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Feedback Friday - 08-06-10

Dec 22, 2008
PreQuest: A Mistake
Given by: Merle Ambrose
The Quest "Trouble with Mossback":

1. Merle Ambrose, "Hello again young wizard. As you can see by the darkness, Morganthe has been here too."
Merle Ambrose, "I know that the Emporor has not been mind controlled and sense I just got here, I don't know who is Morganthe's main target."
Merle Ambrose, "Please go talk to him so that he tells you who is her target. Then, wherever he or she is, got and defeat them. I will be trying my best to get Morganthe too."

2. New Goal: Talk to The Emporor in Jade Palace in Mooshu

3. The Emporor, "Yes, as a matter a fact I do know. It's Mossback. Mossback has been on a rampage in the Cave of Solitude. Please go there and defeat him.

4. New Goal: Locate Mossback in the Cave of Solitude in the Shoshun Village in Mooshu.

5. Mossback (mind controlled), "Ha! You really think you stand a chance against me? Especially when I have the emporor on my side!?"
Narrorator, "The Emporor appears out of nowhere."
The Emporor (mind controlled), "It's impossible to defeat us!"

6. New Goal: Defeat Mossback in the Cave of Solitude in the Shoshun Village in Mooshu.
New Goal: Defeat The Emporor in the Cave of Solitude in the Shoshun Village in Mooshu.

The Emporor has 9500 health and he is from the Life School. His spells are Spirit Shield, Spirit Trap, Spirit Blade, Lifeblade, Life Trap, Spirit Armor, Weakness, Balanceblade, Sanctuary, Rebirth, Dryad, Centaur, Guiding Light, Satyr, Seraph, and Death Shield.

Mossback has 9000 health and he is also from the Life School. His spells are Death SHield, Spirit Trap, Spirit Blade, Life Blade, Life Trap, Spirit Armor, Guiding LIght, Centaur, Dryad, Seraph, Nature's Wrath, and Satyr.

7. The Emporor, "Oh, thank you very much kind wizard. You have once again saved me. Please give my gratitude to Merle Ambrose.
Mossback, "You do so much for us wizard. Thank you very much."

8. New Goal: Talk to Merle Ambrose in Jade Palace in Mooshu.

9. Merle Ambrose, "So, it was Mossback and The Emporor. I should have known. Anyway, Morganthe has made her way into Dragonspyre so we must confront her.
Merle Ambrose, "I will meet you in The Basilica next to Cyrus Drake."
Narrorator, "You see a note where The Headmaster was standing."

10. New Goal: Pick Up The Note in Jade Palace in Mooshu.

Quest Complete!
1300 Gold
The Emporor's Amulet of Life (Amulet - 350 Health, 300 mana, 1 Card - Rebirth)
Mossback's Desert Athame (Athame - 300 Health, 250 mana, 1 Card - Centaur)

Leads to: Et tu Cyrus?

Dec 07, 2009
braineeakman wrote:
Well, my idea isn't so much a quest as it is a completely new addition to Wizard101. Here's my idea...

Create something (a billboard, book pedestal, etc...) in every town center (the commons, regents square etc...) that allows wizards to team up with other wizards for any of that world's towers and dungeons. It will elimate that whole "waiting around, just hoping someone will walk up that needs this dungeon too" scenario and shave time off questing. Wizards can use it to join/create teams for any particular dungeon/tower for a quest, or just to find other people to farm with!

Here's an example...

I need to do sunken city, but none of my friends are online. what am I to do? just wait around near the sigil hoping someone will run up? no! go to the commons and look in the billboards. From there you can select which dungeon you need, click it then see a whole list of other wizards who need/want to do it too. Then you can create or join a team of wizards who all want to do your dungeon, once the team is full you will all be ported to the sigil and you're ready to go! It a great way to help wizards team up for a common goal! :D

hope you enojoyed my idea!

Valdus DeathWielder- grandmaster necromancer
Willaim StormForge- master diviner
Edward WillowWhisper- master theurgist
William DarkHeart- grandmaster sorcerer
Dakota DarkFlame- journeyman pyromancer

I vote for this idea!!!!!

Oct 19, 2008
Hello KI, here's a suggestion I have.

There is a picture of all the school teachers, but one is missing. Alhazred, the Balance Teacher. If i'm mistaken and there is one, ill find out. But could you please add one into the crowns shop? As a Balance student i love to see my teacher's face everytime i log in.


Dec 22, 2008
PreQuest: Trouble with Mossback
Given by: Merle Ambrose
The Quest "Et tu Cyrus?":

1. Narrorator, "You see that Cyrus Drake is missing and Merle Ambrose is in his place.

2. Merle Ambrose, "We are coming close to the end young wizard. I'm not sure where Cyrus is.
Merle Ambrose, "I'm guessing he has been taken by Morganthe along with Zarathax who has been brought back to life by Morganthe. I do know that they are in The Grand Chasm Past.
Merle Ambrose, "Go and defeat them both and this time, I should be able to stop Morganthe.

3. New Goal: Defeat Cyrus Drake in The Grand Chasm Past in The Atheneum in Dragonspyre.
New Goal: Defeat Zarathax in The Grand Chasm Past in The Atheneum in Dragonspyre.

4. Cyrus Drake (mind controlled), "Ha! You may have defeated me once but I am stronger now. You'll never be able to defeat me!"
Zarathax (mind controlled), "I may still be bad like I was before but I work for Morganthe now! Malistare has no power over me!

Cyrus Drake has 10000 health and his school is still Myth. His spells are the same as they were before but he now has Time of Legend, Spirit Blade, Spirit Trap, and Elemental Shield.

Zarathax now has 9500 health and his school is now Ice. His spells are the same as they were before but he now has Bladestorm, Power Nova, Hydra, Spectral Blast, Elemntal Blade, Spirit Blade, Power Play, Donate Power, Reshuffle, and Wraith.

