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Feedback Friday - 08-06-10

Apr 09, 2010
I liked the suggestion of a quest/ area just for grand masters. I also like the idea of an area just for pets where you can play as your pet. I especially like the idea of having a pedistol where you can join or create teams to fight lenthy dungeons or towers.
Here is my suggestion:
I think your pets should level up when you use them in battles. I hate having to spend so much time playing games just to level them up. I also think you should be able to compete against other pets in other games, not just racing.

create a grand arena that is just for grands to compete for prizes based on the boss they fight. make the bosses high levels and hard to beat. it would be player vs boss for rewards. you would be able to choose whether you want clothes, furniture, spells, etc.

Aug 13, 2009
LIFE Wizards need an attack all enemies spell. We still have to fight multiple enemies just like everyone else so it is only fair to have an all enemy attack card.

Jun 13, 2009
saeblue wrote:
head master ambrose "I am needing a wizard such as yourself to go to unicorn way and defeat rattlebones, he stole my lunch and i need to eat "
"I am old you know."
Rattlebone "This will make a nice lunch for me and the fairy queen!"
once you defeat him Rattlebones "I don't have the lunch my fairy queen does!"
Fairy Queen "Fine here just take but please spare my life!"
Ambrose "Thank you for the help autumn."
A myth leprechaun pet a dimond carrot and 20 gold
that is my quest!
a pet for killing a noob boss? x shakes head in dissapointment x

Jun 29, 2009
i think that the pet hatch cost should go down like 5,000 for bought pets ex. unicorn, heckhound, etc.
10,000 for boss drop pets
ex. life minotaur, mander, etc.
and 15,000 to hatch with grandmaster pets
ex. satyr, wraith etc.
-Jeremy LifeCaller & Devin :)

Jan 31, 2009
So... here would be my quest.


1. Go talk to Ambrose.

500 xp, 100 gold.

"Oh, you are turning out to be a very powerful wizard, aren't you now? Now, comes your greatest challenge! I need for you to go talk to Cyrus".

2. Talk to Cyrus

"You say Ambrose thinks your the one who can finally beat this challenge? Pfft, I've seen many wizards come and fail.. but, I guess your different. First, I need a coin of confirmation that you can do this. Go speak to Bartleby.

(500 xp, 80 gold).

3. Talk to Bartleby

"Oh.. yes... the Coin of Courage. You will find that within the lair of General Greystone. He keeps it hidden so no wizard can find it.."

(400 xp, 75 gold)

4. Beat General Greystone/Talk to Bartleby

- to Greystone -..

"Wizard, your back! And you want my Coin of Courage! I will never give it up!

(after you beat him...)

"Nooooo! I've been beaten.. now he will be seen for sure.. I am sorry master.. for failing you..

(to Bartleby...)

"Good job, young wizard".

2400 xp, 200 gold.

5. Talk to Cyrus

"Congrats young wizard, now... for the next step".

800 xp, 100 gold.

6. Fight Crystal Crawlers until they drop the Silk of Strength/Talk to Cyrus

"The Crystal Crawlers yield a very valueable silk that you will need for this. Go collect it"

(bash some Crawlers.. talk to Cyrus...)

"Well.. you have a better shot than I thought you would".

2000 xp. 150 gold.

7. Talk to Ambrose
"Go to Ambrose.. he will yield you to the right way"

(Off to ambrose...lalala..)

"Well, well, well... looks like your ready for the big test.. go off into The Forum.. and you will find what you are looking for.

500 xp, 100 gold.

8. Defeat Faron Dragonbreather and Cecil Dragontamer, collect the Artifict of History

"We are the.. Dragon twins! The fiercest, most toughest challenge you will ever face!"

Faron: Rank 11 boss, 11,000 health. School: Fire.

Knows: Helephant, Heckhound, Fire Elf, Sunbird, Firecat, Meteor Strike, Sprite, Ice shield, Cyclops

Cecil: Rank 11 boss, 11,500 health. School: Balance

Knows: Judgement, Hydra, Spectral Blast, Power Nova, Weakness, Spirit Shield, Elemental Shield, Natures Wrath.

