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Duo Spells!

Feb 15, 2014
I think it would be very cool if KI Introduced duo spells! So this is how it would work. The frame of the card would be light blue at the top and fade to black at the bottom (Ice and death spell) and the mana triangle will also do the same thing. The symbol on the top corner would be a skull and the ice symbol (ice and death can use power pips with it). That's about it i never really gave it a complete thought. maybe it can be obtained through a boss fight maybe a pack? or even craft it! What are your ideas?

Nov 28, 2015
That’s quite an interesting concept you got there and you could really be on to something, I would love to see something like this implementated. However seeing as to how it can be used from multiple schools that would mean that it would have an incredible range of use so I can only see something like this being able to be achieved through packs like regular spells only with an even rarer chance to obtain such a spell. But yeah I’m all for it. I mean the game needs more spells anyways.