5. Cyrus Drake, "I cannot believe I let myself get mind controlled like that. Thank you once again young wizard."
Zarathax, "You will be getting no thanks from me after what you did to Malistare! Well, I guess, sense I'm not in Morganthe's control, thank you.

6. New Goal: Talk to Merle Ambrose in The Basilica in Dragonspyre.

7. Merle Ambrose, "You defeated them, well I couldn't even find Morganthe. Maybe there is no hope for us at all...
Merle Ambrose, "She is probably back in Celestia now with the minions she has gotten from these worlds so go there and look for her.
Merle Ambrose, "I have something to do here in Dragonspyre. You go talk to Malistare, maybe he can help you."

Quest Complete!
1450 Gold
Cyrus Drake (Pet - Gives 2 Cards at Epic - Earthquake and Minatour
Zarathax's House of Anger (Castle)

Leads to: Something Smells Fishy

Oct 18, 2009
I have ideas for three holiday related quest. A short one could be to plan a birthday party for Ambrose. A shop on colossus blvd could be the bakery. the baker sends you on quest for all the ingredients for the cake. next someone will send you on quest for party decorations. Your reward would be items for your own kitchen, maybe even a vegetable garden.

Second would be an easter egg hunt. go down the whole following a rabbit you can use each of the teachers as characters from alice in wonderland. Maybe a patent problem there.

third, Search for the Holiday spirit. Start in Firecat Alley. visit each area getting different items then go to each world. End in Grizzlehiem for the tree. the final ending would be the culimination of all items for a joyous holiday spirit. I am not sure how you would combine all the different religion or how you can avoid mentioning any religion.

Will thats my idea. peony552

Apr 24, 2009
ProfessorFalmea wrote:
Welcome to the first Feedback Friday! From time to time, we'd like to put out a call for your thoughts, opinions, and ideas on one specific burning question or topic. We'll start things out with the topic. You'll post your feedback in this thread on that subject (and only that subject, please - the rest of the message board is open for you to comment on other topics). It's just that easy!

Standard disclaimer applies: We do not guarantee to use each and every idea submitted, and questions we pose may or may not be pertaining to things we are currently working on, or will ever undertake. Sometimes, there are just technical limitations that make changing things difficult to impossible, and though we possess all manner of magic wands here, there are technological beasts out there that are beyond our grasp. Sometimes, we may not feel it is within the spirit and vision of the spiral to add or change something. Also, we realize that some of these topics may have been addressed before in other threads - sometimes it's good to pick up a discussion again. Chances are I have read your threads and would like to hear more!

Without further ado, here is the first one - make your own quest! If it were up to you, and you had the whole spiral at your fingertips, what would you do? Here are the rules:
1. Must use existing characters in game.
2. No more than 10 steps long.
3. Each dialogue snippet must be less than a tweet's length (140 characters) and no more than 3 snippets per step.
4. Let us know what sort of loot/experience/gold/etc you'd give as a reward.

1. Falmea, “I’m very hungry today. I brought my lunch to school with me but I forgot an important part – the hot sauce!” “I know that Professor Balestrom has been working on a new super-powered hot sauce designed to be the perfect level of spiciness.” “Can you see if I can borrow a drop or two?”
2. Balestrom, “Oh, that sauce? I had shelved it because I didn’t have enough fire essences.” “I think magma men might have them. If you bring a few back for me, I can continue my work and Professor Falmea can be my first test subject!”
3. The questing wizard must defeat 4 magma men and return to Professor Balestrom.
4. Narrator, “Balestrom takes the essences from you and puts it in a half-full bottle and shakes it around a bit. It seethes and starts to smoke a bit.” Balestrom, “Perfect! Deliver this to Falmea and let me know what she thinks.”
5. Narrator, “You hand the bottle to Professor Falmea. She pours a drop on her lunch and takes a taste and begins to choke and cough.” Falmea, “This is not hot sauce at all! It tastes like rotten eggs." "Could you be a dear and give the Professor the bad news while I get this taste out of my mouth?”
6. Narrator, “You tell Professor Balestrom that his experiment didn’t go as planned.” Balestrom, “Oh dear, oh my. Well, I guess it’s back to the drawing board. Can you take Dalia this gift as an apology?”
7. Falmea, “Oh, he shouldn’t have. One of my firecat’s favorite snacks! Here, why don’t I share some with you since you did my dirty work…”
Reward: 3 Flaming Carrots and 50 gold

I'm sure you can do better! Very much looking forward to reading your handiwork!

Headmaster: i need you to talk to Marla Stinger, in nightside, and see if she has any news on the new whereabouts of the new enemy we seek,

headmaster, (whispering)
the umbra queen. it seems, she has a little bit of a past with her. well, now that we have malistiare out of the way, we must find out more about her, before we approach her.

award: 200 xp, and 50 gold.

the head master wants news on the umbra queen?
narrator: you ask her if she had past on her
marla: yes as a matter of fact, i do.
but wait, how does the headmaster know about the umbra queen?
hmmmm..... do you know who told him? i dont want him to know.
narrator: marla stinger starts to tear up.
a few people look suspicious on who told him. you know how the headmaster is always trying to find a student who might know the whereabouts of someone, and i told them not to tell anyone

i would try harold argleston. i dont think he is a culprit, but i think he knows who looks shifty by the way he has been working today.

reward, 100 xp

narrator: as soon as you walk in, you see harold argleston yelling at a student. everyone was staring at him, fightened.
harold argleston sighs and gets back to work.

(you walk closer to him to press ''x'')

narrator: you ask him what is troubling him.

harold: OK ill tell you. i was just walking down the haunted cave, when a fish like thing appeared out of no where, and took my favorite book! that was my first book i ever read, and it just ''popped'' up and took my book!

harold: when he took the book, he headed toward ravenwood, and a large tower appeared. i recon where the death school used to be. could you check there?

