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Jul 20, 2012
hello everyone, I thought that, how you run out of energy too fast or don't have enough for something, what if there could be a great way to have lots of energy? it would be cool if there was something added to the game where you could "store" energy for later. it could be in your bank and whatever amount of energy you currently have, you could store it and have it for later. such as a limit of like about maybe 300-500 energy can be stored total. for higher levels such as 75+ could have a max limit storage of around, within 500-700 total. for which this may not be used for like your regular energy regain when your full, it transfer to the storage. but for only moving your current energy over to the storage from bank. even whenever your not, or don't have anything to spend energy on, that's when you could move it over to save it up. now there are probably some flaws in this idea, but its just a thought :). for higher level pets, you could really use up energy fast if you don't have too much good of snacks to give lots of experience for your pet to get the next level such as epic or mega. for low level pets, maybe baby to ancient, could really get your pets experience up high or maybe even a level up. for gardening, if you don't have enough energy for that, "just a little bit more" part if you need just a tad bit more for one more important spell for your plant or plant's needs or pests, maybe even good for second spring or revive too. and fishing, maybe you could go crazy on a fishing spree with lots of energy. such as for the energy storage, may not be tradable, for which that would not be fair as in having six characters and filling the storage to its max in just a few minutes through shared bank, each character has there own energy savings. there could be a button to select how much you either want to store or take out, like bazaar buy and sell amount. people with a lot of crowns could buy several energy elixirs to fill it up from the transfer from your current amount to the storage. that's my thought in this, and I don't know if anyone else has said something this, but if have, then my bad. anyways hope you all like my idea in it :)