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Feedback Friday - 08-06-10

Nov 01, 2009
hey people here is my idea and quest. you know after you beat jade oni in mooshu. he escapes and Ambrose finds out that hes now in dragonspyre , in the plaza of conquest. and his statue is there. and Ambrose tells you "go and find his statue and summon him. so you can take him down once and for all. and then you summon him and this time he is not life he is death. but his health is now 15000. and he says "your fool young wizard, you thought i was dead once you defeated me. but what you didn't know is that malistaire awoke me from the dead. and now i must serve him forever. and this time i wont die you shall pay for what you have done". and then you beat him. and once you beat him. you talk to Ambrose. and he says "thank you young wizard now mooshu is in peace once again now you must beat malistaire in dragonspyre. and here is your reward" he gives you the pet jade oni and he also gives you one thousand gold and xp is 2000. and he gives you a ring, atheam, furniture

Jan 30, 2010
How about when you get to level fourty five Penny Dreadful will give you a quest telling you to go to Celestia to give this letter to one of her family members who are visiting there. Narrarator: Penny Dreadful hands you a torn letter tied up with a red bow. Family member: Oh thank you! I finally got this recipie for those delicious cookies she can make! Were having a picnic tomorrow and these are perfect for the weather! Would you be a dear and take this to Penny? Narrorator: She hands you a box wrapped with Blue paper, with a note on the side. It reminds you of a birthday present. Penny: Thanks for giving her the recipie. Narrorator: You hand her the box. She examines it carefully. Penny: Whats this? Narroratror: You explain how her family member wanted you to have this as a thank you. Penny: I cant seem to find my scissors. Can you please go to the tailor and ask if i can use his? Tailor: Scissors? I'm sorry i left my Scissors in Mooshu. I bet one of those Pigs took it, can you get them back for me? Narrorator: You pick up the scissors and put them in your pocket. Penny: Oh thank you! Narrorator: she slowly opens the box to find a necklace with a jewel the size of your thumb. Penny: Wow! A real medalian! I have been asking for one since i was little! Thank you wizard!

Reward: 400 gold, 2010 xp, Dragoons garment, Krockomummy

Apr 13, 2009
i have an idea! this is for lvl 40+ and they have to have gotten into the necropolis.

1.Falmea will contact you and say " Please meet me in the fire tower. I have an urgent message for you."

2.When you go there, she will tell you " This is horrid! The twin shields, fire and ice, have been seperated!" your camera is directed to a wall that used to have a fire shield. Falmea says " The ice shield is in the Ice tower, but the fire shield has been stolen by a group of theives! Go tell scotland yard for me!"

3. when you go to the officer up front he tells you " Fire shield? Magic is none of my concern! Talk to watson, he can help you.

4. Watson : Oh! i know where these group of theives are! they're in meowiarty's old prison and surrounded by undead! you will have to obtain a cross from a scratcher!

5. The questing wizard will then have to defeat scratchers until they find a

6. Watson " Good! now go defeat the theives and gather the shield! to dispel their undead shield just say the incantation on the cross! they are in newgate prison!

7. Narrator: You mutter the incantation "koshrean" and the ghosts fly away!
Goony theif " You can't defeat Me!

8. Then you must defeat the Goony theif and talk to falmea

9. Falmea: Thank you very much! now i can harness my power to help against malistare!

10. The wizard is rewarded a phoenix treasure card and 2100 gold

Hope you like my idea!

Olivia Lifedreamer Master theurgist :D

Jan 28, 2009
I say put something in every world called the quest randomnator. You go up to it, and it gives you a random quest you havent done in that world. It is easier than going around taking time to find one. To me this would really help people find new quest they forgot about. :)

Aug 21, 2009
im just sayin like i wish there was stuff that subscribers cud get like maybe there wud be like a thing for subscribers thats cheaper or doesnt need to be bot wit crowns cus its kinda unfair if you use all that muny but you cant get good stuff!