300 gold: reward

narrator: maybe you should go in?

umbra queen: say, you want this book? well, you wont want it you face my minions wrath ah hah hah hah ha ha!

you battle a shadow weaver. (balance rank 8) 900 health

he dropps the book and you take it to Harold.
Harold: oh! thank you!
narrator: you tell him what you really came here for: the culprit of who told the headmaster

harold: if its got anything to do with celestia, its GOT to be the storm professor. he has been working on that resonating omni audiograph for ages.
i think he has been talking about it.

reward: 300 xp 50 gold

storm professor:
so you ask if i told the headmaster, well as a matter of fact, i did!

sp: (storm professor) you say marla stinger did not want him to know about her well, can you tell her i am sorry. i didnt know she didnt want him to know!

ms: (marla stinger:-) so it WAS the storm professor.
now give this info to the headmaster.
tell him that the umbra queen is of my imagination, so that he wont suspect anything. i dont want to tell you about her until later, i am in my sad place right now. reward 300 xp 100 gold.

oh. ok then. i guess i dont need to ask mindy pxie crown if she knows anything!

Dec 09, 2009
1 Characters have the ability to jump, but as of now it's cosmetic - we can't jump over anything, even on a mount. Maybe work this ability into a quest.

2 Pets should get experience when used in battle.

3 With hatching the way it is, some players are getting a surplus of the same pets - either raise the price we get for selling these (to something more than 1% of the price of hatching, which is about where it is now) or let us buy and sell them at auction again.


Nov 29, 2009
1) fix the damage over time spells for fire: i cannot in good conscience recommend a school that has some of its most important spells hamstrung
2) make the derby optional on pets. Some of us have zero interest in the derby and the "selfish" talents that are rated as ultra-rare have no use to me whatsoever. When you get the pet you are presented with a choice of growing that pet for the derby or for battle.
First, you stopped the Nightwalker drop from the Karuvian, then you eliminated the death minotaur spell entirely from hatched nightwalkers and replaced it with wraith. Then the ice hound, frost/ice zilla problem. Is it your goal to protect life enemies in the spiral by removing death minotaur as an option in a death wizards never ending battle with shield spamming life mobs? Further, is it your desire to keep ice as weak as possible by removing ice school spells that approach the hit power of other schools? Then there is the recent defender pig that people have mistakenly bought thinking that it would have the same universal resist as the previous one. It does not. Expect sales of that pet to drop off sharply. This trait is also apparently very hard to move from one pet to another. Is this by design? Is universal resist going to be phased out of pets. The same thing can be said of other pets bought previously that had universal resist.
3) Make your pet genome more available
Give us some sort of an outline of what to expect out of our pets. The card is not enough, when we are able to get that information. I want to know if it is going to manifest certain talents for it to be worthwhile to level up.
4) Increase the options on menu chat.
In a battle with someone it is extremely frustrating to try to help someone with a boss that requires a more in depth range of questions. I have no idea how to do this, but it is very limiting.
5)I doubt you will answer anything about the pets. The feedback from the emails members have received is close akin to responses from the NSA, either a boilerplate response of "Thanks! well be sure to check that out!"
or "Sorry, if I was to answer that it would be a spoiler." So, my expectations that you will respond to these issues are low.

I could not care less about more content until the problems already present in the game are addressed.
I didn't mention the messed up nature of having my 10000 crown Earth Walker with useless myth talents. I didn't mention the unfair nature of pvp points today. Oh wait, I just did.

I will most likely continue to be a member, but these are the things that will influence my decision to do so. It would be very easy to take my business elsewhere. I am not alone by any means in my frustrations with selfish talents manifesting in pets and their reflected emphasis on the derby, the weakening of the pets and their spells or with the hidden nature of those talents to be manifested. I will certainly not encourage my daughter to hatch her pets unless she is completely awash in cash. There is too much risk for not much reward. The risk/reward equation is totally out of whack.

Dec 08, 2009
My son and I both made a quest.
Here is mine:

1. Marcel Meyow: Narrator: Marcel mimes at you that he's been in prison for a long time now, although he was proven innocent. Could you ask Officer McRuff why he isn't out yet?
2. Officer McRuff: "I told you, Sergeant Steeg has the keys to the jail cell. Go speak to him on Scotland Yard roof."
3. Sergeant Steeg: "Sure, we wouldn't want an innocent person kept locked up! I'll give you the key; let me see..."
Narrator: Sergeant Steeg rummages through his pockets, looking increasingly agitated.
Sergeant Steeg: "This is terrible; it's been stolen! Those despicable devious scratchers! I can't leave my post; could you fight them and get me the key?"
4. The questing wizard must defeat devious scratchers until she gets a key, and then return to Sergeant Steeg.
5. Sergeant Steeg: "Thank you, wizard! Ehm...Please don't tell McRuff about this, will you? It's all a bit embarrassing." "Now go free that cat!"
7. Questing wizard returns to Scotland Yard and approaches the cell.
8. Narrator: You turn the key; the door unlocks with a click. Marcel Meyow steps out, a wide smile of relieve on his face.
Marcel Meyow: Narrator: A tearful Marcel mimes his immense gratitude, and vows to dedicate his next great performance to you.

Reward: 50 Gold; Keyhanger(furniture); Ring of the Mime (boosts healing)

After this quest, Marcel is no longer in the cell! That poor cat deserves better.

Dec 08, 2009
Here is my son's quest. I think it's very good.

