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Cool Dummy and Home protector housing item

Jul 25, 2011
Have you ever been super bored or want to try out a spell. Well I think KI should make a housing item for the crown shop where you can create a fight. You choose what type, rank, species, and difficulty. Say you are level 90 and want a challenge. You can set the rank to 12 or 13 and whatever else you want and boom! There's your perfect battle. You should also be able to create minions too. You will be able to try a super hard and fun battle. But wait there's more! Have you ever wanted your friends to leave you alone but have fun with it? Well now you can set the boss house protector setting! If your friend wants to come over to your house he or she will need to go through your 5 star security. A super powerful enemy. If they win then your friend is either a spawn of god or worthy enough to enter your home. It would be so awesome to have at my house! Tell me if you like the idea and if you want, create your own protector of your home. Max rank 13, Max health 15000, any type(even astrals). Here is my protector:

Name: Gate Keeper of the Godly One(Godly one is me)GKGO is nick name.
Species: Lion Warrior
Rank: 13
Type: Sun
Health: 12,850
Cheats: If you shield, GKGO will cast shatter on everyone then use a Power Nova for 950 damage. If you trap, GKGO casts a satyr on himself, but gives the wizard a plus 50% blade.
Best spell: Sun Blast, deals 1250 damage to wizard, takes 400 damage recoil.

Well that's my epic creature. Thanks for reading my idea and post your ideas too.
Dylan FrostHammer 82 Blake StarBringer 34

Aug 23, 2009
I'd use a training dummy/battle opponent at my home battle arenas. I'm torn on the protector idea, but option would be cool.

Jun 16, 2013
Expanding on that idea, if you are a low level then is your boss a low level too? What if you are about level 25 (close enough to my level) but have a ton of high level friends that are legendaries and prometheans AND you have a bunch of low level "only in it for help in battles" friends, the high level guys would be able to vanquish and enemy of your rank with ease but the low level guys (i'm talking level 5-15) would be creamed (no offence to low level guys,i got defeated baron mordecai at level 17). it would be nice if you could set the boss depending on the level of friendship, for example, if they are someone you know irl who you hang out with lots then you should be able to set it so that the friend in question doesn't have to defeat Mr guard, but if you have your annoying brother whom is always teasing you because he is a higher level on your friend list then you should be able to set it to an IMPOSSIBLE level, so that the boss has like 99,00000 health and uses every cheat in the book.

also, here is my boss:

Name: Guardian angel of the misunderstood mistress
Species: seraph
Default health: 1,600
Best spell: forrest lord

Jan 28, 2012