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Chirstmas Ideas

Jun 07, 2009
I just got this idea for Christmas Ideas all over the spiral.
First, for a mount maybe a sled for those Wizards. Maybe even KI might actually put snow in the spiral in some places, it would be amazing to me if they did actually put snow I'd have to admit it's pretty cool. A Mrs. Claus costume? A Santa costume? This is the spot to tell ALL you guys' Christmas Ideas!

:D :P 8)
Destiny LifeBlossom lvl 48 Life
Fiona AshBlood lvl 6 PvP Captain
Ashley lvl 28 Balance
Taylor Swift lvl 12 Storm

May 27, 2010
i would like some Christmas decor like presents in various sizes and shapes and maybe even a Christmas tree item decor piece and i would like them to remove the beard from the hats they give us at Christmas cause it really just messes up the whole outfit

Jan 27, 2009
Jul 21, 2009
One problem with this idea is that...well... not everybody celebrates christmas. The same thing happens at my school, they call a CHRISTMAS party a HOLIDAY party. But other than that only problem, I WOULD LOVE TO SEE CHRISTMAS ON W101!