Jing-Han He: "Good day, young wizard. The great Mooddha has been doing some strange things to our world lately. One of these things happened recently around the Yoshihito temple area." "Can you ask Yunuo Ma what is happening?"
New Quest: Programming Bugs
New Goal: Talk to Yunuo Ma
Yunuo Ma: "Venerable wizard! Good to see you back. I will forever stay grateful to you for saving all of our spirits from the terror of the Death Oni."
Quest Complete: Programming Bugs
Yunuo Ma: "I must, however, ask one more favour of you. That evil spirit you summoned freed itself and sent ghosts to attack our village in revenge." "You will need to defeat it again to save us. Will you help us once more, great wizard?"
New quest: Not Again!
New goal: Defeat Oyotomi the Defiler.
(Defeats Oyotomi)
New Goal: Talk to Yunuo Ma
Yunuo Ma: "There are still undead torturing our spirits!"
Quest Complete: Not Again! You receive 500 xp, 130 gold
Yunuo Ma: Oyotomi cannot be their leader! I think the only ones who know whom it is must be the Undead. Can you defeat some and find out?"
New quest: A Sorrow Sight.
New Goal: Defeat 4 Sorrow Whisperer
(Defeats Sorrow Whisperers)
New Goal: Talk to Yunuo Ma
Yunuo Ma: "Aha! This sounds promising."
Quest Complete: A Sorrow Sight. You receive 500 xp, 150 gold
Yunuo Ma: "There is a spirit called Akuji, who lives- well, is situated near the Tree of Life. Apparently, he leads the spirits which shouldn't be here anymore." "Destroy him and save us. Then we will be able to live at peace with all other spirits."
New Quest: Ghost Multiplication.
New Goal: Defeat Akuji
(Defeats Akuji)
Narrator: "When you least expect it, two new Akujis reappear. You have no time to wonder why, and must defeat these reincarnations."
New Goal: Defeat 2 Akuji
(Defeats the Akujis)
New Goal: Talk to Yunuo Ma
Yunuo Ma: "Thank you so much! The attacks have already stopped, and we are safe!"
Quest Complete: Ghost Multiplication. You receive: 500 xp, 200 gold
Yunuo Ma: "Akuji multiplied? This must be the Mooddha's mistake!" "Report to Jing-Han He immediately. Farewell, mighty wizard, may the Emperor be with you!"
New Quest: Good Going, Mooddha.
New Goal: Talk to Jing-Han He.
Jing-Han He: "So that is it, young wizard? Since only you can speak to the Mooddha, inform him of this mistake!"
New Goal: Talk to The Mooddha.
Mooddha: "Thank you for submitting this bug. We will correct it as soon as possible."
Narrator: "A small piece of stone drops off the mighty statue. You bend over to pick it up."
Mooddha: "Keep it as a token of thanks. A stone from my statue has magical properties and will aid you in your adventures." "Remember to look out for bugs; it's important that the spiral is kept tidy."
Quest complete: Good Going, Mooddha. You receive: Pendant of the Mooddha-an amulet which gives you two balanceblade spells, 2500 xp, 350 gold.

Dec 22, 2008
PreQuest: Et tu Cyrus?
Given by: Merle Ambrose
The Quest "Something Smells Fishy"

1. New Goal: Talk to Malistare Drake in The Tower in Celestia

2. Narrorator, "You see the Headmaster talking to Malistare."

3. Malistare Drake, "You say that Merle told you to talk to me? But that's impossible. Merle has been right next to me the whole time.
Merle Ambrose, "Yes, he is correct. I've been here the whole time."
Narrorator, "You explain what the other Headmaster was telling you to do and then you show them the note.
Merle Ambrose, "By Bartleby! You've been fooled! I never went to all those places in a long time. I've been with Malistare. It was probably on of Morganthe's minions.
Sylvia Drake, "That is not good. We must look for that other Headmaster and maybe he can lead us to where Morganthe is.
Malistare Drake, "Go back to Dragonsypre and find out where she is.".

4. New Goal: Find the Fake Headmaster in Dragonspyre

5. Fake Headmaster, "So, you've realized my plan then? Well in that case, I guess it's safe to say that I am Morganthe.
(The Fake Headmaster disappears leaving Morganthe in his place)
Morganthe, "You may have figured it out but you'll never be able to defeat me! I'm going back to Celestia with my minions and there is nothing you can do about it!
Moreganthe, "I'll be in my castle. Until we meet again, I think not though. HA HA HA HA!
(Moreganthe disappears)

6. New Goal: Talk to Malistare Drake in The Tower in Celestia.

7. Malistare Drake, "You saw Morganthe in person!? Hmph, so she's in her castle. We'll never be able to get to her now.
Merle Ambrose, "This is bad. I need to get back to The Commons so that I can keep most of the spiral under control. Malistare and Sylvia can help you now.
Sylvia Drake, "Yes, I'll do whatever I can to help you young wizard."
(Merle Ambrose disappears)

Quest Complete!
206 Gold

Leads to: The Phantom Zone

Dec 22, 2008
PreQuest: Something Spells Fishy
Given by: Malistare Drake
The Quest "The Phantom Zone":

1. Malistare Drake, "There is a place called The Phantom Zone here in Celestia. She's has many minions in there so to get to Morganthe, we'll have to take them out first.
Malistare Drake, "Go into The Phantom Zone and see what you can find."

2. New Goal: Locate The Phantom Zone in Celestia

3. New Goal: Talk to (insert the name of a new character 1 here)

4. (insert the name of a new character 1 here), "Thank you for coming here Wizard. I really need your help."

Quest Complete!
50 Gold

Leads to: Lunch Time

Dec 22, 2008
PreQuest: The Phantom Zone
Given by: (insert a name of a new character 1 here)
The Quest "Lunch Time":

1. (insert name of new character 1 here), "Those crustracians stole all my lunch and i'm so hungry."
(insert name of new character 1 here), "Please go defeat a couple of them for me and get my lunch back.

2. New Goal: Defeat Crustacians for Lunch in The Phantom Zone in Celestia. (70% Chance you will get the Lunch)

3. (insert name of new character 1 here), "Oh! Thank you! Now I can enjoy my lunch in piece!"