Defeat phrase: "No! This is NOT possible! We were trained to be undefeatable.. how is this possible!"

2200 xp, 240 gold.

9: Talk to Ambrose

"Amazing! The Ancient Artifact of History! This will let us know more about the beginnings of our spiral! Unbelieavable!"

1000 xp, 200 gold.

10: Go to Royal Muesum

"This must be kept safe.. take it to the Royal Muesum".

(off to Royal Muesum)

"Amazing! We will guard this with our life!"

2700 xp, 300 gold, and a robe.

Silk of Courage

+350 health
+5% Power Pip
+5% resist to all.

Jun 30, 2009
I guess Baxby is popular with us players. Here's my take:
It seems Sir Reginald Baxby is looking to enlist a wizard with a particular set of skills. Baxby asks if you will first do a favor for him by going to visit his dear old friend Mayor Pimsbury in Digmore station. Mayor Pimsbury asks if you will travel to Kensington Park and defeat 3 minute men and bring back 3 power cores so that they can continue to power the airships vital to Marleybone travel.
You will then have to continue to prove you're worth by defeating the Jade Oni in the Jade palace. Upon returning Baxby rewards you with 2 black lotus and a random pet snack. Lastly Baxby tells you he has grown bored of hunting the unworthy game of the spiral and suggests you enter a consentual game of combat against him. Reward for defeating Bagsby should include 2 black pearls, random 9 pip petsnack, and 1 random drop.

Feb 13, 2009
here is my idea

it not a quest but it for the new lvl cap i think life should have an attack all enemies spell and myth needs a more powerful attack all enemies spell also
there should be new best gear i bet there's gonna be anyway but just trying to make sure :D

signed: Cameron SwiftRider Grandmaster Myth Wizard

Feb 15, 2010
I just want it to be easier for people who are battling Malistaire to get their school robes. I've fought him 20 times now and I still do not have my GM robes. =(

Jul 07, 2009
I would recommend to have quests that give more gold mainly since its not that easy to get gold and for bosses to drop mounts more often like uh 15% chance. :)

Feb 17, 2010
you should make a shield for balacen to it not fairy in pvp:(. you should also think ofmake a new school or schools people are geting board of the school you have nowyou should also give more tikes for pvp battles.

Sep 22, 2009
reese705 wrote:
why do you make dragonspyre so hard for wizards we always lose to bosses and its not very fun losing at all maybe make the bosses less harder and less health that would make it more fun and better for all wizards and why make life so weak life wizards only have fifth attack spells you should start making more spells for life

how about this. leave my spells as they are! the life school is fine. if someone is hurt and dying, and there is nothing i can do, because i am not playing a lifer, i feel weak and helpless. if life is so weak, play a different school. and if i get a call for help when someone needs healing, and get called weak, i leave. they can call one of their " strong " friends to help them.

and they already weakened dragonspyre. the only thing that needed taming were the never ending spider battles in the crystal grove.

Jun 21, 2009
This was actualy one of my dreams:
Defeat an evil organization that wants to use the earth as a weapon, to shoot rainbows out into the spiral. They also want to use the rings of other planets to bounce the rainbows farther. So, they will need a math person, a prism, sprite dust, and fire flare. The math person could be a double agent. Let's involve the angel lady, Dorthy, Toetoe, and Tin man.
Reward: 2 training points, and a treasure card shield.

Sorry, but Muahaha!

Mar 29, 2009
(after completion of the first celestia quest)
1. Proffesor Balestrom: "I looked further into fixing the spiral key to the world we have re-discovered. I think it's almost done, but i'm still missing a few things."
2. "Could you go collect: (a few things from different monsters in Dragonspyre. For example spider silk from spiders in the Crystal Grove etc.) then return them to me?"
3. "Thankyou young wizard. Now the -insert objects from above here- needs to be enchanted so it will work. Go defeat the purifier???? (is that a boss?) in -insert world here-. Then get an ancient chant from the purifier, and come back here and repeat it too me."
4. (after you defeat boss) "Good job young wizard! Now i'll will finish up the spiral key and call you again when it's finished!"