Jan 09, 2010
My Quest Idea:
After the Final Countdown Quest in Dragonspyre. You make a quest out of getting Grandmaster gear and better spells. To tie onto a previous idea (after Grandmaster you can make your own spells) You get access to a very special area. An area where you can make things like you own type of pets using a bank of "Parts" from other pets. Example You can mix a Firecat's head and put it onto a Ice Colossus body and add Seraph wings. I think that this would make is fun for Grandmasters to continue to enjoy the game after all MAIN quests have been completed. The Secret area should be in Olde Town hidden behind the grate/tunnel near Eudora TangleTree in Wizard City. This secret entrance should only be visible to Grandmasters. For people under level 50, it should show up as just a normal tunnel. The room should be "Underground" with roots visible and a dirt floor. In that room different sigils will take you to pet creating areas. And spell creating areas. I have shared this with a few wizards and they think that it would be AWESOME if this could be made possible for Grandmasters.

Thanks so much Kingsisle!
Gavin GhostTamer Level 50 Ice thaumaturge. :-)

Jan 01, 2009
Ok first off the astral gear i am over that lol ok here i know like the girl by zeke why cant she give the astral gear like to stitch plz

Jun 22, 2009
well my quest is like you go and talk to the cyrus drake and he gives you a quest cyrus drake: hello wolf i lossed my wand in the crystal grove an you help me find go talk to zeke see if he know's where it my be. then you go to the crystal grove talk to zeke and zeke says: well hello wolf. wolf tells zeke about the wand zeke responds: well i have seen i wand around but when i picked it up someone girl said it was her's so i gave to her. then you tell him that it was cyrus's wand then zeke says: well her name is vika i think she is in the other part of the crystal grove (this time she has 6,400 heath) you go and return cyrus's wand

quest: the lost wand of myth. (level 42+)

(gives 1 pet a death oni, gives a cyrus drake statue, 200 gold and 3900exp

Aug 04, 2009
i have heard ALOT about astral gear coming back. X nods head X i agree stars on robes was the original robes wizards in stories movies etc. would wear why take them out?

i also like the idea for the trees of DS academy to come out maybe that could be for our lvl58 spell quest we only get to see our schools one return( as ghost) but fire doesn't they get see something else like something in firecat ally or something lol maybe in the lower part of the basilica!?!?!?!

Vanessa EmeraldGlade

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
I'd like to see some sort of 'evil witch/warlock' hiding in one of the huts in Crimson Fields (perhaps the hut on the right as you first enter).

The Life school crafter (Suun Min in Kishibe Village) would send you to stop the 'evil witch/warlock' from creating a disease/poision/undead summoning/??? potion.

Suun Mun doesn't know where the crafting is taking place, so a trip to Yagi Sakai (Shoshun Village, Balance crafter) to get info is indicated. He will tell you, but needs fresh picked frost flowers for a crafting. When you get back from picking these in Wizard City, he will give you the information that the 'evil witch/warlock' was last seen in Hametsu Village, and give you a black lotus 'drop' in exchange for the frost flower.

You speak to Katsuko Sakai (Fire crafter in Hametsu Village). In exchange for the information, she sends you to collect deep mushrooms grown in the Krokosphinx. Once you get these, she will tell you about the hut in Crimson Fields. In exchange for the Deep Mushrooms from the Krokospinx, she will give you a Black Lotus 'drop'.

In Crimson Fields, you enter the hut, and find the evil crafter at work, and engage in battle with the Evil Crafter and his minion(s). Once you put a stop to this evil, you find a remaing stock of reagents (2 drops worth of Black Lotus) and when you go back to Suun Min she will give you a special crafting recipe (household item?).

No XP, only the recipe and the reagents as rewards.

A drop of Black Lotus is 1-3 Black Lotus plus a small chance of a Black Pearl.

Repeatable for the black lotus drops. Only the one initial recipe.

Dec 13, 2009
If I'm getting this right..... and by that you mean make up a quest of your own and just post it..... then here's mine.

(This quest is more for like grandmasters, or after they defeated Malistaire)

1. Ambrose: Ah... the Spiral is finally at peace! You know what? I might be able to host a party.... only if i had all the materials.... do you mind getting them for me?

Narrator: Ambrose hands you a list of materials.