Quest Complete
205 Gold
Crustacious Wand (Wand - 1 power pip, 1 pip, 90 ice damage)

Leads to: Infiltrating the Crabs

Dec 22, 2008
PreQuest: Lunch Time
Given by: (insert name of new character 1 here)
The Quest "Infiltrating the Crabs":

1. (insert name of new character 1 here), "Say, while I was eating my lunch, I overheard the location of the crustacian's secret base."
(insert name of new character 1 here), "It's on the other side of the street. Go there and destroy it. That should make the crustacians a little more resanable.
(insert name of new character 1 here), "Meet me inside."

2. New Goal: Locate Crustacian's Secret Base in The Phantom Zone, in Celestia.

3. Lord Barker (mind controlled) Tip, "You really think you stand a chance against me in my dungeon? I think not, especially with my new friend Mr. Lincoln!"

4. New Goal: Defeat Lord Barker
New Goal: Defeat Mr. Lincoln

5. New Goal: Talk to (insert name of new character 1 here) in Crustacian Dungeon in The Phantom Zone in Celestia.

6. (insert name of new character 1 here), "Good, you've made it."

Quest Complete!
220 Gold

Leads to: A Special Ocasion

Jun 13, 2009
galafrein wrote:
I think a good idea would be instead of a wraith pet when you become a master of death what about a scarecrow pet. what do you think?

Ooo, I'd love a scarecrow pet! Great Idea!

Jul 29, 2009
here is an idea for a quest for levels 7 and up

1. gloria krendall old town " excuse me young wizard. i was going to give prospector zeke a gift but i left it in tritont avenue could you ask susie gryphonebane if she saw it. tell her is has silver wrapping paper.

2. tritont avenue susie griffonbane " i think i saw a rotting fodder carrying a gift with silver wraping paper."

3. defeat 4 rotting fodder

4. gloria krendall thank you young wizard!

reward 11 gold banshee treasure card 110 experiance

sorry if spelling is wrong.
allison summer breeze fire wizard oni slayer

Aug 13, 2009
(Level 50, and up to Grizzleheim game completion, along with sidequests required.)

Step One: Cyrus Drake calls you to his school. "About time you have come! Now, I need some quests done. I want you to go take this note to the headmaster. He will know what to do with it." Talk to headmaster Ambrose.

Step Two: "Ah, you say you have a special note? Let me see ... ahah, Cyrus needs some fairy dust and cyclops eyes, along with some some rare mandrake? Seems he is making a potion, eh? Well, I do not have the time to do it now. Why don't you collect the ingredients, and bring them to me? I know this brew very well, my professor taught me it!" Merle hands you the list. 10 G. You must defeat 10 dark sprites, 5 Cyclops Legionaires, and collect 10 Mandrakes in Grizzleheim.

Step Three: Return to the headmaster. "Ahah, let me see those ingredients. Now, let us see for the second part of the list, eh? Hmm, mmm. This is a very peculiar piece of ingredient, it is one I haven't used in a long time. I need you to collect a golden fang ..." Go and defeat Keeper of the Fang in the Vault of Ice. 105 G.

Step Four: Come back to the headmaster. "Ah, there she is. The golden fang. Did you give Shalek the Wise my regards? Hehhhh .... I have not seen him in such a long, long time. Now, I am ready to stir the brew up ... Oh no, I forgot the icy water! Go to Krokotopia, and pour my canteen here with the water." 110 G.

Step Five: Talk to Kelvin and frost water in Ravenwood. "You say you need some frost? Frost is hard to come by in this season of Summer, but here you go. Don't drink it in one time, you hear?" 100 G.

Step Six: "Ah, the icewater. Now, I could use a wooden spoon. Gloria Krendell, an old witch friend of mine, possesses at least a million of wooden spoons! Why don't you ask her?"

Step Seven: "A wooden spoon, eh? I've got one right here, why don't you use this one?" Return to the headmaster.

Step Eight: "Ahah, there it is. The brew is going to be finished momentarily."
"Ok, here you go. The complete brew. Go to Cyrus Drake and give him my regards." The headmaster hands you a cauldron.

Step Nine: "Well that certainly was not short. Give it to me. It is not even finished, though it is good enough. Here. Take some of the potion. It is worst I could do for as terrible as this!" Cyrus Drake hands you a flask filled with a potion. Give the headmaster a flask of this.

Step Eight:"Ah, thank you! I haven't had this potion in so long. Mmm, just as tasty as I remembered. Here, take some gold. It may help you in your journey to ... That is a story for another time!" 500 G.

Feb 15, 2010
nadrojcigam wrote:
Well here's my idea,
Step one
Sir Regenold Baxby (in wizard city), " Young wizard Can you please tell Cyrus Drake that I require a Glittering robe for a hunt I am trying to take down?

I'll make it worth your while..."
Step 2
Cyrus, "You say Regenald is looking for a GLITTERING robe?!? Why Those are so rare I can't even find ONE in exsistance...
500xp 200 gold
Wait... I know the emperor of Mooshu has seen one before, maybe he can help you. Keep me informed I want to see it as well."
Step 3
Emperor of mooshu (when he's healthy), A glittering robe? Awwwe yes, I remember it well,
500xp 200 gold
It gave one of my biggest enemies the power to thwart me... When I defeated him I took it and hid it.

It has be seperated into three parts, the hood, the cloak, and, the shoes.
They now hang in seperate cases in the marleybone museum..."
Step four
Mayor Pimsbury, "Your inquiring about the Glittering robe?"
750 xp 300 gold
The mayor looks saddened...

I am sorry young wizard, It has been stolen by meowiarty. However I saw him pass it to malistaire when he came to free him.

I'm sure malistaire has it now, and with the power of the robe he has the power to do horrible things..."
Step five
You enter dragonspyre and find a dull colored robe with boots and hat to match in front of the spiral doorway, show the mayor of marleybone.
Step six
Pimsbury, "THATS IT!!! thats the Glittering myth robe! It has been drained of its color though,
250xp 100 gold
Talk to professor drake in Ravenwood he should know whats wrong."

