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Critical Animations

Dec 17, 2011
I was thinking earlier that we need to make casting a critical more interesting. So this made me think we need unique critical animations like they have in Pirate101. When I say "critical animations," I mean like casting the spell differently. But because there's so many wands, we could put them into "groups." For example, a longbow group could get their own critical animation, such as putting three arrows in and then releasing. What do you guys think? Feedback will be appreciated!

Blake FireGem

Jul 24, 2010
Yea. Or how about if you have one of those Avalon swords, the sword will be surrounded by whatever school the sword is, and then you'll charge at the enemy, jabbing them and inflicting whatever ability that sword had.

Dec 21, 2011
maybe like you do a different way of jabbing or shooting the enemy like you could have 3 of you and shoot all at once