1. Pumpkin Juice from Field Guards (in Wizardcity),

2. leather for a banner from Vetran Sellsword (in Krokatopia),

3. cheese cake from a Ruffian (in Marleybone),

4. Ham Salad from a Sanzoku Bandit (in Mooshu),

5. A crystal punch bowl from an Ancient Crystal Weaver (in Dragonspyre)

6. Narrator: You show Master Ambrose all the materials for the party.

Ambrose: Spliended! Now, take those to Albert QuickHammer in the Housing Shop, I'm sure he'll do great with the decorating!

7. Narrator: You show the supplies to Albert as you tell him what Ambrose has instructed him.

Albert QuickHammer: Alrighty! Make sure to tell Ambrose I'm honored to decorate.

Reward: 560 xp, 120 gold, and a party hat.

Note: You collect them, so it might take a few trys before you get it.

Sorry if there are some spelling mistakes or grammer, also, sorry if i did this wrong.


Jun 19, 2009

Here is an idea for a duengeon that is only unlocked after beating the whole game (worlds after celestia and all side worlds)

1.Headmaster ambrose:"Hello young wizard you are now massivley strong go test your strenght against all the raven wood teachers."
2.Headmaster ambrose:"good you have deafeted them all.I think you can help.There is a secret chunk of land in floting above wizard city go in there and see what's going on."
narrator:"you ride a dragon up to the island.You notice the spirit of sylvia drake standing by the door into a giant tower.
3.Sylvia drake:"Hello young wizard welcome to the domain of the hydra's.So you wonder why the islands here well the hydra's are having a problem.To get to them you must go up the first 20 floors of the tower and get some keys.Then use there key's to get in the great genral Haleford's room and get his greaat key."
4.you must go up the 20 floors and deafet genral hardford
5.sylvia drake:"great now go deafet the hydra's guardian's."
6.you must deafet the gurdians of fire,ice,storm,myth,death and life.
7.Sylvia drake:"now go deafet the elemental Hydra and spirit Hydra."
8.you must deafet the 2 hydra's (they both have 100,000 life each)
9.Elemental Hydra"you are wondering why we are hahahaha we are here to visit with our old freind bartelby.The only thing is we forgot where Bartlby was and we had no idea we were already here.
reward:hat,robe,shoes,athame,ring and pet of you school

Jun 21, 2009
I have a good quest for lvl 25+. It will be called: Spelling the magic

Merle Ambrose, There you are. I need your help. Monster's from all over the spiral came and stole all the school spells. Go to Firecat alley and Cyclops lane and get all the cards from the monsters. Return to me when you got the spells Firecat Fireblade Bloodbat and humungafrog. In old town Narrator, Dark lightning strikes firecat alley and cyclopes lane. When you enter one Malistare, You will not win this time wizard. Narrator, Four Jade oni appear. After battle Proffesser Falmea, Come young wizard I need a favor to ask of you. Narator, you find the four missing cards. Proffesser Falmea, Talk to merle ambrose with the cards in this spiral pad. Merle Ambrose Good Job now all the missing cards will teleport back to us. Go give all the cards back to the teacher's. Merle Ambrose, Good now go to Dragonspyre and defeat the great spiral again but with a different entrance. Go talk to cyrus drake and he will tell you the entrance. Cyrus Drake, The entrance is in the anthenium. The tower of th spial there you will find the great spiral and find the green whisp through out dragonspyre to open it. Then talk with the ghost of sylvia drake in it. Sylvia Drake, Go up the greatspyre to defeat the titan master. Make it quick or he will summon the titan dragon and destroy the spiral. Return to me when your done ( titan master is balance and fire ) Titan master, You fool you wont win. after batlle titan master, HOW HOW CAN THIS BE Sylvia Drake, Go to merle ambrose about this Merle Ambrose, The spiral is saved now return to your normal studies.

Rewards, 50,000 gold, Titan Dragon pet gives one card fire dragon, 50,000 exp and great spiral.

Thank you from
Trevor FireSword Lvl 25 fire apprentice

Jul 25, 2009
I think it would be cool if when you turned lvl 60 after the lvl cap you got to make your own pet it would not cost anything and it would be able to have a one in a kind pet.