Step seven

"Cyrus drake, My Word! Its the glittering myth robe! Its been drained you say?"
reward 500 xp and 200 gold

"Ah yes, It needs to be recharged."
"Take it into the world tree, I will gather my fellow teachers..."
Inside the world tree...

Ambrose, Amazing young wizard! you found a robe that could give us the power to defeat malistaire!
(the teachers form a circle around the center of the tree where you stand holding the robe)
step eight

Ambrose, Young wizard we are going to infuze the robe with magic stand very still...

(The teachers each infuze the robe with magic, represented by the colors the robe now eminates.)

Wizard that robe is now power filled, take it to baxby he can use it then we need it back!

Step nine,
Baxby, Wow wizard that was very fast!
(baxby begins to shimmer and sparkle revealing he is none other then MALISTAIRE!!)

Malistaire, "I planted the cloak there knowing you would find it and have it recharged...
I now understand why ambrose favors you so much...
If you ever go to the evil side, give me a call, I could use someone compotent like yourself. Farewell."

Back in merle's office
Eye of bartleby! that was really malistaire? Wow I am sorry wizard
Here is a training point and some gold for you trouble, sorry.
+1 training point, 5000xp, 1000gold
Hope you like it feel free to change the rewards didn't know what was suitable,
Warmest regards
Jordan of the life school.

I think that is a very creative idea, I am impressed. The rewards do need to be dialed down quite a bit, they should reflect the challenges and difficulty. And training points are very rare, but it would be nice to have another one available. Just make the quest tough enough to be worth that training point.

Also, there is no fighting at all, no foes to defeat. That really needs to happen to make a successful quest. Maybe you have to summon the jade oni and defeat it before talking to the emperor, and Malistaire, being Malistaire, would just have to fight you out of jealosy or meanness, and maybe summon some death minions after the fourth or fifth round, or fourth or fifth time he takes damage.

If you made this several quests, I think it would work better. Maybe one ending in battling the jade oni and finding out about the robe, one involving getting in some fights to find out where the three pieces are and maybe when the teachers gather to do the magic in the life tree, you have to fight a tree oni or earth gurtok to capture its essence to enfuse the robe with its glitter again.

I would love to see old Reginald do something other than just stand there, I mean, he is in Wizard City and Krokotopia andMarleybone. Maybe he would be a good source for some new training point quests, like Zeke only since he is a game hunter and not a trader, they would be quests to fight so many of each kind of monster instead of collecting hidden items.

If the dialog was combined more, and some of it told by the narrarator then there would be room for some battles, too.

I think there is great potential here, why don't you work on it some more?

Warmly with the flame of the dragon's heart glowing,
Angus Ironpants, Grandmaster Pyromancer at last! :P

Feb 15, 2010
braineeakman wrote:
Well, my idea isn't so much a quest as it is a completely new addition to Wizard101. Here's my idea...

Create something (a billboard, book pedestal, etc...) in every town center (the commons, regents square etc...) that allows wizards to team up with other wizards for any of that world's towers and dungeons. It will elimate that whole "waiting around, just hoping someone will walk up that needs this dungeon too" scenario and shave time off questing. Wizards can use it to join/create teams for any particular dungeon/tower for a quest, or just to find other people to farm with!

Here's an example...

I need to do sunken city, but none of my friends are online. what am I to do? just wait around near the sigil hoping someone will run up? no! go to the commons and look in the billboards. From there you can select which dungeon you need, click it then see a whole list of other wizards who need/want to do it too. Then you can create or join a team of wizards who all want to do your dungeon, once the team is full you will all be ported to the sigil and you're ready to go! It a great way to help wizards team up for a common goal! :D

hope you enojoyed my idea!

Valdus DeathWielder- grandmaster necromancer
Willaim StormForge- master diviner
Edward WillowWhisper- master theurgist
William DarkHeart- grandmaster sorcerer
Dakota DarkFlame- journeyman pyromancer

I do kind of like your idea, but it isn't a quest. Maybe there could be a quest to earn access to each bulletin board? And along the same lines, several wizards have expressed a desire to be able to text your friends who are not online, maybe the message could show up like a gift, only be an envelope with the message in it. That would be a way to talk with friends who were not online, maybe arrange a time to meet to do quests together and stuff. This could also be a thing that is earned or gained through questing, maybe tied to the Royal mail in Marleybone, and Gamma in Wixard City for instance. You might have to go defeat foes to get the special parchment. And Summon a Phoenix and beat it to get the quill for the pen, and fight some kind of undead and elementals to create the ink, then the message board, or the special delivery letter, would be unlocked. What do you think?

The embers of an idea are glowing here,
Angus Ironpants, Grandmaster Pyromancer

Jan 19, 2010
I think one you finish Dragonspyre you shoud be able to help unicorn way again with adding a new boss somewhere.

head master: excuse me young wizard i need you to report to my office right away,
you go to his office,: I need you to to talk to Lady Oriell in the hedge maze, unicorn way appears to be in great trouble, now go hurry time is running out!

you talk to lady orriel: Oh thank you for helping us again young wizard!
Exp: 200 Money:145
Lady orriel: My farries have started to dissapear!, please go on and battle rattlebones again, he might be the one behind all of this!

you battle rattlebones
rattle bones: I have'nt done anything but i think i know who is behind this....

you go to lady orriel: What? a guy named (the new boss' name goes here) stole my faries? i'm not sure if i trust rattle bones or not but he said (the boss name) hideout should be right near the unicorn statue near the entance of unicon way. go quickly young wizard!

exp 100 money 123

you find the hideout

(the boss): Heh Heh you'll never free the faries, i'm not afraid of a tiny wizard!
(the boss) ( should be around rank 8)
you defeat the boss......

you return to lady orriel Thank you wizard for saving the faries onnce again! you have our grattitude!

you get a dryad treasure a plaque of some sort

exp 5,000 money 3,230

destiny D.

Jun 11, 2009
Here is my idea for a quest.