Sep 05, 2009
Oct 04, 2008
Aug 30, 2009
Nov 09, 2008
My idea is for death character. I wouldn't mind seeing scarecrow even better then he is. Instead of scarecrow only healing the person who wielded him. How about he heals everyone that is in the group. Kinda like rebirth but not. For every enemy scarecrow hits he heals one per person. That would be spectacular. And you could make it a quest or something.

Jul 21, 2009
Here's my idea for a quest to add on to the end of the final countdown. I could be a kind of, if the story were different, kind of quest. So after the final countdown quest.

1. Narrerator, you find a note on the ground written in malistair's handwriting. It says Ambrose tricked all the wizards and cursed Siliva.

2. She was the only proff of Ambrose's evilness. You diside to stop Ambrose before he takes over the spiral.

3. You talk to Ambrose and tell him you know of his plot.

4. Ambrose, so you think you can stop me? I'm not your ordinary old man. Come gama, we have lots of work to do. You have to next defeat Ambrose in the room by his office.

5. You defeat Ambrose and his minion Gama.

Ambrose: Cheating boss. twenty five thousand health. Knows many spells from each school. Has invinsiable shield cast by gama.

Gama: Minion. Has fifth teen thousand health. Shields Ambrose and tricks wizards by duplicating self.

6. The teacher's, who were under a spell, thank you for saving them from Ambrose.

Reward: twenty thousand gold, fifty thousand experience, and new spell.

Oct 26, 2008
Dark Ambrose?!

That's my idea (lvl 50 wizards):
Ambrose asks you to visit him.
"Hello young wizard, Wish i could say that i'm fine..
I'm not feeling good today, i'm with a terrible headache..
Can you go and see if Moolinda has an aspirine or something like this?"

"Aspirine?! well i'm sorry but i don't.
I know a potion that can heal any weakness.
But i don't have the reagents, Defeat any Haunted Minion in Triton Avenue and collect charmed wood. Then defeat Biti Nirini in Royal Hall and bring me one of his nails. Finally, collect some Water on Regent Square's font."

**After all of this:
"Those reagents are enough..Just a second, i'll mix them."
700 exp, 42 gold
"Go and give the potion to Headmaster Ambrose! Let me know if he needs more help."

**Ambrose is not home, but you find a piece of paper on the floor: "Dear friends, i'm leaving The Commons, i don't know what's happening to me, but i can't stay. Please, if you find that note, take it to Cyrus."

"What?! The headmaster left the Commons?! It's not possible!
150 exp
"Well, Ambrose has an hideout in Haunted Cave..
Go to see if he's there." (The death gate near to StormDrain tower)

**Ambrose is there, but he's really different, he's like the Undeads!
Leave (name of the wiz)! I'm out of control! I don't know what's going on... Argh!!!
**The wizard is stucked on a battle against the headmaster (rank 10; 25.000 health; death school).

**After the match:
Narrator: "A strange shadow leave ambrose's body. He's normal again.."
Ambrose: "I'm sorry young wizard, i was out of control. Yesterday, i was reading an old book when a spectre got inside me, but you saved me taking the shadows off. Thank you (name of the wiz).
Meet me in my office, i've a gift to you.
2500 de exp, 250 gold, pet with card (random)

(I'm sorry for the english writting errors, English isn't my first language. I've used a tradutor =X)

Jul 13, 2009
My only request is that KI changes some cards or pets you receive with a gift card. For example I really want you to bring back burnzilla with a flamezilla card, or give the damp demon a card that is the electric version of the jade oni item card. I guess I want you to have more attack cards on the gift card pets. Please take my request into consideration!

Sep 17, 2009
This quest is for grandmasters. The prize is a rare pet. A unicorn with wings.

1. It starts in ds with cyrus drake. He has and important job for you to do. And being a grandmaster only you can do it.

2. fight the kraken in the plaza of conquests for a special package. after you fight the kraken you get the package. It starts to wiggle and niegh.

3. You take the package to cyrus drake. It has a special lock on it that makes it imposible to open.

3. So you have to have a key. The Gurtok Demon has the key. you must defeat gurtok.

4. you bring the key to cyrus and he puts it in the lock. the key breaks in the lock

5. you have to take it to the master artisan in the antheum to have a new key made.