Jun 30, 2009
instead of wizard pets maybe you could make regualer tipes of pets for example like dogs or cate ect. tipes of dogs are diferent schools like bulldogs are ice school rotwielers are death that also involves other pets... also in pet pavilon make a section that takes you to pet stores like pet shoe shops pet shirt shop etc. also make a regualar pet shop those pets can be hatched and cost a lot of gold!

YOURS TRUELY: Matthew Mythflame

Jun 04, 2009
Please please please make the pet drop rating higher again because it takes me forever to get normal pets life storm snowman or you know the others like frog death cyclops cause its really hard to get them i'd really like it if you made it higher thanks

Jun 09, 2009
Oh i love this new feedback friday thing! ok i would absolutely love to have Sir reginald baxby once again give out quests.Since he is the "Big Game Hunter"i think for those of us that have completed the entire game or at least accomplished Grandmaster on at least one character that we can go to him for extreme challenging quests.I think many of the dedicated hardcore wizards gamers are a becoming bored and desire greater challanges,so why not have him once again assign hard to nearly impossible quests for solo and group characters to try?I myself as many others have gone against the best wizards101 have dished out (MB warehouse ,briskbreeze..ect) and have after a few trail and errors accomplished the task.My suggestion is simply give us the "Big game hunts" and with grand rewards(perhaps new celestia gear treasures or pets).Yeah it's not gonna be easy for the younger crowds or for anyone lower levels,but it will perhaps satisfy the want for excitement in the extreme gamers that are dedicated fans.
I would gladly create a scenario for such a thing and yeah it would be quite difficult,but i honestly think it would be well accepted among the dedicated gamers of W101.
Thanks for the oppourtunity to tell you my opinions Prof.Falmea
Christopher Lionheart

Mar 03, 2010
you need a pet for this quest
1. ambrose says that there a small hole in the middle of the pet pavillion. he needs you to go check out the hole
2. you look inside the hole and see a blue light glowing from inside, but the hole is too small for a human to fit into
3. you report this to ambrose
4. ambrose needs you to see what's inside the hole, so he gives you the ability to turn into your pet to explore it
5. you walk in front of the hole and turn into your pet
6. when you go inside, there is a whole world. you try to turn human again, but some magical force prevents it
7. you report all this to ambrose, and ambrose tells you that a creature called a (you guys can decide the name of it) must have dug it. it is the only one in existence, and it wants to keep humans out because they could probably defeat him, so that's why there is the force that prevents you from becomiong a human. apparently it gains power underground, and it will be a while before it reaches full power. ambrose tells you that the creature must be stopped before it reaches full power, or it will take over the above ground world too, so he tells you to go and defeat him as your pet.
8. the underground is a full world just for pets, and there are a whole bunch of worlds, just like above ground. however you progress through this world as your pet

Jul 08, 2010
Moolinda Wu: " Hello, wizard's name, I was in my home this morning when I noticed my mothers portrait was missing. Will you go to Mooshu and defeat some Otomo Supply Runners until you find my picture?"

When you go to Mooshu, it will take A LOT off Otomo Supply Runners to deafeat until you finally get it. That's what would make the quest so hard.

When you get back to Moolinda Wu; Narrator: "You hand Moolinda Wu a picture of her mother"

Moolinda Wu: " Oh thank you, wizard's name! You have found my mothers portrait!"

She rewards you 3075 XP, 264 gold, and a CENTAUR PET!

That is my quest idea. I really would like to have a centaur pet someday!