1. Professor Ambrose contacts grandmasters: " I'm afraid we have another dire situation. The Onyx Signet has been stolen from the Marleybone Museum. Please talk to Professor Winthrop he can tell you more.”

2. Professor Winthrop: “ The Onyx Signet allows the wearer to control the undead. All evidence points to Timmy Icepick’s involvement. Go defeat him and see what you can find out.”

3. Defeated Timmy Icepick: “ Okay, okay, you got me wizard. Munin Mistweaver hired me to steal the Onyx Signet. He took it with him to Ravenscar on Grizzlhiem.”

4. Defeated Munin Mistweaver: “ You are too late anyway wizard. The Onyx Signet has already been delivered to Krasys in the Forum on Dragonspire. Ha-ha-ha.”

5. Krasys: “ Did you miss me? I don’t take defeat very well. Not very well at all. It’s time for a rematch. Good-bye wizard.”

6. Defeated Krasys: “ Huh, huh, huh … All right I must accept defeat at your hands yet again. Fine! Kyuto in Kashibe Village on Mooshu can tell you more.”
7. Kyuto: “ I knew they would send you.” Defeat Kyuto.

8. Defeated Kyuto: “ Grubb It was Grubb. He is in The Haunted Cave at the end of Triton Avenue.” The Cave across from Nightshade’s hideout is now a multi-floor dungeon With Norton as a halfway boss. Norton and Grubb are both more powerful and cheat.

9. Grubb: “ I told you before that I would return. I will be unstoppable; with the Onyx Signet the spiral will be mine! It is time for your meddling to end.” Defeat Grubb and his three minions. Only now they cheat.

10. Return Signet to Professor Ambrose: “ Good job, wizard! Professor Ambrose, Professor Winthrop and I will see to it this is properly disposed of. It is too dangerous to exist.”

Rewards 2500 experience and 120 gold and a no auction or purchase items such as a pet and/ or unique bonus items of clothing and/or equipment and badge.

Thank you,

Aug 13, 2009
Here is my new quest, and it requires 101% completion of the entire game.

Part One: Halston Balestrom, "I'd like to make my new invention of making something wonderful. A complete replica of a Storm Leviathan! Could you help me make it? First, I will need some help with the scales. I would prefer a more natural way. You should summon a Kraken, and heed his words. Do his quests, and bring the scales back to me." Professor Balestrom leaps off his desk, and writes on the bulletin board. He is writing how to cast a Kraken. Also, he makes a map; if you do not know where to go to summon a Kraken, a map is also shown. It shows a way to get to a Kraken. It will show Dragonspyre in the past. Then, he draws a portal, and grabs his tiny wand, and the portal becomes real. Also, the map becomes real. After you use it, it will become a housing item. The map is your quest helper. Follow it to find the Kraken you need.

Part Two: Come into the Kraken's Tower in Dragonspyre's past. He will look at you, and then he will say, "YOU HAVE WOKEN ME! PROVE THAT YOU ARE WORTHY TO WIELD MY TRIDENT! IF YOU FAIL, YOU MUST LEAVE." The Kraken pulls you into a fight, and no one is allowed to teleport to you.

Part Three: Speak to the Kraken,"I have not been beaten ever! I have not been beaten by the GREATEST warriors! You have my mark. Go now, and take my stormscale. It was my last one ...." The Kraken falls, and drops some glowing purple diamond. Grab it, and take all of the quest items to the professor.

Part Four: "Oh, splendid! These will do just perfectly. I will now need a Trident of lightning. It will help me uncover where the next part is. Go and ask a wand shopkeeper in Grizzleheim." 105 G.

Part Five: "Bless my soul, it's ____ (wizard's name)! Want a Trident? It is on the house. Thank you for saving us, ____ (wizard's name)!

Part Six: "So you have found the lightning trident, eh? Jolly good. Let me see it .... Ah, perfect. I have just constructed the Kraken, for the most part. I need a Storm Lord's electricity ball. It is the only way we can make this big overgrown squid. I think you should probably get one from a master of storm ... Go summon one in Triton Avenue, it is the only one I know of still living! Very endangered creatures ...."

Part Seven: "WHY HAVE YOU ENTERED! I SHALL SEAL YOUR FATE FOR THAT, PUNY LITTLE WIZARD. Prepare for doom!" The Storm lord raises his hand, and a lightning ball appears, and you have to evade it, and when the electricity runs out, grab it.

Part Eight: "You have my lightning ball! Give it back, or I will destroy ... I feel a little unwell ..." The storm lord zaps electricity in a bolt at you, and press X to collect it in the lightning ball.

Part Nine: Splendid, you have the lightning ball!" Narrarator: Halston looks down, sadly at the floor."The last storm lord is gone?!!! Well, let us just finish the making of him then, eh?" Professor Halston creates the Kraken. "Yes! He is alive!" Kraken,"I am the offspring of the Kraken and the Storm Lord?" Halston, "I forgot to give him the brain of a rampaging leviathan, eh? I think I have a spare brain as a Christmas gift from Dworgyn. Here we are!" Halston drops the brain into the giant kraken, and suddenly, a spark of electricty appears along the room, zapping generators. Then, a monster emerges. It is a giant rampaging leviathan, holding two lightning balls in his squid-like hands. Suddenly, he raises his right hand, and the lightning powering the generators zaps into his clawed tentacles. Then, he jumps through the roof.

Part Ten: "Aww ... wish we could fetch him. By any chance, can you bring him back here, drained of his powers, and lower him into a human wizard form?" Catch the Kraken. He will be in Triton Avenue, towering over buildings. Bring him into a fight. "I HAVE NOT COME HERE TO BE DESTROYED! I HAVE COME HERE TO FEED ON THE ELECTRICITY FILLING THE AIR! PERRISH NOW AND BE DESTROYED!" Talk to Professor Balestrom. "You say that is him now? A simple goldfish?!! MY EXPERIMENT!" Balestrom suddenly puts his hands into the fishbown and electricity fills the bowl. He generates it ...

