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cool house idea!

Jan 11, 2009
okay this is my last topic for a while......
name: Raven island
Cost: 200,000 gold OR 20,000 crowns
Theme: an island "get-away" that has LOTS o secrets but it still goes with a section for each school!
Description (outside) : the spiral door is on a dock that has a water mole boat by it when you go along the dock you exit onto a beach. it has a ramp tha goes up onto a ridge like the island get away for celestia house. you see a path leading into the woods and farther back on a small hill you see a house that looks like the head masters. as you go through the woods there are many paths and each has a surprise within them. but if you head on up to the mountain the long stairs await! when ou reac the top you go in.
Inside: the first room you enter is like a grand hall with a built in throne and rugs, to the right is a passage that leads to a tile floor kitchen sytle setting. to the left of the grand hall is stairs that lead down into a basement room! (if yo go down little traps await you, like a wall that closes and leads you to a different area of the house), on the main route it leads you to the "bedrooms". back in the Grand hall is a door leading to the bck yard. when you go out you see a typical everyday yard, however a teleporter is off to a side by a small dog house. when you step on it you are sent back into the jungle but on a floating island above the house it has stairs that lead down into a HUGE room. in this room is a library that has a spiral you can use to travel with (instead of using a boring door)
Secrets: (non of these are avalible in preview)
-on the the begging ridge is a stream coming form a water fall behind a few trees, behind it leads you to a cave where roots infest the walls and try to grab you every once and a while. if they do yo get teleported back outside, making it a challange to getting to the secret "ravenwood"
-"Raven wood" here is a make shift school where you can put stuff within each building
-if you follow the woods to the first path(hidden by a bush) it leads you to a dessert beach area where torndoes can lead ou to a camp area (like the one in krokotopian smallhouse)
-the next junction is in plain site but is hard to get through here are blood bats swooping thruogh the trees ready to teleport you back to the beach if you get caught, however if you make it past them you come apon a graveyard that has a broken down chruch. when you go in that a little stair case leads you down into a basement with the old death school fire breathing furnace
-back on the beach itself you find a strange frozen part of the stream if you follow it to the tree line a path leads you to a frozen waste land with little caves everywhere to hide personal treasures!
-in the back yard is a hole that the heck hound has dug up! as you get close to it you notice the "press X t enter" thingy. when you go in a cave leads yo down into a huge cavern! the ruins of cyclopes stautues and other floating stautes are hidden here. as you find your way down even further a temple awaits. but it is boarded up and all you can see or hear is the ocasional hiss or snake tail of.... you guessed it Medusa!
-Inside the kitchen is a door near the back, you can't open it BUT if you go to the wall on the side of it you go right through. this leads you to a long hall with a feint gurgle. as you get closer you find youself inside a volcanoe with a platform in the middle to put whatever on. added to this little surprise is a hard to see staircase that leads up the side of the volcanoe you end up exiting on the rim and overlooking your entire house( what a beutiful veiw)
-the last secret is the hardest to find and get to. the very last path in the woods has a sign that says DANGER! Enter At Own Risk! when you enter a sort of complex little maze if you find the pool at the end you found the best secret of all. enter and you have come across a little sumberine house of your own with halls that lead out into different sightings. in one you could have a coral youcould swim by, with a leviathan swimming around every once i a while. in another hall you could have the underwater city on Atlantis with tritons swimming around. But if you use the teleporter it sends you to a different island watching a boat go off and a the sudden attack of the kraken arm in the stormiveren hall crashes down on it leaving you stranded. to get backto the island you have to find the temple in one last easy maze and it gives you a pack of lightning bats that carry you back to the original island.

okay so now that you have my crazy, probaly wont ever make it to the game or EVEN drawing board, tell me what you think :D