Caroline Dayrunner- Oni Slayer

Jun 04, 2009
bring back death scarab and storm beatle just give the storm beatle to the harvest lord and give the death scarab to kraken or other way around just bring them back plz :D

Jul 20, 2009
I have an idea!
1.) Cyrus Drake: "Young wizard, I lost my pen to correct other wizard's homework so, I need you to talk to Sherlock Bones in Digmoore Station in MarleyBone, he might know who took it."
2.) "You tell Sherlock Bones about Cyrus Drake's missing pen."
3.) Sherlock Bones: "Your looking for Professor Drake's red pen, hmm, talk to Zan'ne in the library in Krokotopia, he might have a clue. You'll leave off from there..."
4.) "You tell Zan'ne about Cyrus Drake's missing pen and what Sherlock Bones said."
5.) Zan'ne:"Ahhh, nice to see you again young wizard, so Professor Drake lost his red pen? I have an idea, defeat Krokopatra in the Temple of Storms, she might have his pen! Be careful young wizard, she's tough and you have to at least do the whole Temple of Storms."
6.) Krokopatra: " You think you can get Cyrus Drake's pen? You have to get through me first! Because I need it more than he does!"
7.) Cyrus Drake: "So, Krokopatra had my pen, what does she need it for anyways... here's your reward."
You can get a random pet from it but you can do it many times as you want, and you can get 1,350 XP from it plus a random snack and gear, enjoy! :D

Feb 27, 2010
Hi my name is Katie DarkStaff and i thinkit would be nice to have some new pets. Such as a Triton, sea horse, lizard, or frog. I also think it would be cool to have a new version of malistarie in the in the new world.

Feb 08, 2010
This would be for LvL 55-on.

I'd LOVE to see a tower where you battle BIG BOSSes from throughout the spiral in ONE SINGLE TOWER.
==> The kicker is that the bosses will be paired/teamed up.

Just take ALL bosses from one part and make them that level.

Floor 1 : Top four bosses from Wizard City
Floor 2: Top four bosses from Marleybone
Floor 3:Top four bosses from Grizzelheim (again.. LOLz)
-- run through level - a re-fuel wisp floor
Floor 4: Top four bosses from Mooshu
Floor 5: ALL four ONIs from Mooshu !!! O_o
-- run through - refuel wisp floor
Floor 6: Four School Professors
Floor 7: Four other School Professors
-- run through - refuel wisp floor
Floor 8: Top 4 DragonSyre Bosses (or all 4 of those Wicked Instructors)
Floor 9: Malistaire, Drake, and Professor Ambrose together!!
Floor 10: The "WE CAN HEAL TOO!!" cheating bosses (the 2 from the Colossus preview tower and the one from Mareleybone tower battling together !)

That's 10 incredibly action packed (and nearly impossible) levels!

Reward: Complete/FULL Outfit for your school (souped up LvL55 gear ) and a power pet from your school.

I'm sure I'd spend HOURS upon HOURS a time trying to get to the top of that thing.

Thanks for the opportunity to make suggestions.

With Respect,

William Battlheart
Grandmaster Pyromancer
Savior of the Spiral

Proud Father of Angela Battleheart - Master of Balance
Proud Husband of Alura Battleheart - Grandmaster Theuragist

Jun 22, 2008
Why not make a quest that will give us recipes for the super snacks? And maybe, when we buy the Super Snack Packs, let us choose the type of snacks?

Jan 03, 2009
braineeakman wrote:
Well, my idea isn't so much a quest as it is a completely new addition to Wizard101. Here's my idea...

Create something (a billboard, book pedestal, etc...) in every town center (the commons, regents square etc...) that allows wizards to team up with other wizards for any of that world's towers and dungeons. It will elimate that whole "waiting around, just hoping someone will walk up that needs this dungeon too" scenario and shave time off questing. Wizards can use it to join/create teams for any particular dungeon/tower for a quest, or just to find other people to farm with!

Here's an example...

I need to do sunken city, but none of my friends are online. what am I to do? just wait around near the sigil hoping someone will run up? no! go to the commons and look in the billboards. From there you can select which dungeon you need, click it then see a whole list of other wizards who need/want to do it too. Then you can create or join a team of wizards who all want to do your dungeon, once the team is full you will all be ported to the sigil and you're ready to go! It a great way to help wizards team up for a common goal! :D

hope you enojoyed my idea!

Valdus DeathWielder- grandmaster necromancer
Willaim StormForge- master diviner
Edward WillowWhisper- master theurgist
William DarkHeart- grandmaster sorcerer
Dakota DarkFlame- journeyman pyromancer

best idea ever. This guy is amazing. ^^^