Dec 07, 2009
Bequest I
REQUIRES: The Secret History

1. Milos Bookwyrm: "It would be a crime for all our knowledge to be lost, would it not?"

2. Milos Bookwyrm: "Talk to Harold Argleston, of the Wizard City library, if he is still there. Ask him if he would like to receive the contents of my library?"

3. Talk to Harold Argleston

4. Harold Argleston: "Would I like the archives of the Great Library of Dragonspyre! Of course! Thank you, young wizard!"

5. Talk to Milos Bookwyrm

6. Milos Bookwyrm: "I am pleased he accepted. Harold has been a faithful friend."
REWARD: 50 XP, 100 Gold


Bequest II

1. Milos Bookwyrm: "I am afraid some of these crystals are too fragile to be transported to Wizard City. Let us copy them instead. I will need blank crystals from YYYYY. About 10 will do."

2. Collect 10 Blank Crystal from Crystal Crawler in Crystal Grove

3. Talk to Milos Bookwyrm

4. Milos Bookwyrm: "Excellent. Use the crystal stand to copy the library. Then bring it to Harold Argleston."

5. Use crystal stand

6. Talk to Milos Bookwyrm

7. Milos Bookwyrm: "Now, take the library to Harold Argleston. I hope a new generation of students will learn from us."

8. Talk to Harold Argleston

9. Harold Argleston: "Thank you! Thank you!"

REWARD: 50 XP, 100 Gold


Bequest III

1. Harold Argleston: "I've been looking through the Dragonspyre crystal library."

2. Harold Argleston: "These crystals would be most useful if I could get a crystal reader."

3. Harold Argleston: "Could you ask Milos for a crystal reader, young wizard?"

4. Talk to Milos Bookwyrm

5. Narrator: "You explain your problem to the librarian. His eyebrows furrow with thought."

6. Milos Bookwyrm: "I have a few crystal readers that have survived the Titan's attack. However, I could not tell you how to remove them safely."

7. Milos Bookwyrm: "You should talk to Vidor Drakesmith. He maintains the crystal readers."

8. Talk to Vidor Drakesmith in the Forum

9. Vidor Drakesmith: "Hello again young wizard. I would be happy to share my knowledge with a student such as yourself."

REWARD: 50 XP, 100 Gold


Bequest IV
Requires: Bequest III

1. Vidor Drakesmith: "Removing a crystal reader from the library is not hard. However, it would be better if you learned how to make them yourself."

2. Vidor Drakesmith: "Bring me silver from the Silver Guardians, fire hearts from Fangtooth Lavaspinner, and glass eyes from the Soul Searchers."

3. Collect 5 Silver Talismans from Silver Guardians

4. Collect 5 Fire Hearts from Fangtooth Lavaspinners

5. Collect 2 Glass Eyes from Soul Searchers

6. Talk to Vidor Drakesmith

7. Vidor Drakesmith: "You have all the materials? Let me show you how it is done."

8. Narrator: "Vidor Drakesmith shows you step by step how to create a crystal reader from the parts, answering your questions as he proceeds."

9. Talk to Harold Argleston

10. Narrator: "You explain to Harold Argleston how to build and maintain the crystal readers. The librarian thanks you for your help."

REWARD: 50 XP, 100 Gold, Crystal Storage Rack

Jun 20, 2009
i have an idea for 59s only

1:talk to merle he says: you are progressing fast could you do this man a favor, i droped my wand while taking a stroll trough dragonspyre and someone stoll it. can you talk to sherlock bones for me please?

2:talk to sherlock bones he says: you say merle's wand has been stolen, this is not good. aha i know this thief but you have to deafeat every boss to acsess his tower. are you up to it?

3: you do as he says then report back to him: wow you sucseded, good job. now go to the ware house and say the magic words, abracatower.

4:narrator: you say the words and a tower appers. report back to sherlock bones.

5:you report to sherlock bones he says: good job, now go inside the tower and deafeat the the ultimate helephant, colossuss, stormzila, centar, wraith, and hydra (100,000 health) to colect the six pieces of merle's wand.then report to merle.

6:do as said then report to merle, he says: thanks young wizard you have helped alot, good job.

rewards: 160,000xp, 60,000gold, badge called ultimate savior, the power to create 14 pets and spells.

chase summerfriend 28 :D

Dec 24, 2008
1. Headmaster Ambrose, "Thank goodness you're here! Cyrus Drake is having an emergency, and asked for me to send our most competent student to help him!" "Go speak with him at the Myth School, he will explain more."
2. Cyrus Drake, "Finally you're here, I've been waiting for- What are you doing here? I could swear I asked for the most competent student." "Never mind. I'll make do. My familiar is making a fuss, and I need a potion to calm him." "Go and speak to Jackie Whisperflame in the Pet Pavilion, she should be able to help."
3. Jackie Whisperflame, "Professor Drake needs a soothing elixir? I can make one, but I don't have all of the reagents I need. You should be able to get them from monsters around the city."
4. The player must now collect Ghost Dust from Haunted Minions.
5. The player must now collect Myth Matter from Lumbering Trolls.
6. The player must now collect Animating Fluid from Wooden Constructs and return to Jackie.
7. Jackie Whisperflame, "You have the ingredients? Great!" Narrator, "Jackie takes the reagents, mixes them into a thick syrup, and hands the completed elixir to you." Jackie Whisperflame, "I've never tried that mixture on a pet like Professor Drake's before, so watch out for side effects!"
8. Cyrus Drake, "You have the elixir? Finally!" Narrator, "Cyrus reaches up, graps his imp from where it's flying around the room and doses it with elixir. As it falls asleep, another imp peeks out of the bookshelf." Cyrus Drake, "A second Imp? No wonder mine was upset! You have performed adequetly. You'd best take the second imp and go, before mine wakes."
Reward: 10 Gold, 100 XP, Pernicious Imp pet