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Expanding up to level 90 new spells and pets

Sep 16, 2011
ball256 wrote:
the devourer is a bit too gruesome for the little ones, maybe change it to "the great devourer" from lego ninjago

balance: The Great Devourer

damage: 1200 to all

gives: you a mega blade of 90% and a weakness of 30% to enemy (as well as taunt) 1 third of the blade

appearance: a giant snake rises from the desert snake city of orabouris and bites enemy giving a taunt and 30% to enemies, then whips with its metal spike tail and deals the 1200 damage.....repeats bite and whip all way down
I agree with you, ball 256 it does sound way to gruesome for kids, maybe even for teens, also "devourer" isn't best name, it seems you would have to make it like the storm shark, where he comes up and jumps. Also, the mega blade, is way too over powered

Sep 21, 2011
Hey guys,

I only read the first page or so, but isn't it funny reading these ideas in 2013 when since that message was posted we've gained 9 and 10 pip spells.

Some of the ideas mentioned are actually similiar to ones we have today. So either their dumb luck questions or KI actually listened to your input.

That's all I pretty much wanted to say so,

Happy Questing

Mar 09, 2011
lioner15 on Jul 15, 2012 wrote:
Oh I have one!

Fire:Fire Leopord
9 pips

The spell starts by seeing a curled up kitty in a forest. It turns it head and gets up. It's really a leopard with fire coming out of it's eyes.(Blades\traps) it swips it's claw on enemy, doing 900. Then it steps back and sorta does what the HeackHound does, and spits fire at the enemey. Then it looks around, and runs away.

Thats a really good idea!

I have one

Name: Fire Earthquake

10-11 pips

977-1,200 damage

If anyone wants to tell me ideas and i can create them into powerful fire spells. Just meet me in wizard101
Name: Brian FireBlade

Level: 59 Grandmaster Pyromancer

The spell is the ground makes an earthquake, then the ground splits in half, finally in inside the half, lava from a volcano spills its lava into the half. the enemy falls into the lava and comes out burning with flames on its body.

thank you
have a wonderful day!

Jun 07, 2012
ok i got one for death

malistaire deals 1000-1300 swaps half to

a witch is chanting over a grave then a malistaire pops up
he takes his staff and calls hundreds of gohsts and they all piles up on the enemy then they explode
with a vast power of death magic then malistaire laughs and disapears

wolf dragonstaff level 52 necromancer

Jun 07, 2012
also for a death pet i think they should have dr vons monster
and it would come with the card dr vons monster


wolf dragonstaff level 52 necromancer

May 06, 2012
Blake the balance on Jul 18, 2012 wrote:
As a balance. I would lik to have an astral hydra
Cost 10 pips
Aim 80%
Damage 500 each head.
Destroys enemies aura or polymorph
That would be awesome

As the pet I would like to have a power nova thingy
50. Pedigree
Has may cast scorpion and unicorn
Gives aim damage shield
Ty for reading
i like the astral hydra!!!

Jun 07, 2012
Ok I have another good spell for lvl 90

So a dark smoke apears and out of it comes all the death attack spells like dark sprite
Ghoul vampire banshee so on all the way up to the lvl 88 spell then they all go together (like gnome kinda)
And form a huge like death creature who has different things from the death spells like he would have a death dragon head a sword from pirate wings from dark sprite be a ghost like banshe have clothes like wraith attack like dr Von monster have the lvl 88 spells tale have feet like vampire have a shovel like ghoul have straw in him like scarecrow and then he does 1300-1500 damage swap half to life and then he disappears and he give life back like wraith. :)

Wolf dragonstaff lvl 72 necromancer