell the Fishmaster that Snorri Oysterbloom sent you to learn of Grizzleheim's musical instruments to fill in for Tamarind Thunderclaw (or whatever that little bear's name is that just runs around)at tonight's concert in the arena.(And make the little bear disappear for the duration of the quest)
Fishmaster: "Ah! The Crwth! But first I need to catch my dinner. If you help me out, I'll teach you the Crwth. Please catch me 10 fish.
Narrator: You run to the river and collect 10 fish/tadpoles. (Fish endlessly, or, just collect- x on- collects fish. )
Fishmasterer: "Hello, I see you are back with my dinner! I suppose in exchange I should teach you the Crwth."
Narrator: The Fishmaster teaches you the instrument, and you find you can play it easily and without much trouble. He tells you to return to Snorri Oysterbloom and tell him he has taught you everything he knows.
Snorri Oysterbloom: "Wonderful! It's almost time for the concert. Run to the Grizzleheim arena (where the minigame sigils are) and we will begin the concert."
You run to the arena( two ideas- 1. you enter a mini game that is like the dancing game in pet pavillion, but with a musical instrument, or a mini-game similar to gutar hero/type, and play until you get a perfect score. quest complete.)
2. A message comes up and says: You played for the audience, the crowd really loves you. quest complete.
Reward; a giant plaque that says "I'm in the band" for your house and a badge that says "honorary band member". 250 gold 1200 xp.( Repeatable for the fishing and the mini-games.)

Feb 15, 2009
My other idea:
(You must complete the zeke quests in all other world except GrizzleHeim.)

Quest Name: Sea Food Delite
Starting point: Prospector Zeke (CL)
1. Zeke: Well ello' there young wizard, ya got perfect timin' on this en'. It's almosts time for me to eat, but I'm all outta food. Ambrose pays me tomorra' for my services but I need to survive tonight. Could ya help me out here? I hear there are some fish eggs hangin' out here in good ol' Celestia, think you could find em' fer me? I'd pay ya real nicely.

2. Find fish eggs in 10 locations in CL or Celestia

3. Return to Prospector Zeke
Zeke: Well thank ya there young wizard, as promised, and as usual here's yer reward. Hope to see ya in other worlds O'l Ambrose may conjure up.

Reward: 3455 Experience, 555 gold and 1 training point

May 10, 2009
p826511615 wrote:
well this would be one of the best things you could do to the game right now is add a 7th slot to make another character so people can have a full set :D

I agree lol.
Emma SummerCaster
Life 48

Aug 05, 2009
spell quest: spell search
prof: it is time for you to learn a new spell. for this spell i require a book that has been stolen. see if any of the onis have it. you notice none of then onis have it after you defeat them. prof: well, try the hoarder and fireven. you defeat them, but notice none of them have the book. prof: well, try sea lord, gurtok demon, and karuvian scargiver. if none of them have it, ask laszlo starblade if he knows where it is. you notice none of these guys have it after you defeat them. lazslo: well, i saw darkflame carrying that book. go see if he has it. if he doesnt, scarrik gallowgaunt will. you notice dean doesnt have the book, but scarrik does! prof: well, you have the book. i require only two more things. prof:i now require a shimmer wand. there are six pieces to it. they are in sunken city,tomb of beguiler,ironworks,crimson fields, and in the headmasters office in ds.i have one piece right here. go get the other ones. you get the other pieces and bring them back to your prof. prof:now i need to convert the energy in the wand to storm/fire/myth/ice/balance/death/life power. go see your school tree to do so. your tree says, go to the tower and defeat what is there to convert the energy.( for balance, this isnt a part. the tree says i will gladly convert it.)there is a liviing tree there rank seven boss, must defeat two times. talk to prof.prof: good job on that. there is only onky one more thing i require.prof: i need a special kind of cloak for you to wear while summoning. i will need parta from nightshade,biti,akori,khai amahta,pops oleary, agony wraith, jaques the scratcher,war oni, kagemoosha, jade oni, and from viktor snowcrusher. go get the supplies. you get the supplies. talk to prof. prof: one more thing in the cloak is needed. for the cloak, i require a magical strip from baxby. go ask him for one. bxby: hi there, wizard! you need a magical strip, right? well, i got s trip right here, but to make it magical i need the to wraith staffs. one from nightshade, one from agony wraith. go get them. you get them. talk to baxby. baxby: well, meet me in my tower in mb and we'll make it there. talk to baxby. baxby: HAHAHA! i tricked you! defeat baxby rank nine boss nine thousand five hundred health can use any spell. you defeat him. he drops a magical strip. talk to prof. prof:: well, good job. now for the summoning. go to a tower in ds. you find that your school tree is there it tells you things then it says speak these words: aka lo melga! tlk t prof prof: well, here is your well deserved spell card:-(all 8 pips except balance and storm)

storm: mega bolt nine hundred damage all enemies three pips 5%
fire:volcnic ash sacrafice 450 hundred to deal 800 damage to all enemies 70%
ice: snowfall cliff deal 700 damage to all enemies stun
life:switch jungle 400 damage to all enemies and heal 400 to all friends 90%
death: deadly ghost six hundred damage to all enemies convert half to health 85%
myth: monster mash 100 plus 650 to all enemies

tormetal judge: 90 damage per pip to all enemies