6. for this key you need 5 ore, 5 stone blocks and a skeleton warrior treasure card. (it is a skeleton key you know)

7. after this you take it back to the master artisan. he places it in the box and your prize is the pet. A beautiful black stallion unicorn with wings.

Apr 28, 2010
I have many ideas here read them and reply to tell me which you like best.
When you turn levlel 55 Sir Reginald Baxby calls you and tells you to come see him in Golem Court he says that he wants to test your skills so he sends you to three bosses there which are Lord Nightshade, Prince Gobblestone and Grubb then when you had it in he says that you have good skills but that is not enough and tells you to meet him in the Oasis. When you get there he says he will test your abilities again he sends you to Krokenhamen, Krokothep, Krokopatra and Ngozi the Beguiler then you hand it in and he tells you to meet him in Regent's Square. Once there he tells you to go to Pops O'leary, Doctor Von Katzenstein and Stoker (only first version is mandatory if you fight both you get double the xp and gold, a school specific pet not level 48 pet and mount) then he says that he is very impressed but he only needs the next few bosses: War Oni, Plague Oni, Death Oni, Jade Oni, Vasek Ashweaver, Boris Blackrock, Kraysys, the to Gurtok in The Great Spyre, Tumok Gravelbeard and Malistaire. When you hand it in he rewards you with:
50,000 xp 25,000 of gold, a brand new spell for your school which is up to KI (I only ask for the life spell t attack all enemies and do a second efect), a free hatch, a Mega Snack Pack, The Eye of Barlteby Booster Pack 30,000 Crowns, a free Pet Energy Refill, free Training Points reset, a school specific pet (not level 48 pet different from the extra fight pet), Treasure Cards of all the Rank 6 and Rank 7 spells two copies of each and a Statue of each of the enemies and Sir Reginald Baxby Statue. I know its a lot of rewards but you split it into all the quests and the Crowns rewards for the last quest. It's very very long and you cant solo but it is so worth it.

Jul 01, 2010
Hi Wizard101, i am just here to ask a question, When we finish the final quest by defeating Malistaire, shouldn't we possibly find Bartleby's eye, so that he will have both of them back? I just hate seeing him with a missing eye, it is so sad to me.

Feb 14, 2010
braineeakman wrote:
Well, my idea isn't so much a quest as it is a completely new addition to Wizard101. Here's my idea...

Create something (a billboard, book pedestal, etc...) in every town center (the commons, regents square etc...) that allows wizards to team up with other wizards for any of that world's towers and dungeons. It will elimate that whole "waiting around, just hoping someone will walk up that needs this dungeon too" scenario and shave time off questing. Wizards can use it to join/create teams for any particular dungeon/tower for a quest, or just to find other people to farm with!

Here's an example...

I need to do sunken city, but none of my friends are online. what am I to do? just wait around near the sigil hoping someone will run up? no! go to the commons and look in the billboards. From there you can select which dungeon you need, click it then see a whole list of other wizards who need/want to do it too. Then you can create or join a team of wizards who all want to do your dungeon, once the team is full you will all be ported to the sigil and you're ready to go! It a great way to help wizards team up for a common goal! :D

hope you enojoyed my idea!

Valdus DeathWielder- grandmaster necromancer
Willaim StormForge- master diviner
Edward WillowWhisper- master theurgist
William DarkHeart- grandmaster sorcerer
Dakota DarkFlame- journeyman pyromancer

I Agree I like this idea very much, this would be useful for briskbreeze and the marleybone warehouse.

May 03, 2009
Hi........I have been level 50 for many months........I am School of Storm.....why can't you supply gear either at the shops or dropped after a battle that Storm can actually use to increase pips and mana?? I have won many battles and have spent many crowns in the chests after beating a boss and there is never anything for Storm. Nothing I can use.........maybe once or twice I get lucky, but usually nothing. I check all the shops in every world....nothing of value Storm can use. I haven't been able to muster up more than 2427 red mana and for a level 50 that's pretty pitiful. All I can hope for is to have enough crowns to buy potion elixir before a battle or to level up. And what's up with the Wild Bolts?? Why does it fizzle 10 of 11 times?? What good is it if it doesn't work when I need it so many times??